Accel World Season 2 Release Date: What We Know

A lot of fans are still waiting for the Accel World Season 2 release date. Seven years after season 1 ended, there are speculations of the release of the second installment. In this article, we share with you what we know so far about the season 2 release date and some details about the show.

Accel World Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, there is still no information about the release of Accel World Season 2. The animation studio called “Sunrise” hasn’t released any news yet, due to its busy schedule. But fans are still optimistic that the second season could be coming this year or in 2020. The anime show will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and fans are patiently waiting for an announcement.

Even though there haven’t been any official announcements that a season 2 is coming, fans are still re-watching the series on different streaming websites. Accel World is available on Hulu, a paid subscription streaming service in the United States.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, here is a little background about this anime series.

About Accel World

Accel World is a Japanese action romance series based on the light novel series of the same title. It is loved by a lot of fans not just in Japan but also in Asian and Western countries. Written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by HIMA, this series was adapted into a television show, which premiered on April 7, 2012.

Here is the trailer of the first season…

Accel World’s Interesting Plot

Fans are driven to the tv series because of the interesting plot and characters. The Accel World follows a story of a bullied, middle schooler boy named Haruyuki, who finds amusement in playing video games.

One day, Haruyuki met another gamer named Kuroyukihime, who’s gaming skills is more advanced than him. Kuroyukihime introduces Haruyuki to a game called ‘Brain Burst’ which allows users to speed up their brainwaves and stop time. Kuroyukihime needs the help of the protagonist to finish the game and meet the creator.

Over time, the protagonist discovered that fighting with another player can help them earn more points, that can be used to increase physical abilities in real life. Once a player earns more points, he or she can use these to extend skills in real life. On the contrary, losing points would mean being banned from playing Brain Burst forever.

The road to the final level will be hard, and Haruyuki needs to invest more time and effort to win every level of the game. In addition to the game that they need to finish, the two also developed feelings for each other, especially the protagonist towards Kuroyukihime.

Accel World Characters

Accel World is a success because of the characters’ arc and developments throughout the series. There are history and deeper layers of the characters that the show depicts.

  • Haruyuki Arita

One of the main characters is the incredibly short yet talented guy named Haruyuki. He was a bit timid and lacks confidence due to constant bullying of his classmates. Because of this, he always finds comfort in playing video games, which led to his expertise in playing different games, and eventually the Brain Burst game.

After receiving Brain Burst, he was able to discover more of his abilities. Romance is also the highlight of the series, with love scenes that will make viewers love and adore the two protagonists. Although Haruyuki has no courage to tell Kuroyukihime about his feelings, he cannot deny his unconditional love for her. Spending more time with Kuroyukihime has given him happiness and all sorts of emotions that he didn’t know existed before.

A little background about the main character is that he came from divorced parents, and none of them wants to keep him. As a result, his custody was transferred to Saya, which is rarely home. Therefore, he spends time alone, if not playing with his friends, Chiyuri and Takumu.

  • Kuroyukihime

Kuroyukihime is a popular girl in school because of her attractive appearance and talent in playing games. She is the Black King, Black Lotus, and the leader of the Black Legion, Nega Nebulus. Details about Kuroyukihime’s family was mysterious and she is always seen playing games and wearing their school’s uniform. In the series, she is not often seen wearing any other casual clothing.

By being the Black King, Kuroyukihime enjoys the privilege of having to know more details of the Brain Burst. This game is her area of expertise. On the series, Kuroyukihime shows her best abilities, as well as a commendable character such as being tranquil and patient. She is also bold and straight-forward and keeps saying that Haruyuki is hers. In addition, Kuroyukihime is also Umesato Junior High School’s Student Council Vice-President.

Aside from Haruyuki, Kuroyukihime has no other friends, but she is very popular in their school. She is often seen playing games and nothing more than spending time with Haruyuki.

  • Kurasaki Fuuko

She is a friend and colleague of Kuroyukihime. A former member of the Nega Nebulus, Fuuko is basically a polite, and kind girl, who loves to help others even if she doesn’t get anything in return. She always shows sadness towards her separation from Kuroyukihime.

Fuko is also described as a sadistic person, who pushes her friends to do dangerous things. Kuroyukihime is aware of this and she just shrugs the idea off. In addition, Fuko also has an obsessive infatuation towards Utai.

  • Yuniko Kozuki

The leader of the Red Legion, Prominence. A tough but sweet girl named Yuniko. She gets frustrated easily, especially to Kuroyukihime. Yuniko has feelings for Haruyuki and rivals with Kuroyukihime.

Despite her strong personality and lacking to show more emotions towards other people, Yuniko is kinder than she realizes. She helps out people, especially Haruyuki, and claim that helping others is part of her duties as her legion’s leader.

In battles, Yuniko loves seeing her enemies get destroyed by heavy weapons.

  • Noumi Seiji

Beside Haruyuki, another game player named Noumi Seiji dominates the Brain Burst. Upon his introduction, Seiji was a twisted person whose personality came from his brother’s bullying. He was a hardcore linker and aces everything. Because he wants to be the top player, he does things beyond normal, such as blackmailing other players and forcing them to work for him and give them points.

Seiji is the antagonist in the Accel World, but after his defeat, he became a carefree and pleasant person. Before, he has a very strong disdain against bonding, relationship, and friendship because his friend betrayed him. After playing the game, Seiji was able to start anew and erase the painful memories he had suffered from his brother.

Success Of The Accel World Series

Accel World receives a lot of support from fans of the novel and the tv series. Just like any other Japanese anime series, this one became a hit, with its unique story and interesting characters. In fact, because of its success, a movie adaptation was made called Accel World: INFINITE BURST, which was released on July 23, 2016. In addition to the movie, the anime series became a PS4 game too, called Accel World.

Japanese fans also went loco about the anime, with people cosplaying the characters in different events. There are also fans who created apps based on this anime.


As a fan of this anime, you should keep hope that Accel World season 2 release date is coming soon. If you are on social media, following the animation studio and the official fan page can be helpful. While there are no updates yet, you can still enjoy watching the anime on repeat.

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