Air Gear Season 2 Release Date: Best Update

Despite ending its first season in 2006, fans around the globe are still awaiting news of Air Gear Season 2 release date. More than a decade after the show’s season finale, there are continued reports of a second season. After all, even after concluding the manga in 2012, Ito Ogure still kept fans on their feet. As they were told to look forward and keep on waiting for more Air Gear happenings in the future.

Release Date of Air Gear Season 2

Unfortunately, fans of Air Gear anime might be waiting awhile because season 2 might take awhile to be released. With the studio shying away from confirming or denying anything, it appears that the second season may come in 2020 or possibly even at a later time. With Toei Animation failing to disclose anything about a sequel (perhaps in fear of eliciting hope and excitement from viewers), the release date of the show may take a long time in the making.

What We Can Expect in Air Gear Season 2

The first season garnered mix reviews from viewers. On one hand, while the show successfully brought the story to a close and tied up all loose ends. Many fans feel that the season 1 finale was anticlimactic. Sure, the show portrayed Ikki achieving his goals and exceeding expectations he set upon himself.

But that really can’t be all there is to it, right? After all, there will always be gangs and individuals looking for trouble. So there will surely be one fight after another.

After airing the first season, Toei Animation released three original video animations (OVAs). People considered these OVA’s to be the second season.

While viewers and readers alike are still waiting for Toei Animation’s announcement. Here are some speculations surrounding the story-line for the second season.

  • The first season covered the manga’s story from volumes 1 to 12. Meanwhile, the three succeeding OVA’s reportedly covered volumes 16, 23, and 24. Although it skipped some important chapters. With 37 volumes in total, fans can hopefully expect a second series sometime in the future.
  • Having ended the first season with Ikki beating Sora, fans can expect to see more competition between the two characters as the season progressed. More than this, viewers and readers alike can expect Ikki to train under his adoptive sisters and to further his knowledge and capacity in the field.
  • Should creators, writers, and Toei Animation decide to start from where the three OVAs ended. There is certainly enough material to flesh out the characters’ stories. For one, Ringo and Sora’s stories can be developed further, with Ikki widening his horizons and perceptions about his actions and how it directly impacts his friends, teammates, and other people around him.

What to Do While Waiting for Season 2 of Air Gear

Some worry that there haven’t been any new information about the release of season 2. But, instead of simply moping around and scouring social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter for some news, why not do the following activities instead? Below are some great ideas that you can while waiting patiently for the next release.

  • Watch the 1st Season Again

Keep yourself sharp and updated by watching Air Gear season 1 again and again. While this may seem boring and tedious for some, especially when you have already memorized the lines by heart, this will allow you to catch scenes and happenings which you have failed to recognize before.

  • Watch the OVAs

If you are not up for watching the first season, you may want to give the three OVAs a try. Since these are standalone animations and not released by episodes, you can easily fit all of these in one go. The great thing about watching these three OVAs is that these still remain truthful to the manga, thereby helping you visualize what happens as the storyline progresses.

  • Read the Manga

Interested to find out where it all started? Head out to the nearest bookstore or anime shop and find these hidden gems. With just 37 volumes, you will definitely go through with these mangas in no time. Plus, you can finally spot the similarities and differences between the show and the comic version.

About Air Gear Anime Series

Just in case you haven’t heard of Air Gear before, here is some information to get you up to speed.

Originally based on the shonen manga series of the same name, Air Gear. Follows the story of Itsuki Minami and his friends as they use their gears and skates to battle against gangs and other entities. Written and illustrated by Ito “Oh Great” Ogure. The show garnered respect and popularity when the manga received the Kodansha Manga Award in the shonen category in 2006. Following its success, the volumes of comics were adapted to an anime series in the same year.

While the show aired more than 10 years ago, the reach and influence it has on people around the world remain unparalleled. Originally marketed towards young boys and men craving for an action-packed adventure. The manga and the show itself evolved to cater to viewers and readers coming from different backgrounds and all walks of life.

What makes the show one for the ages is its timeless approach to self-discovery and creating one’s identity. As the use of Air Treks (think skates that allow wearers to defy gravity) rise, so does the culture of wearing and using these increase as well. With an engaging and heart-crunching storyline following the story of Itsuki Minami, also known as Ikki. This wholly original creation does the genre and its characters justice. Not to mention, almost everyone loves an underdog. So you will surely find yourself rooting for Ikki and his friends as they battle gangs and navigate the world around them.

Recap of Air Gear Season 1

The first season introduced Ikki and the world he moved in. Dominated by skilled and powerful individuals who wielded their Air Treks (A-T’s) to their advantage. Ikki was taken in by the Noyamano sisters when his parents suddenly disappeared.

Ikki, later on, formed his own AT team called Kogarasumaru. Which later emerged as the victor. With the help of his team, Ikki soldiers on to become one of the best, if not the best of the Storm Riders.

Through his journey to self-discovery, Ikki battles against numerous gangs and forces. Including the Skull Saders who he accidentally challenged by accident.

From battling the Night King to defeating the Behemoth, Ikki and his team seem to know no bounds. However, as they traverse the world one place at a time. These youngsters are constantly met with danger and other gangs who try to take them on.

The show ends with Itsuki being lured into the Trident’s lair by using his friends and teammates as bait. With a loyal and caring heart, Ikki goes on to save his friends. And challenge the Trident to a battle. Likewise, the show leaves viewers celebrating with Ikki’s triumph over Sora, managing to beat the score by a mere 0.89.


After 13 years of the season finale of the series, are you finally ready to see more of what it has to offer? With the show being unconfirmed, you may want to bust out your subscriptions and watch these on Funimation or even on Crunchyroll just to help tide your cravings.

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