5 Attack on Titan Merchandise You’ll Love

It is no exaggeration that teens and adults all over the world are flocking to know the latest updates concerning the Japanese manga series Attack on Titan. It is, after all, one of the most recognized manga series of today’s world and now has a popular anime show.

Following the story of Eren Yeager as he struggles amid a world full of man-eating giants known as Titans, the show features a mixture of action and dark fantasy that appeals mostly to any type of readers. Ever since its first release, the Attack on Titan, or Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, has become the youngest among series to break into the list of top bestselling mangas of all time.

Impressive, right? Amid the brutalities, hopelessness, and confusion, the series has continued to gain more and more fans all over the globe.

Types of Attack on Titan merchandise:

1. Action figures (Figma)


Action figures stand as one of the most common types of anime merchandise. To date, there are a number of different AoT figures that are available on both online and in-store spaces. What makes this type of merchandise different from the others is its pose-power ability. Under this category, notable AoT characters, such as Eren, Levi, and Mikasa, are displayed in their most iconic stance to relay their personalities, strength, and specialties.

If you’re the type of fan who wants to have a “realistic” looking model that matches the look of your favorite Anime character, then action figures are the best products to check and buy. Not only are they display-worthy, but they also feature smooth yet poseable joints to allow users to customize the characters in their preferred posing.

2. Accessories


AoT accessories present a broad spectrum of items that you could choose on. While the first category displays pose-advantage, AoT accessories feature fashion and practicality. Among its most common types include notebooks, charms, necklaces, bookmarks, bracelets, wallets, and bags.

Various AoT accessories are currently available on online shopping platforms, such as Amazon and Otakupicks, for your immediate reference. However, to give you a brief overview, this typically includes 3D maneuver gear bags, Survey Corps beanie, character keychains, titan mugs, Survey Corp’s necklaces, and Chibi Plushes.

Compared to action figures, AoT accessories are more affordable and easier to access. You are also free to use them every day – wherever, whenever – unlike action figures that are mostly enclosed within their boxes.

3. Nendoroid Figures


Unlike the first type of merchandise mentioned on our list, Nendoroid figures are less “realistic” and more kawaii. Basically, they are the cuter versions of action figures. Under this category, AoT characters are displayed with large heads and child-like designs.

Similar to action figures, Nendoroid also features moveable joints and tiny accessories that can be attached to the figures. They are relatively smaller in sizes (typically measuring around 100 mm) and are more affordable compared to action figures.

In 2013, Good Smile Company released a Nendoroid Colossus Titan & Attack Playset that features the Shiganshina District, complete with high walls, miniature villagers, and titans to recreate an iconic episode from the series.

4. Clothing


Who says you can’t experience becoming a Survey Corps? Today, many AoT inspired clothing are dominating the marketplace to attract the wide flock of fans. From Colossal Titan hoodies, Survey Corps jackets, to line quote T-shirts, there comes a broad variety of AoT clothing for you to choose from.

One advantage this type of product presents is its affordability. Compared to figures, anime clothing is more budget-friendly. They also serve as visible statements, especially when worn in the public.

5. PVC Statues


PVC Statues, or PVC Figures, are the stiffer and pricier version of action figures. Unlike the latter, PVCs are stationary. They don’t feature additional facial expressions or customization options.

However, despite the unmoveable features, PVC Statues promise higher quality and durability. They are usually made of different types of first-rate materials and are designed with their own stand or base.

When compared to any other figures, PVC Statues are the largest you can buy at the market (with some even measuring up to 16 inches).

Although this type of merchandise might be a little bit heavy on the wallet, PVC figures pride themselves with top-notch quality and resilience.

It’s been six years after the first episode of Attack on Titan has been aired, and despite the many depressing deaths and mind-boggling revelations, the series has continued to stand as one of the top-ranked anime shows to date.


Which among these product items listed caught your interest? Be sure to experience the bizarre and action-packed world of Attack on Titan through the different types of merchandise available in the market.

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