Berserk Season 3 Release Date: What We Know So Far

Looking for info about the Berserk season 3 release date? Well, you’re in the right place as we talk about what we know so far and get you up to speed on the past two seasons.

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When is Berserk Season 3 Release Date?

The second season of Berserk was left hanging, with the fate of the party left unanswered. Having stopped the show at a crucial time. It comes as no surprise that long-time supporters and avid viewers of the animated series are gearing up for a third installment.

While creators and producers of the show have professed their desire to show the third season, there is no definite date for its premiere. However, based on the trajectory of the series and the exciting events unraveling one episode after another. Viewers may hopefully get a glimpse of the characters sometime in 2020.

Fans of the show are constantly tweeting show makers about the next run, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

What We Can Expect in Berserk Season 3

Viewers can expect Guts’ party to sail on to Skellig. However, there may be numerous discussions and disagreements which may arise from the Vandimion family. The constant havoc by the Kushan Empire will expectedly come to an end once Zodd and Guts team up to defeat these troops.

Once the battle commences, Guts and the supernatural monsters and creatures that plague him and his lover Casca will finally gain access to the physical realm. In this case, Griffith is expected to take a hold of Falconia and lead his troops to take over the world.

The manga is still being developed, having only returned April of 2019. This can mean more in-depth character and story development that put viewers in a thrilling position.

What to Do While Waiting for Berserk Season 3

Waiting for the show’s third installment can certainly feel like a lifetime, especially when you torment yourself about what could happen to the characters. Before your mind goes haywire into thinking about the different scenarios that could happen, below are some things you can do.

  • Hold a Viewing Party

If you miss the anime series so dearly, why not hold a viewing party with your friends and family? This way, you can revisit the scenes you might have missed out on. More than this, you can introduce the world of Berserk to likeminded individuals who may find interest in shows you like as well. Who knows, you might just find a fellow viewer who’s just as intense as you are.

  • Read the Manga

Reading through the manga may take a bit of work, especially with the numerous volumes produced since the 1990s. However, if keeping yourself busy is what you’re after, you can surely tide yourself until the next installment comes out. With the enthralling storylines and the thrilling adventures of the group, you will certainly have endless fun flipping from one page to another.

  • Watch the Films

If taking a walk down memory lane isn’t exactly doing it for you, maybe watching the trilogy of Berserk films will finally give you some closure, if only for some time. There’s the original Berserk series which aired from 1997 to 1998, too, if you want to give it a whirl.

About Berserk Anime Series

The world of anime shows often portray a male protagonist in search of justice and peace and even some vengeance. As a matter of fact, from the beloved Naruto series to the Dragonball franchise. There is no shortage of these quest-driven adventures. While Berserk somehow tends to fall within this category. What sets it apart from the rest is its grave portrayal of events that continue to haunt you long after the show has finished. Some anime series tend to leave you on light and inspirational note. This show is not one of them.

Despite the harsh portrayal of realities presented throughout the show’s storyline and the triggering plotlines. It appears that the show managed to glue the eyes of people around the globe. This may be the reason why fanatics and loyal viewers are hankering to know when Berserk season 3 is slated to be released.

Because of the show’s engaging battle scenes and exceptional character development, the anime series successfully birthed another extension of the franchise in late 2017. Viewers and manga readers alike continued to wait long after the finale of the second season. While creators and producers of the show already voiced their support for the television series, fans are still left in the dark about the coming of the third installment.

What Happened before Berserk Season 3

Based on the manga created by Kentaro Miura. The plot follows the story of Guts, a former mercenary who made it his mission to avenge all the people he lost by the hand of his former mercenary leader, Griffith.

Season 1

The first season starts off with Guts swooping in on a band of thieves torturing an elf named Puck. Branded with marks that attract harm and other malicious creatures and spirits. Guts encounter the Holy Iron Chain Knights who have long been tracking him. Despite killing off some of the enemies. The protagonist was eventually captured by the group, with the leader Farnese interrogating Guts about the untimely demise of the Band of the Hawk. In an attempt to thank Guts for his rescue, Puck frees the mercenary and brings along Farnese as a hostage.

Guts continue to have a nightmare of his lover Casca, who he left in the care of Godo and Erika. After being brought to an unfamiliar place, Casca encounters spirits and corpses that try to take her down, only being saved by a fetus. Pagans who attempted to rape and take advantage of her were scared off by the fetus, thus believing she was a witch.

After a series of struggles, Guts is once more reunited with his sweet Casca for a short time. In his quest, the protagonist successfully conquered his enemies while narrowly escaping death. While Guts saw Griffith, he failed to engage in battle because he wanted to spare and save Casca’s life first.

Season 2

The show’s second season started off with Casca being returned to the stead of Godo and Erika, only to find out that Godo has taken his last breaths. In attempts to spite Guts and to determine how he would feel upon meeting the mercenary, Griffith showed himself. While Guts tried to kill him, Zodd countered his attacks, however, his sword is no match for the powerful Dragonslayer sword.

Guts and Casca’s mark continue to attract malevolent spirits, urging them to kill one another. As they go along their journey, the lovers, alongside their small group – including Farnese, Isidro, and Serpico – they come about Schierke’s location. Revealing that she and Flora had been waiting for their party.

Schierke and Flora protect the lovers with the help of a spell that will temporarily shield them from harm. While under this spell, their party fights battles with numerous creatures coming at them. Schierke remains positive that despite the numerous trials coming their way, she is able to help protect her new friends.

Wrapping Up

Can’t wait for the Berserk season 3 release date? Make your days more fun and exciting by trying these ways to pass your time. You might just learn more about your favorite characters by going through these related content.

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