7 Best Anime Blogs Every Otaku Should Know About

In the past, blog writing about various hobbies is one of the most valuable resources and platforms for enthusiasts. The same applies to anime fans, especially those who started out at a time when text contents are the richest treasure trove for anything related to their hobby.

Even in this modern time, blogs remain to be a worthwhile platform for founders and fans alike. If you are looking for the best Anime blogs to get your daily dose of anime-related media content from, then make sure to check out these websites.

List of Best Anime Blogs

1. Anime Science 101

Established by Christopher Meharg, Anime Science 101 is a blog that intends to shed some light on the scientific ideas shown in various Japanese animation shows. You can say that this site is unique because it focuses on how accurate or inaccurate the science is in a particular anime.

As a science teacher with two years of experience in medical school, Meharg creates “lessons” inspired by anime-related scientific concepts. He grades in-show science using three marks: confirmed, plausible and busted.

What’s great about this blog is that it makes learning fun in a way that is relatable for anime fans. So, while readers are poring over a blog entry that talks about their favorite shows, they are also learning the scientific concepts that are (or should have been) behind the things they see on the show.

2. Honey’s Anime

Honey’s Anime started out like an episode review blog but has now evolved into a large community that tackles a variety of anime-related topics. The site focuses on giving a list of top 10 shows in all genres, from shounen to shoujo series and movies!

A fun thing about this blog is that it has official mascots! Honey-chan is the kimono-wearing face of the website, while Bee-kun is her shapeshifter companion. Aside from Honey-chan and Bee-kun, the site also has mascots for its Hispanic readers. The Spanish-speaking duo, Bombon and Mo-chan are best friends who have opposite preferences in shows.

3. Little Anime Blog

Giving a more socially aware twist in anime-related blogging, Little Anime Blog offers insightful takes on various series. It applies critical analysis when reviewing episodes, series and movies, tackling issues such as technology, pop culture and sexuality.

Aside from providing refreshingly stimulating reviews, the blog also provides reliable news for anime and manga fans. The site brings a mischievous spin to its content by reporting on industry-related rumors, casting news and many other aspects of the animation and comic industry in Japan.

The writers in this blog are both poets and it is no surprise that they also write poems about their favorite characters and plots.

4. RandomC

Starting as a blog on Blogger, RandomC is now a simple yet dense blog, with a huge following. It offers a huge variety of content, from reviews of current and popular series. Because of the expansive content of this site, you can start by going to the categories page in which you can choose to read about anime news, best-of lists, as well as first and final impressions.

One thing you will notice about its homepage is that there is a huge calendar detailing the season schedule releases. So, if you want to keep yourself updated about new and current shows, you can simply visit these Anime websites.

5. Tokyo Otaku Mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) is known as the biggest news site dedicated to Japanese pop culture. It has more than 20 million likes on its Facebook page, giving in a huge audience. Unlike the first four, where the content is somewhat casual, TOM offers a more “official” experience as it specializes in the news. The website gains international support through translations, making it a truly global page.

Aside from providing quality content through the site, it also offers manga and anime related items through the Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop. To reach creators and buyers, TOM also holds exhibitions in which it allows participants to showcase their products at conventions abroad.

6. Wrong Every Time

With such an attention-grabbing name, this site offers a wide variety of content, from essays and reviews to lists and episode write-ups. The founder, simply known as Bobduh, is fond of creating characters, storytelling and fiction writing!

Wrong Every Time offers valuable perspectives on various characters, shows and episodes, giving readers a taste of what to expect. It even gives recommendations for shows similar to a series in questions, making it easier for fans to seek out more content they would love.

7. Dubbed Anime HQ

Yes, this is a shameless plug for Dubbed Anime HQ’s blog =) But what can I say… we like to think of ourselves as the new up and coming blogs in the anime space. We’re working hard to pump out quality and engaging content that fans want to read. We talk about popular English dubbed anime shows, movies, and also where you can watch anime online. We hope you come back and visit often.


Feed your anime-related cravings by delving into these Anime blogs. You are sure to find hidden gems, whether it is excellently written reviews, great insights or spot-on recommendations. So, give these sites a visit. You may even become a part of these blogs someday!

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