6 Best Anime Forums You Should Join Today

If there’s one thing any fan or enthusiast wants, it is to share their passion with other people. Anime forums is a great way to find friends in the hobby, while also learning more about your current obsession. The internet is definitely the best tool for finding co-hobbyists across the globe.

For anime fans, there is nothing better than being able to gush about your favorite anime and characters. Well, you’re in luck because there are lots of anime-related forums out there.

Here are 6 best Anime forums to check out:

1. Anilist

First on our list is Anilist. This website is not only a forum but also a sort of social networking site, making it useful for finding friends and keeping track of their watching activities.

Just like a solely-forum platform, Anilist has a section dedicated for posting discussion threads about shows you are currently watching, your favorite storylines and any anime-related topics. Upon creating an account, and adding others as friends, you will be able to see updates on what they are planning to watch and what they recently completed.

A great thing about it is that you can scour their list of trending shows, complete with a rating system that allows users to choose if they want to give smiley faces, 5 stars, 10/10 or 100/100.

2. Anime Forums

As the name implies, the Anime Forums website is dedicated to providing a platform for fans so that they can discuss various anime-related topics. This modern community lets you choose to enter boards regarding currently airing shows, general discussions, cosplays, and recommendations. It also has a manga section for the comic enthusiast.

The best thing about this website? You can even share your own art in the A-F Art Exhibit! If you want to talk about your favorite artists, then you can simply head on to The Arts Discussion. It even has a Writing section where you can post your own stories or fan fiction based on a show.

If you love manga as well, then this forum is definitely for you.

3. AnimeSuki

In true forum fashion, AnimeSuki offers a straightforward approach, just like Anime Forums. You will definitely notice how organized this forum is right from the onset. If you are interested in joining threads tackling current, older and upcoming shows, AnimeSuki will make it easier for you.

On its homepage, you will see a list of anime categorized neatly depending on their status or age. With this, you can quickly find a title you want to talk about. This community is very active, allowing you to participate in lively and fruitful exchanges!

4. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the largest websites when it comes to anime and manga. It has an international community composed of over 45 million users and subscribers. The reason? It hosts a streaming service that allows fans to watch their favorite shows! It boasts of its most complete collection of shows, making it a reliable resource!

Aside from streaming, Crunchyroll fans also gather on the website’s forum to discuss their favorite shows. With the sheer number of the site’s users, you can expect to enter an energetic and active community.

5. MyAnimeList

Celebrated as a great community by a lot of fans, this list will never be complete without MyAnimeList. It is designed like any traditional forum, making it easier to navigate. Its simple interface, complete with organized sections for anime and manga makes it an appealing resource for many.

You can join discussions about a particular series, or you can participate in conversations about specific episodes. What we particularly liked about this site is that you can choose from a list of titles and dive right into the community, making it easier to find posts about shows you love.

6. Reddit r/Anime

As one subreddit says, if something exists, then you can definitely find a subreddit for it. So, if you are a Redditor, then you should definitely check out r/Anime. This community offers various discussions about almost anything anime-related.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this subreddit is that you can look forward to Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions featuring various personalities involved in anime production. From directors, producers and voice actors to staff of different forums such as Crunchyroll and MyAnimeList, this subreddit has a lot of informative AMAs.

You can also visit megathreads such as the Kyoto Animation information megathread, merch Mondays and casual discussion Fridays.

Plus, Reddit is a really huge website, which means that there might be more than one subreddit dedicated to anime.


Now that you know which Anime forums offer the best communities to quench your thirst for anime discussions, you should definitely head to these Anime websites and check them out. Who knows, you might even meet a friend or two.

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