Top 7 Best Anime Waifu Female Characters

She diIn most romantic anime series, Japanese people use the term waifu to refer to the girls or women who embody characteristics of being a good wife. These characters may be incredibly attractive, strong, powerful, or have a genuine heart.

It is not that hard to figure out why most anime include romance in the story. Viewers simply love drama, with a twist of comedy. The romance genre essentially portrays the love story of characters, doing all the lovey-dovey scenes. The bottom line is, love and sweet moments between heavy drama, mystery, or adventure, balances the series.

While there are a lot of waifu material characters in anime series out there, some simply capture the heart of viewers for their stunning looks and unique personalities. In this article, we are going to uncover the best anime waifu.

Types of Anime Girls

The term waifu refers to a fictional anime character that someone has a great affection for, in a romantic way. It is common for the Japanese men to develop an extreme liking for certain anime characters. It is believed that the origin of the term waifu comes from an episode of a 2002 anime entitled Azumanga Daioh. One character referred to the picture of a woman as waifu or my wife. When the English term my wifeis translated to Japanese, the phonetic spelling becomes mai waifu.

Anime girls are categorized into the following types:

  • A perfect personality that suits men’s interest and taste in women;
  • Extremely beautiful, attractive, and cute;
  • A favorite female character in the anime series;
  • Embodies characteristics that males want for their future waifu;
  • Having a sexy body that appeals to the sexual tastes of men.

Best Anime Waifu

Because there are a lot of female anime characters, we will rank the best waifu based on their popularity and character as a whole.

Sun Seto

Considered one of the most underrated female characters in anime is Sun Seto from My Bride Is A Mermaid. Beautiful and fair-skinned, she has light brown eyes and an above-average figure, with a relatively large bust. The best thing about this character is her inner strength and swordsmanship, which is useful for battles.

Sun Seto is considered a waifu because aside from her charm and undeniable strength, she also stands by her husband Nagasumi Michishio. She takes responsibility for her husband and sticks with him even though her mother is against their union. Overall, Suns personality is calm and smart for her age, logical and definitely lovable.

Chika Fujiwara

Who doesnt love bubbly and cute girls like Chika Fujiwara? She is one of the main characters in the Kaguya-sama: Love Is War anime series and plays the role of a high school student. Her physical appearance just makes it better because of her long, sakura pink hair, blue eyes, and great figure.

In the anime, Chika is always seen smiling and usually entertains other people with her eccentric attitude. But she also has a unique and strange side to her thats making others hesitate to confess their feelings for her. The best thing about Chika is her talents, which include dancing, playing kaguyathe piano, and speaking five different languages.

Toru Honda

Another woman to love is Fruit Baskets Toru Honda. As a high school girl, she is naive, sweet, gentle, and loving. Toru finds strange things to be funny and she also loves showing kindness to others. She directs her lovable nature her mother and friends in the series.

Toru has long, brown hair with big, blue eyes. She wears two ribbons to accessorize her hair. For her age, her figure seems a little mature. According to some fans, Toru is considered the most wholesome female character with a polite attitude. Overall, Toru is attractive, loving, and definitely wife material.

Sakura Kinomoto

The famous Cardcaptor Sakura Kinomoto mostly ranks the highest for being a favorite female anime character. Sakura is the main character in the anime Cardcaptor Sakura, originally a manga series. She embodies an unbelievable strength that can fight off evil and bad creatures. Despite her cute and lovely appearance, Sakura can handle a lot of unique creatures that harm people.

Sakura attends the Tomeda Junior High School. Shes got short, brown hair, and with green, big eyes. As the series continues, Sakura becomes more mature and looks really attractive. She is also nice, bubbly, and cares for a lot of people, especially for her friends and family.

Yuuki Asuna

The cute, warm, and lovable character who is Yuuki Asuna is not just attractive but also a fighter. In the anime series, Sword Art Online, Yuuki earned a nickname, The Flashbecause of her incredible swordsmanship.

In the series, Yuuki has long, red hair with hazel eyes. She mostly wears a lightweight copper breastplate, leather pants and a hooded cape. The series also highlights Yuukis kindness and authoritative character. Shes confident, loves cooking, and can handle arguments in the Field Boss. The only thing that makes Yuuki an imperfect character is that she is manipulated by emotions. But this side of her brings out how human this character can be, unlike almost-perfect female leads.

Miku Nakano

Another waifu material in anime is The Quintessential Quintupletsvery own Miku Nakanothird sister of the Nakano Quintuplets. With her reserved and mostly shy personality, shes considered a charmer by many fans of the anime series.

Mikus appearance is iconic because of the wireless headphones that dangle on her neck. Like her other sisters, she also has dark blue eyes, long brownish hair, and a well-endowed figure. In the anime series, she wears tight black pants and a long-sleeved sweater over her uniform. Despite her timid appearance, Miku is actually confident and doesnt hesitate to confront others. Overall, she has a good principle of equality and loves to be quirky at times.


Remember the blue-haired character in Dragon Ball Z Super? Her name is Bulmaa brilliant scientist and the second daughter of Dr. Brief. In the anime show, she is known for having a strong personality and an intelligent mind. She wears a beautiful dress that exposes her endowed figure.

Bulma, in Dragon Ball series, is one of the most significant female characters and the single longest-running character. She appeared in the first Dragon Ball chapter and episode and stayed in an important role until the final episode. Overall, she is a lovable character that makes the series awesome.


Japanese anime series don’t only highlight men, but also powerful, intelligent, and brilliant women. Its no wonder why some anime use female leads to signify the importance of women in society.

The term waifu is used to complement the characteristics and personality of female characters in anime series, pertaining to being a great partner in life. The female characters on the list are just some of the greatest and notable characters in famous anime series.

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