8 Best Vegeta Quotes That Will Inspire You to Do Better

The Dragon Ball franchise remains widely popular and beloved in the anime industry. With its action-packed storylines and loveable characters, it’s impossible not to get hooked on the show.

Following the journey of Son Goku and his quest to protect the Earth from aliens and other malicious entities, loyal fans and viewers may have formed their favorites early on the series.

While Son Goku is the preferred pick by many individuals, there’s no denying that Vegeta has his redeeming qualities as well.

Prince Vegeta or Vegeta IV, commonly known as just ‘Vegeta,’ is a prince from the Saiyan race. Often considered as the arch-nemesis of Son Goku, he is one of the main characters of the series who managed to successfully capture the hearts of many Dragon Ball fans despite his seemingly arrogant and cold exterior.

Throughout the development of the show, Vegeta evolved as a villain character to a hero. While he made it his life’s mission to prove his prowess in the field and eventually beat Goku, he used this as his motivation not only to help save the world but also to better himself over time.

8 Best Vegeta Quotes

If you have been amazed at his transformation and journey, below is a list of the best Vegeta quotes that might inspire you to give your all.

Vegeta Quote 1:

“Fine, Kakarot, you are the mightiest Saiyan, I’ve admitted that much. At least for now. But don’t you dare think that this is over. I won’t let you keep me in second place forever, feeding on the scraps of your glory. I will surpass you, and even then I’ll keep pushing, I’ll surpass every single warrior in the Universe. I won’t stop until I’m the ultimate number one.”

These lines perfectly capture how Vegeta initially felt against Kakarot. For those who don’t know, Kakarot is also known as Son Goku. For the longest time, Vegeta resented the skills his nemesis presented.

While he is not succumbing to defeat nor is he aiming to concede, he admits that Goku reigns supreme at the moment. Despite this, he vows to better himself and prove that he is the best.

Vegeta Quote 2:

“Every time I reach a new level of strength, a greater power appears to challenge my authority. It’s as if fate is laughing at me with a big stupid grin, just like Kakarot.”

Let this be a reminder that Vegeta’s resentment is something he carried with him until adulthood. Despite constantly trying to improve his skills and enhance his fighting technique, it appears that he is humbled and grounded by the difficulties and challenges that continue to come his way.

Vegeta Quote 3:

“I do not fear this new challenge, rather like a true warrior I will rise to meet it.”

Change is something we all have to face in life. Its inevitability and ambiguity make us uncomfortable primarily because we do not know what it holds. Like the true warrior he is, Vegeta rises up to the challenge every time despite its uncertainty.

Vegeta Quote 4:

“What, how am I here, standing before you now? I am just as lost as you. You needn’t worry about me, Kakarot. Unlike you, I have one thing in my favor: I have nothing to lose. You’re noble and selfless, Kakarot, I’ve been selfish. The afterlife quite frankly sucks for me. But I know fighting him will be a piece of cake. Anything’s better than my loathsome existence here.”

Before going against Janemba in the hopes of saving Son Goku, Vegeta utters these words. These lines portray the Saiyan warrior being a bigger man and going lengths to save another person, even one that he initially despised.

This scene managed to make viewers hold their breaths, especially when Vegeta died monetarily before being restored to life by Janemba’s instabilities. This sweet gesture from the strong and brave warrior showed that he is someone with a heart after all. In the end, he is saved by Kakarot himself, leading him to express his thanks to his former nemesis.

Vegeta Quote 5:

“Even the mightiest warriors experience fears. What makes them a true warrior is the courage that they possess to overcome their fears.”

This quote from the Saiyan fighter may just be the most relatable among the bunch. While Vegeta takes pride in his strength and bravery, he acknowledges that there are some instances and fears which still affect him.

This human quality allows him to recognize what he truly feels and how he plans to face these obstacles, much like how each of us battles our own demons and problems.

Vegeta Quote 6:

“Your training isn’t over when your body gives up but when your mind gives up.”

We have all heard the saying that we can achieve what we set our minds to. This quote is the embodiment of that. Although there may be many instances in life which push to give up and let the negativities overwhelm us due to stress or fatigue, the truth is, we are much stronger than we think.

Vegeta Quote 7:

“I already told you, I will not be distracted from this anymore, I won’t! It will take more than head games to stop me. You may have invaded my mind, and my body, but there’s one thing a Saiyan always keeps… his pride!”

Babidi managed to infiltrate Vegeta’s mind with his abilities. As a result, he is able to control the Saiyan fighter and mess with his thinking, resulting in Vegeta being pushed to pick fights with those other than Kakarot.

After standing his ground, the warrior finally managed to focus on his business and maintain his pride intact.

Vegeta Quote 8:

“I used to fight for the sheer pleasure of it; for the thrill of the hunt, oh I had the strength unmeasurable…I spared no one. And yet, you showed mercy to everyone, even your fiercest enemies, even me! Yet, you never fought to kill, or for revenge. Only to test your limits and to push yourself beyond them, to become the strongest you could possibly be. How can a Saiyan fight like that and at the same time be so gentle that he wouldn’t hurt a fly? It makes me angry just thinking about it! But, perhaps it is my anger that has made me blind to the truth for so long. I see it now, this day has made it all too clear. You’re better than me Kakarot. You are the best.”

The battle with Son Goku on this bittersweet day allowed Vegeta to learn the value of respect, particularly for the hero he longed to be. More than earning his respect, Goku managed to instill principles that inspired the Saiyan hero to take on a different approach to life and in battles.

This admission from the defeated warrior shows strength and bravery, especially since his admission means he acknowledges that he will never be more powerful than the fighter he aspires to be.


Missed these lines on the show? Make sure to watch the Dragon Ball franchise one more time to help you catch these lines. Who knows, these eight best Vegeta quotes might just resonate with you and help you become a better person yourself. Who knew watching anime could be this fun, inspiring, and educational, eh?

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