Death March Season 2 Release Date: Ultimate Guide

If you just finished watching the first season of Death March to the Parallel World of Rhapsody, then there’s a good chance you’re looking for the status of Death March season 2 release date.

Well stick around as we will share everything we know about the season 2 release date, about the Death March anime show, and it’s characters.

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Death March Season 2 Release Date

While there have been many people speculating about a Death March season 2 release date soon. Unfortunately, there is still no news about its second installment.

But, fans of the anime show can still expect a second season for a number of reasons.

First, the initial season was a success and the novel instantly became one of the best-selling novels in Japan.

Second, after season one, new viewers who recently discovered the anime was drawn to it, making it a hit in Japan and overseas.

Lastly, since the first season finished in March 2018, producers of the show have had some time to create the second season. We’re hopeful that Death March will release it’s second season in 2020 or 2021 at the latest. Just like you, we’re still waiting for the official announcement from Silver Link studio.

But, if you’re new to the show and don’t know what the hype is all about we’ve also included in this article a quick recap of Death March season 1 and it’s characters.

Let’s check it out…

Recap of Death March Season 1

Originally Death March started off as a web novel, but then it was adapted into a manga and anime series. The anime show was released on December 2018, covering the first three episodes of the series. The show was a big hit amongst fans and many were eager to continue the series.

Death March falls into the Isekai anime genre. This probably explains why the show is so popular because Isekai has proven to be a hit in the Japanese market.

Isekai concept is typically about a normal person who is sent into a fantasy world, where he or she can be special. These characters are often thrown into a new dimension in various ways like: through reincarnation, summoning rituals, or even opened gates to a new world.

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody is a story about a programmer named Suzuki Ichiro, who works long hours because his employer is trying to launch MMORPGs.

After a nap, Suzuki finds himself waking up into a fantasy world where he has been running beta tests. He discovers that he has unique abilities.

He possesses a special attack called the ‘Meteor Rain’ which is helpful in fighting the powerful antagonist. Suzuki is thrust into an adventure trying to build up his “EXP” or experience to become one of the most powerful figures in the entire fantasy world. Suzuki chooses to explore the world while hiding his great strength and securing the affection of many people.

Now that you have a little background about season 1, let’s talk about who the main characters on the show are.

Main Cast of Death March

One of the reasons why this anime is so popular is because of the great characters and their background.

  • Suzuki Ichiro

The main character in the show is a 29-year old programmer, who got transferred to a new world where he was turned into a 15-year old teen. Given the name Satou, based on the test character he created, he uses three special Meteor Shower items that can immediately kill the enemy.

Gaining an instant level of 310, Satoo was able to upgrade skills to its max level at his own discretion, along with huge amounts of money and valuables. Upon arriving at the Seiryuu, he hides his level and explores the world. As the story progresses, Satoo meets new people that can help him explore the new world.

  • Zena Marienteil

Zena is one of Satou’s first friends in the other world. She is a magic soldier that belongs to the Seryuu city’s territorial army. Although she came from a rich family, Zena remains to be humble and an expert wind user.

For her physical appearance, Zena is considered one of the charming girls in the other world, with a slender body and azure eyes. She met Satou when he was fighting demon attacks in Earl Seryuu castle. After being thrust away into a tree, Satou rescues her and takes her to the medical station.

The encounter has made Zena trust Satou and eventually, join him in exploring the world, after completing the military service.

  • Pochi

Originally a slave dog belonging to a man named Uusu, she was rescued by Satou from a dungeon. Her name Pochi was given by Satou and eventually taking up the family name, Kishreshgaiza.

Pochi looks like a normal 10-year old child but with dog ears and tail. She has a bobbed brown hair, which appears to be fluffy. Since the rescue, she accompanied Satou in his adventure and fights alongside with him to defeat the demon.

  • Liza

Just like the others, Liza was also rescued by Satou and joined him in his adventures. Liza is an 18-year old, orange-colored lizardkin semi-human and slave. Her name Liza is short for Lizard, which is her original name. Also belonging to Uusu, Liza has been rescued and pleaded Satou to serve him as a shield.

Liza became an official slave of Satou after leaving the labyrinth. One of her abilities is by using the spear. When her tribe was in wetlands, Liza was able to learn her spear abilities but eventually got kidnapped by a slave-hunting human.

As one of the strongest accompanies of Satou, Liza can be considered as his ‘right hand’ and acts as a conditioned soldier while on the journey.

  • Tama

Unlike Pochi, which is a dog, Tama is human-cat, with a body built of a normal 10-year old but with cat ears and tail. Tama also belonged to the man named Uusu but was rescued by Satou. She considers Pochi as her younger sister despite their differences in appearance.

Tama’s appearance is short, white, and choppy. She fights alongside Satou, killing zombies. Her best skills include Enemy searching, attentive ears, gathering items, throwing, magic edge, and Ninjutsu.

Although Tama doesn’t have shadow magic, which is considered a powerful skill, she is capable of doing the equivalent skill to teleport anywhere she wants to go, via shadow space. This skill is applicable from several kingdoms, which is far in distance.

Overall, Tama can be considered a ninja, with switching Jutsu skills and Utsusemi no Jutsu, which is a cloak or mantle to give her strength to attack enemies.

  • Arisa

Arisa is the fourth queen’s daughter, which is a reincarnated person in the Kubooku Kingdom. She was a fallen princess turned into a slave after being overthrown. Satou rescues her and found out that she speaks Japanese. Because her past life is still intact into her memory, Arisa acts maturely despite her looking young.

She specializes in psychic magic and uses Hight Healing skills for body reinforcement. In addition, she tends to ignore attacks and increases defense with a specific attack. Arisa also finds Satou the ideal man she was looking for, despite their age difference.

Arisa helps Satou with the journey, providing healing powers, stamina, and health. She has several pieces of equipment which are Long Cane, Hood, Golden Orichalcum Armor, and Dragon Fang dagger.

  • Lulu

Lulu was purchased by Satou along with Arisa. She was a 14-year old slave which is characterized by a beautiful Asian feature like black hair and eyes.

First seen in a slave cart with her sister Arisa, she was taking Satou for a tour around the Seryuu city. Because her role in the cart is to provide nightly services, she was relieved that Satou didn’t need any of the services.

Lulu’s best abilities include Shooting, Force Art Magic, Meditation, and marshaling. Because of her previous skills in driving carriages, she became Satou’s coachman. She also has the equipment to help her with fighting, including five different magic guns, tuna slayer, overload gunboat, acceleration gun bullets, and dragon orichalcum armor.


If you are fond of the Isekai genre for anime, then Death March is a great anime series you should watch. While there is no news about the Death March season 2 release date yet, we hope that you can enjoy our review of the show thus far.

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