When is Death Parade Season 2 Release Date

Soon, after a man dies, what do you think will happen? Will the human soul be transported to a place that hauntingly mirrors the hues of his thoughts? Will the man be born again, only, this time, with a different name and body? Or will the rest just be enshrouded in darkness and silence?

In the anime realm, many series have already been produced focusing on life after death. From Bleach, Yuyu Hakusho, to Angel Beats, much exceptional anime series have already been created that exhibit unusual takes on the afterlife. Under this category, one show manages to stand out and become part of the most treasured anime series that present a unique, dark, but refreshingly straightforward interpretation of what awaits man when he dies.

Do you have a clue on what anime we’re talking about? You bet it. It is none other than the 2015 Japanese anime television series, Death Parade.

If you’re one among the many who have already watched this unforgettable show, then, there is a huge possibility you are in the midst of wondering when is Death Parade Season 2 release date. Although there is no formal announcement from the producers of the show yet, we have gathered all the necessary details that will help you get a fair hint on what might be waiting ahead.

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What is Death Parade All About?

First aired in 2015 under Studio Madhouse, Death Parade exhibits an exceptional, deep, and moving story that stems from the question: What does it mean to be human?

In the story, there is no heaven and hell. When someone dies, his soul will be sent to a mysterious bar, called Quindecim. Where a mysterious white-haired bartender named Decim awaits. From there, the souls will need to participate in random and rigorous Death Games. Which will decide whether they will be born again or will be sent into the pits of oblivion. From bowling, darts, too many other activities, the deceased will then be subjected to a series of challenging games. That test his/her wits, skills, memories, and true nature. From there, Decim, the bartender and arbiter of life, will determine the fate of the souls.

Well, at least that’s how it normally goes … until he meets a curious black-haired woman that made him question his own rulings.

Captivating, relevant, and absorbing. Death Parade remarkably explores the depth of the human psyche – from its worst to best qualities – and poses the question: What is the true value of life?

Who are the Characters of Death Parade?

Since Death Parade follows no specific storyline, the series exhibit a lengthy list of characters. However, to refresh your mind on what happened in the first season of the series, here are a few of the main characters you should definitely not forget (in case Madhouse announces the rollout of Season 2 all of a sudden).


A pale, white-haired man acting as one of the seven arbiters of souls who run the bars where the recently deceased are judged. Working as an arbiter for five years, Decim is considered to be a veteran on his job and seems to be always emotionless and far detached from anyone.


Often referred to as “black-haired woman.” Chiyuki has no memory of her past and is working as an assistant to Decim. Unlike Decim, however, Chiyuki displays human emotions openly. With this, she helps Decim understand the complexity of human emotions and provides valuable insight in passing judgment.


A petite woman serving as the manager of the Arbiter system. Despite her young appearance, she administers all the arbiters and corrects them in case they make any mistake.


Another arbiter of souls. He runs a bar called Viginti, which is located on the 20th floor of the tower. Compared to the emotionally detached Decim, Ginti is shown to be more aggressive and rougher in nature.


The elevator man of the tower who transport arbiters and guests between floors.


Also referred to as the Queen of the Dead. She is tasked to measures coefficients of the dead and determine which bar they are most suitable to get in.


A worker at the information bureau. Quin who used to be the bartender at the Quindecim before Decim.


The creator of the system of arbitration. Although he is shown to be a childish grandpa-like character at first, Oculus holds the arbitration system seriously and believes that arbiters cannot be too human to judge.

When is Death Parade Season 2 Release Date?

Created, written, and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa, Death Parade originally started as an anime short film released on March 2013 with the title “Death Billiards.” About a couple of years later, the film was adapted into an anime series with 12 episodes, which ran from January 10, 2015, to March 28, 2015.

Originally, a few months after the finale of the first season, reports have surfaced saying the second season of the series will be released sometime in 2017 or early 2018.

“After much discussion, the studio has finally decided (in October 2016) to give green light to the second run of “Death Parade”. But there are still many problems with “Death Parade” season 2. First of all, there is no information regarding the plot and episode list of Season 2. Yuzuri Tachikawa, the writer of the original series will write the second season.  Madhouse is yet to announce the actual release date of “Death Parade” season 2, but we believe that it will be somewhere around fall 2017 or early 2018,” an article from FilmSchoolWTF wrote in 2016.

However, nearly 5 years later since the last episode of Death Parade aired, no updates or formal announcement from the producers has been heard from the fans ever since.

With this, many are wondering whether Death Parade will ever come back on the small screen. Will there be a second season of the anime or is it the last we have seen of Decim?

To date, although Studio Madhouse hasn’t disclosed anything about Death Parade Season 2 yet, the obvious success of the first season, which has garnered thousands of fans and praises, already make it highly possible to have a second installment of the show.

Since Death Parade comes from Madhouse. A Japanese animation studio giant responsible for a broad range of some notable shounen anime series, including Death Note, One Punch Man, Hunter x Hunter 2011, Ace of Diamond, and many more. Some fans speculate that the renewal of the show might be on hold since the studio might have a lot on their plate right now.

Moreover, since Death Parade stemmed from a film. Fans expect that Madhouse doesn’t have any source material to work on to create a second season instantly.

“[S]ince it isn’t an adaptation of any manga, light novel, game, etc., but is an original series by Madhouse themselves, the makers of the show won’t have any source material to work on, except maybe the original script that they made,” an article published on Akanagi wrote.

Today, since no announcement from producers has been made yet. Fans are only left with theories and claims posted by anime enthusiasts and blogs on the internet. About the most possible Death Parade Season 2 release date.

Botton Line:

No doubt, Death Parade comes as one of the most unforgettable and deeply treasured anime series. That remarkably interweaves the mysteries, darkness, and uncertainty that comes with life after death.

Although no confirmation about the second season of the series has been provided. The show’s undeniable impact and influence on the general public make it possible that the Death Parade Season 2 release date might be sooner than expected.

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