What Are Some Dogs In The Pokemon Series?

Pokemon is one of the most popular anime shows of all time and its fan base is huge, coming from different parts of the world. In this article, we are going to highlight the Dog Pokemon which are inspired by dogs, wolves, foxes, and other canines.

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Types of Dog Pokemon in the Series

1. Herdier: Loyal Dog Specie


Herdier is a quadrupedal mammalian canine Pokemon with Sand Rush and Scrappy abilities. Its body is in brown but the topmost layer is covered in dark blue. This species has very large ears and what looks like a mustache and small near paws.

Overall, this Pokemon is not for made for battling, they are likely to observe opponent before making an unexpected attack. What sets Herdier apart from other Pokemon is its care for their trainer and ability to teach their teammates.

The Herdier is from Generation V and evolved from Lillipup at level 16.

2. Arcanine: Legendary Pokemon Specie


Arcanine is a huge and bulky canine with Flash Fire and Justified skills. Its build is more like a dog because of the muzzle and black nose. However, its color and traits are similar to tigers and lions. Majority of its body is covered in jagged black stripes and a fur that is similar to a tiger.

When it comes to its natural abilities, the Arcanine hits a target with a fire-type move, raising damage with flame. Its internal flame acts as a fuel to its amazing speed. This Pokemon is one of the fastest in the world, traveling up to 6200 miles in one day and night.

The Arcanine is from the Generation I of the Pokemon and evolves from Growlithe.

3. Rockruff: Puppy Pokemon


Rockruff is a Pokemon that resembles the look of a wolf pup. Its best abilities include having a keen eye, vital spirit and steadfast. One of its distinct characteristics includes having an excellent nose, which never forgets the smell it sniffed before.

All in all, the Rockruff Pokemon is a good fighter when it evolves. They howl on evenings when they evolve into a Lycanroc at level 25. Its best ability is Crunch and Hidden Power, which damages the opponent.

The Rockruff is introduced in Generation VII and is known as the Puppy Pokemon just like Lillipup and Growlithe.

4. Houndour: Dark Pokemon


Houndour is a nocturnal Pokemon that has white rings around its legs and has a red muzzle similar to a dog. Its body is covered with black and gray fur, with teeth showing to intimidate opponents.

The distinct characteristics of a Houndour are its ability to communicate through barks and cries. Its teamwork is unparalleled and it uses its cry to corner the prey. When it reached level 25, this Pokemon evolves into a Houndoom.

The Houndour is from Generation II and is considered Dark + Fire Specie.

5. Poochyena: Bite Pokemon


The Poochyena is a small and quadruped wolf-like Pokemon with sharp fangs made for biting. It has pointed ears, long snout and red nose, red eyes, and its fur is a combination of gray and black. When angered, the Poochyena shows its sharp fangs in a position to attack.

One of its special abilities includes biting anything that moves. It is tedious, consistent and won’t easily give up chasing its prey. The only downside about this Pokemon is when an attacker strikes back, it will display cowardice and runs away.

The Poochyena evolves into Mightyena at level 18.

6. Umbreon: Moonlight Pokemon


The Umbreon is categorized as the Moonlight Pokemon with an incredible ability to sense an opponent’s presence. It transforms its body under the influence of the moon’s aura and levels up faster at night. This Pokemon also sprays a cloud of toxic gas when angered.

Its physical appearance is close to a black cat but because of its build, its look like a dog. The Umbreon has black skin with a triangle nose and red eyes.

More than spraying a harmful gas, this Pokemon can learn the moves of a Hyper Beam and Giga Impact. It may look small but it has strong endurance and defense.

7. Furfrou: Poodle Pokemon


The Pokemon covered in all-white fur is the Furfrou. It has a pointy snout with red eyes and a bluish nose. It can change its look through grooming regularly because it grows its fur after 5 days. The Furfrou is one of the most intelligent Pokemon and is loyal to its trainer.

The only downside about this Pokemon is that it does not evolve. Its best abilities include Cotton Guard, Take Down and Sucker Punch.

The Furfrou was from Generation VI and is considered the Poodle Pokemon.

8. Eevee: Evolution Pokemon


Eevee is a brown dog pokemon and is one of the first Generation Pokemon with the highest number of evolution possibilities. It is an incredibly small, mammalian creature with a bushy brown fur and triangular nose. Its pointy ears and tail can be similar to a fox yet Eevee has pink paw pads.

Because of its irregular generic structure, it makes it easier for the Eevee to evolve in multiple Pokemon. When it comes to its natural abilities, Eevee can negate the effects with Block and Mean Look. It is also able to adapt to its environment and senses the opponent’s dangerous moves.

Eevee can also learn special moves but its special power Veevee Volley can damage its opponent.

This Pokemon can evolve into eight different forms with the use of crystals like Thunderstone, Fire Stone and Water Stone.

9. Ninetales: Fox Pokemon


Ninetales is a big white dog pokemon inspired from the Japanese folklore nine-tailed kitsune fox. It posses graciously-looking nine tails and is covered in golden-white fur. Its eyes are in color red and the end of its tails are in yellow.

The greatest ability of the Ninetales is it can psychically control the minds of people and Pokemon. It can live for a thousand years using the power of its tails. This Pokemon is also one of the most intelligent species and is strong enough to shatter rocks.

The Ninetales is also territorial and shows mercy to anyone that invades its territory. Its nine tails have wondrous energy that helps it live for long.

10. Jolteon: Lightning Pokemon


In the Pokemon series, the Jolteon is considered a ‘sheepdog Pokemon’ with its shiny yellow fur. Its legs are strong which helps it run at high speeds like a cheetah.

Because this Pokemon is considered a Lightning species, it has the ability to absorb volt and attacks using lightning volts. It combines static energy and its individual cells to produce electrical charges to its opponents.

The Jolteon is one of the eight evolutions of the Eevee.


These are the most common dog Pokemon that shares the same physical characteristics as some dog breeds. Given that some of these are small in size, their abilities to adapt to the environment and protect themselves from the opponent shows they are one of the best Pokemon.

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