Why You Should Get Your Own Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

The Dragon Ball Z show continues to charm anime fans around the world. As a matter of fact, its impact left numerous cultural references, even inspiring adaptations and re-releases everywhere you look. Spanning over 20 years in the industry, the series definitely appealed to generations and withstood the test of time.

Part of the reason why the anime series remained close to the hearts of people across the globe is that it tackled huge and largely abstract ideas and channeled it into something more tangible and understandable. For example, the show highlighted the need for friendship, family, and camaraderie. It also focused on the notion of good defeating evil and letting love win.

Of course, Dragon Ball Z  may have had a huge following precisely because it followed the lives of Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Gohan, and many more. What’s more endearing about these is that over the years, the clothing of these characters represented more than what they portrayed on screen. These clothing and costumes not only served to connect with the audience but also one that reminds fans of the legacy of the show.

Influential Dragon Ball Z Signature Costumes

The clothes of our favorite characters from the show often bore signs and symbols. Because of Dragon Ball Z’s popularity in Japan and North America, numerous merchandises took over the world. From backpacks, notebooks, action figures, and yes, even clothing. Below are some of the most iconic pieces of clothing from the main characters:

  • Son Goku’s Training Uniform – Son Goku wears the ever-iconic vibrant blue and orange suit that bears the family kanji patch 孫, meaning “descendant.” This training uniform is called the Turtle School Uniform, aptly called so since he trained under the Turtle Sage, commonly known as Kame Sen’nin. The symbol that Goku wears on his chest shows the Kame symbol. The patch tends to change from time to time.
  • Vegeta’s Iconic Suit – Vegeta rocks the blue and white Saiyan battle armor. The armor is typically adorned with gold. However, the design also tends to change from time to time, depending on the uniform designed by Bulma. While Vegeta is not one to shy away from wearing casual clothes, he is sometimes forced to wear a colorful outfit by Bulma herself, such as the Badman shirt in pink.
  • Bulma – The wife of Vegeta will certainly not let herself be outshone by her peers. Like her colorful and energetic personality, Bulma wears cute outfits that show off her different sides. One day, she is seen wearing a sleeveless purple dress complete with a thin, white belt with a pouch on the side, white boots, and yellow socks, showing off her fun and quirky side. As the Dragon Ball Z saga went on, Bulma was portrayed in a slightly mature manner, yet still maintaining her youthful exuberance as seen in her simple outfit of a white shirt, pale blue jeans, brown flats, and a red scarf.
  • Android 18 Signature Outfit – Android 18’s style hovers on the classic and fashionable. While she isn’t afraid to try new fashion choices, she also sticks with a particular look she’s comfortable with. This is evident in her hair cut, the jean jacket, the high waist jeans, and the black shoes she wears. From time to time, Android 18 also wears her pearl necklace.

Why You Should Buy a Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

Although the show has come to an end, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take a piece of the show – or these characters – with you at all times. One way to always feel like you’re bringing the show with you is by wearing a hoodie. Not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should consider buying one right away:

Feeling Powerful

There’s no denying that the characters in the series have special powers of their own. If you want to exude the strength and power of Goku or you simply want to channel the feminine touch of Bulma, you can do so by simply donning one of these cozy hoodies.

Look Spectacular

You know that you’ll look your best when you wear your Dragon Ball Z-inspired hoodie, particularly when you have this patterned after your best pick. Besides allowing you to showcase great scenes and even outfits of the characters you love, you will also get the chance to show your fun and exciting side.

Great Conversation Starter

When you wear your hoodie out, chances are you’ll bump into someone who’s also a fan of the anime or someone interested in watching it. Whatever it is, wearing this piece of clothing will allow you to make conversation with others. Who knows, they might just be as passionate about Dragon Ball Z as you.

Next Steps

What are you waiting for? Buy your Dragon Ball Z Hoodie today and take inspiration from the fashion-forward anime series you have come to love.

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