Everything You Need to Know About Majin Vegeta

Surely, many fans would agree if we were to say that no other Dragon Ball character deserves to stand alongside Goku other than the prince of the Saiyan race himself, Vegeta. Standing as the series’ anti-hero. Vegeta has undoubtedly become one of the most popular and loved characters throughout the legendary Shounen series.

Truthfully, although his strength still falls short when compared to the main character, Goku. Vegeta’s astonishing level of commitment and will power. Which enabled him to continuously rise despite being knocked down, again and again. Made him one of the anime series fan favorites. In fact, despite his reckless attitude, selfish antics, and despicable grin, Vegeta is, nonetheless, a relatable character that displays a very human nature.

Coming from this, it is no surprise that many got intrigued. When this egotistical yet likable Saiyan turned into a despicable and monstrous character named Majin Vegeta during the Babidi Saga in Dragon Ball Z.

Whether you’re a new DBZ fan seeking for some fun yet educational guide, or a long-time DBZ enthusiast wishing to recourse the different events that happened in the franchise, we have prepared an extensive guide concerning this unforgettable transformation.

The Birth of Majin Vegeta

Standing as the 13th saga of Dragon Ball Z, the Babidi Saga follows the struggles of the Dragon Ball gang. As they try to defeat the merciless sorcerer Babidi. Along with his henchmen, Pui Pui, Yakon, and Dabura.

In the story, Goku, along with the gang, came across a mysterious spaceship. While searching for the two World Martial Arts Tournaments competitors Spopovich and Yamu. From there, they caught the two fighters talking with three mysterious beings named Pui Pui, Dabura, and Babidi. Unknown to the heroes, Dabura and Babidi have already sensed their powers. Even while in hiding and planned to lure them into the spaceship in order to take their energy and use it to revive a powerful being.

From there, things have escalated quickly. Resulting in Dabura killing Kibito and turning Krillin and Piccolo into stone. Enraged by what happened to their friends. The remaining Z Fighters, composed of Shin, Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta, entered the ship and decided to defeat Dabura and Babidi.

Inside the spaceship, Pui Pui explained that the Dragon Ball Team must defeat 3 fighters first (which includes him) in order to get to Babidi. With this, Vegeta became the first contender and beat Pui Pui. On the next level, Goku fought with the second fighter named Yakon, which he defeated successfully. When the gang finally arrived at the third level, it is already Gohan’s turn to fight the third fighter, which happened to be Dabura.

At first, Dabura’s strength seems to be besting Gohan’s. However, soon enough, Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 and becomes roughly at par with Dabura.

Hesitant about Gohan’s ability, Vegeta argues with Goku. Claiming that he should be the one to fight Dabura himself in order to assure a clear victory.

Soon enough, Dabura notices the argument between the two. And realizes that there are traces of evil lurking within Vegeta. He, then, flees from the battle and informed Babidi about what he had discovered. In turn, Babidi sneakily cast a spell on Vegeta, transforming him into Majin Vegeta.

The Truth About Majin Vegeta

Although Babidi really did cast a powerful spell on Vegeta. It was later revealed that Vegeta could have stopped this possession easily if he wanted to. However, moved by his desperation to be strong and finally defeat his archnemesis Goku. Vegeta willingly submitted to the evil spell.

For Vegeta, losing his merciless side is taking a toll on his strength. Witnessing how Babidi’s power improved the abilities of other fighters. He consciously accepted the spell and tried to regain his former dark self to become as strong as he once was.

Physical Appearance

Generally, the transformation of Vegeta to Majin Vegeta has led to only a few changes in his physical appearance. Aside from having black eyelids and the letter “M” inked on his forehead, no other noticeable changes were seen.

Similar to his usual portrayal. Majin Vegeta still has the same spiky, black hair and well-built but below-average stature.

Power and Abilities

Similar to the other fighters who have been affected by Babidi’s power. Majin Vegeta exemplified a formidable and impressive level of strength and power. In fact, there are even a few special attacks and abilities that can only be practiced by Vegeta when he turned into this character. Among his most notable attacks include:

  • Big Bang Attack

Majin Vegeta’s signature attack, which takes the form of an energy ball made of ki.

  • Final Flash

Also considered as one of Majin Vegeta’s toughest attacks. The Final Flash is a massive beam of energy that can be directed towards an opponent or a target.

  • Final Impact (Atomic Blast)

A powerful bolt of energy fired from Majin Vegeta’s index and middle finger.

  • Energy Rings

An attack using golden rings made of ki, which binds and traps an opponent.

How did it end: The Last of Majin Vegeta

Despite the overall destruction and chaos, Majin Vegeta created. He was able to get a final atonement in the Majin Buu Saga. At the end of his battle with Goku, Majin Vegeta finally supersedes Babidi’s mind control. Using his will power and soon revealed his resentment over the loss of his pride to Goku. Soon enough, he decided to knock Goku unconscious. And fight Majin Buu alone to prove that his strength far exceeds Goku’s. However, when the fight begins, Majin Buu’s overall strength and abilities were proven to be on a different league compared to him. Desperate to save his loved ones, including his family and Goku. Vegeta chooses to sacrifice himself. Through his attack called Final Explosion, in order to kill the powerful Majin Buu.

Before he died, he asked Piccolo whether he will get the chance to meet Goku again in the Other World. Piccolo, however, told him it’s impossible since they have lived their lives differently – with Goku being selfless and Vegeta being the opposite. Despite this, Vegeta decided to welcome his fate and went on with his plan to destroy Majin Buu by sacrificing himself.

The Bottom Line

Are you as thrilled and amazed as we are with the character of Majin Vegeta? Blessed with monstrous abilities and cursed with darkness, this transformation of Vegeta surely has a special place in the memory of all DBZ fans out there.

Are you hoping to see Vegeta transform into Majin Vegeta again?

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