Favorite Naruto Couples From Anime Fans

The Naruto franchise is one of the most famous, highly-rated and highest gross animes in the world. Published in 1997 by author Masashi Kishimoto, the anime has achieved a myriad of milestones including more than $220 million worth of sold copies of manga, television series, and movies. While the anime focuses on a young ninja’s adventure to acquiring new skills and becoming a formidable warrior, Naruto couples are hard to miss. The romance between characters is evident in Naruto even when author Kishimoto isn’t fond of writing romantic scenes.

List of Best Naruto Couples

1. Minato and Kushina

The Naruto series wouldn’t be complete without the romantic scenes between Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Throughout their relationship, love and respect of these two characters for each other are evident. In the Naruto fandom, the term MinaKushi or ミナクシ is a term that refers to the romantic relationship of Minato and Kushina.

In the beginning, when Kushina was transferred to the Konoha Ninja Academy, Minato has already like her. Because of their shared ambition to become the Hokage, they have become closer. Later, when the Hidden Cloud attacked her, Minato defended her and that’s when the romance started rolling in.

Emotional dialogues between the two can be expected in the series, plus portrayal of how they both love and deeply cared for each other. This couple is considered one of the most loved by fans of Naruto.

2. Temari and Shikamaru

No one can deny the chemistry between Shikamaru Nara and Temari. The two met during the Chūnin Exams where they were paired to fight each other. Shikamaru had no interest in fighting her but Temari brings out his skills, which she has discovered during the fight.

Shikamaru is not just a skilled ninja but also the most intelligent guy in the Naruto series. He is affiliated with the village of Konohagakure. Temari, on the other hand, is also smart and beautiful, not to mention really simple and not annoying. Their romance can be seen at the Boruto series.

3. Sasuke and Sakura

Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno have the most complex relationship from the start. Just like any one-sided relationship, Sakura hoped to get closer to Sasuke even though he didn’t find any interest in her. Sasuke has done horrible things just to stay out of Sakura’s business and even tried to kill her once.

The truth is, Sasuke cared for Sakura. He even risked his life just to protect her during the times of need. Sakura fell in love with Sasuke because of his kindness, morality, and imperfections. And during one of the most crucial moments where Sasuke got the Cursed Seal, Sakura saved him by calming him down and getting his soul back.

4. Obito and Rin

The first time this couple met, Obito already liked her even though Rin had feelings for Kakashi. In an incident where Rin was captured by the enemy and Obito has saved her but end up being trapped. At this moment, Obito wished to have spent more time with Rin and his teammates and confess his love for Rin.

Although the love story of Rin and Obito is heartbreaking, the romantic gestures of Obito for Rin is evident in the Boruto series. Obito showed that he can do anything for Rin and that she is the most precious thing to her. Eventually, as the story progresses, Rin finally understands all the efforts exerted by Obito just for her, however, it’s too late.

5. Kakashi and Kahyo

Just like any other Naruto relationships where there are more hints than practice, Kakashi and Kahyo are two ninjas that show feelings for each other but never been in a relationship. Kakashi has shown very little interest with women but somehow manage to feel a possible relationship with Kahyo.

The two met in the light novel Kakashi Hidden which explores more about the life of Kakashi and a little bit of the Kahyo hostage. In the last statement of the novel, the statement, “Springtime is around the corners” and many interpret this to a blossoming romance. Meanwhile, there are also other interpretations, saying that this also means change—getting in a relationship.

6. Konan and Yahiko

This couple is not your usual villains because they are actually striving for peace. Konan and Yahiko wanted to stop violence and war. The two are orphans who went and traveled to the countryside looking for food. Even if they were portrayed villains, the two also showed greatness and their relationship has kept them mortal and grounded.

Watching Naruto, you will understand why these two orphans are together and that is to love and care for each other. They make a great team, which makes them strong and independent.

7. Itachi and Izumi

Itachi and Izumi met when they were five years old. Izumi is playing with other children when he approached Itachi to join them. However, Itachi declined as he is focusing on his training. At this time, other children began bullying him and throwing rocks. Izumi stands up for him and told other children to stop. This is when Izumi started liking Itachi.

In the Shinden. Book, it is revealed that Itachi killed a lover although the name isn’t revealed. Later, it is revealed that Itachi actually killed Izumi because it is his mission to kill all the Uchiha clan by Danzo.

8. Naruto and Hinata

Despite the fact that this anime isn’t about romance, Naruto is still linked to woman like Hinata. At first, he did not show any interest with her not but he fell in love with her. Naruto even claimed that Hinata is weird and timid as she always blushes whenever he is near her. However, through time, Naruto finds Hinata not just a lovely woman but also unique and caring.

The two shared more memories like Hinata sharing her healing ointment to Naruto, giving him her test paper as she senses that Naruto is having troubles answering the questions and more. The moment when Hinata finally sensed that Naruto cared for her is when he declined to take her test paper to avoid troubles.

As the story progresses, the two shared romantic memories that led to marriage and bearing two wonderful kids. Hinata finally reunites with her crush and they actually saved the world together.


Naruto is not just about adventures, fighting, monsters and defeating the evil. It also depicts the reality of life, where two people are attracted to each other and actually had a relationship. This makes the anime a great one because it shows how ninjas, out of all the people, are vulnerable to love and emotions.

In the anime, it’s not just the major characters who are engaged in romance and relationships but also other minor but integral characters. In this list, you have discovered not just about Sasuke and Sakure or Naruto or Hinata love story but also others as well.

Watch the anime series today to get to know more about the Naruto couples that were introduced. You can watch the Naruto English Dubbed online for free or by subscribing to an online streaming service for as low as $10 a month.

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