3 Best Funny Anime Memes That Will Make You Laugh

No show could ever escape from the hilarious clutches of the meme realm – even anime. From Sasuke’s iconic feud with his brother to Yamcha’s lame death, there comes a broad spectrum of the funniest anime memes that are sure to leave anyone breathless due to laughter.

Sit back and try not to hurt your stomach from laughing.

Best Funny Anime Memes that will Make You Laugh

1. Is This a Pigeon meme

Most memes may come and go, but some refuse to die regardless of date and age. The “Is this a pigeon?” meme, for example, is one of the classic anime memes that continue to generate a good laugh from nearly everyone who comes upon it. In the said image, an anime guy is shown pointing to a butterfly while saying the iconic line “Is this a pigeon?”. For years, the image has been used on the internet as a meme to express utter confusion.


  • Background: The screenshot can be traced back to the 1991 Japanese anime television series The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird. The scene happened on Season 1, Episode 3, in which Yuutarou Katori, an android, mistakenly identified a butterfly as a pigeon. At first, the netizens thought that the meme is a product of a translation error. However, it was later revealed that the line was translated properly and was meant to accurately display the innocence of the character.
  • The birth of the meme: The “Is this a pigeon?” scene entered the meme space on December 6, 2011, when a Tumblr user uploaded the image. Over the next three years, the post has managed to accumulate over 111,000 notes.

Seven years later, the Twitter-verse has witnessed the revival of the said meme. From there, people started editing the image to present variations of jokes or to throw shades at some people.

2. Yamcha’s Death meme

Anime characters’ death scenes are supposed to be sad and tragic, but not in the case of Dragon Ball Z’s Yamcha. In fact, his death pose has been exploited countless times in the meme space. Despite being a former bandit and hailed as one of Earth’s greatest martial artists, Yamcha is a relatively weak character who has died countless times in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. In this meme, Yamcha’s lifeless body was found face down in a crater. People on the internet have been using the meme to indicate failure or weakness.


  • Background: Yamcha’s death meme was taken from the 17th episode of the Vegeta Saga in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. In the said scene, Yamcha has fallen on the ground after going head-on with a humanoid creature called Saibaman, a weak antagonist.
  • The birth of the meme: Yamcha’s death pose first emerged as a meme in 2009. It was used to represent the colloquial expression “You were reckless,” pertaining to someone who has made an ambitious attempt but failed miserably. It was then adopted into parody fan arts, which were later used by different Yahoo blogs.

A year later, the meme made its way into the international web. From there, Yamcha’s death pose has been manipulated to exemplify his inferior strength. One of the most popular variations is the Yamcha vs. Magikarp version. In the said meme, Magikarp, a weak pokemon, attacks Yamcha with its harmless splash attack. The image ends with the classic Yamcha’s death pose.

3. Choking Sasuke meme

The latest addition to the world’s funniest anime memes is the Choking Sasuke meme. In the said meme, Sasuke Uchiha is being choked by his older brother, Itachi Uchiha. In mid-January of 2019, people from Twitter started editing the scene and manipulating the image to make it look as if Sasuke is being held in the neck by various individuals, including Shrek, Gordon Ramsey, and Bob Ross.


  • Background: The meme was extracted from a scene in the 85th episode of the Naruto anime series. In the said episode, Itachi Uchiha, angered by the weakness of his brother, pushed Sasuke against the wall and held him by the neck.
  • The birth of the meme: The birth of the Choking Sasuke meme happened when a Twitter user posted the image of Sasuke being choked alongside a picture of a cat.

The post created an impression that the cat is choking Sasuke. From there, various social media outlets have produced variations of the said meme.

Wrapping Up

Nothing could give you a good laugh other than recalling the most notable and hilarious anime scenes of your childhood. With just a little speck of creativity and a good dose of humor, you are sure to transform any scene into the funniest meme on the anime industry.

Which among these anime memes gave you the hardest laugh?

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