Gate Season 3 Release Date: Is it Coming Back?

The Japanese anime Gate is a fantasy series that is based on the manga of the same title, or in Japanese, Kaku Tatakaeri. The light novel was written by Takumi Yannai and illustrated by Daisuke Izuka and Kurojishi. It was first published on April 12, 2010, and immediately sold thousands of copies a couple of months after the release.

Because of the excellent storyline, character arcs, and a lot of action scenes, it became one of the most popular Japanese anime series. Its success has led to the release of another season, which aired in 2016.

Two years after season 2 of Gate ended, fans of the show are waiting for the release of the third season. We will discuss the status of Gate season 3 release date. Keep reading…

When Is Gate Season 3 Coming Out?

The first two seasons definitely made a mark on fans of the anime, leaving them excited for the third installment. Even though there hasn’t been any official announcement yet, from both the studio A-1 Pictures and television network, Tokyo MX, fans are positive about the third season. In addition to the number of people who are engaged with Gate, the studio makers have more time to renew the show.

The release of the third season can happen between 2020 and 2021, according to some reports. Last 2017, one of the show’s producers, Sentai Filmworks said they are overwhelmed by the excellent response and have been working on the script of the Gate Season 3. After this announcement, there has been nothing, hence, fans need to wait a little longer.

Gate Plot

As the name implies, the anime series is about a gate or a portal, that opens up modern Japan and the fantasy world on the other end. The show perfectly depicts the juxtaposition of modern living and fantasy, with characters such as dragons, invading the world. In Japan, this genre is called Isekai, which is a fantasy anime with characters traveling to an unfamiliar world.

The story starts with the appearance of a gate in modern-day Tokyo. Through this portal, monsters and all other creatures arrive in Japan, launching a full-scale invasion on Earth. While Japan forces are not ready to fight with strange creatures, they are able to defend the country by a counterattack.

The creatures have ruined Ginza and turn it into flame, but the Japan forces were able to push back the creatures into the portal where they’ve come from. After getting rid of the invaders, the Japanese forces have formed Japanese Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) and an operating base (FOB). The FOB aims to discover more about the other side of the gate and to prepare to negotiate with the invaders.

In the name of peace, a 33-year-old man named Youji Itami has taken part in the FOB mission, as directed by the JSDF. The story will revolve around this journey and how Youji fights off with the bad creatures. As Youji and his friends explore the other side, they will also help locals like Princess Piña Co Lada from the ruthless dragon. At first, Youji believes that he has succeeded in getting the trust of the locals, however, he ended up discrediting the Crown Prince Zorzal.

As an act of revenge, the Crown Prince decided to destroy the locals and called an all-out war with Japan and the JSDF. Despite this threat, the Japanese force continued to rescue Princess Piña Co Lada, anti-war senators, and Emperor Molt Sol Augustus.

Endless challenges and trials hit the JSDF with the threat of the Crown Prince and the Gate, which connects the two worlds.

Gate Major Characters

There are a lot of characters in the story, but the major ones are Youji Itami, Princess Piña Co Lada, Tuka Luna Marceau, Lelei La Lalena, Rory Mercury and Crown Prince Zorzal.

  • Youji Itami

In the anime, Youji Itami was introduced as a low-skilled second Lieutenant who caused problems with his troops and influenced others with Otaku. His background is rather heartbreaking, as his abusive father was killed by his mother in self-defense. Out of guilt, her mother has attempted suicide by self-immolation but was later saved.

His mother was brought to a mental institution to get treated, and he finished his studies with mediocre grades. Youji turned out to be lucky and was awarded the Second Lieutenant rank. He transferred to Narashino, where he was trained under the Special Forces Garrison and was picked to undergo paratrooper courses.

Despite his unpleasant past, Youji was able to move past the trials and serve the country by fighting with odd creatures.

  • Rory Mercury

Rory Mercury is a demigoddess and one of the apostles of Emroy. She’s known to be the god of war, violence, and death, however, her personality is the opposite. Rory easily makes friends, like Youji. When it comes to battles, she shows no mercy and is ready to fight any creature.

Rory wears a gothic Lolita dress, which is an outfit for priestesses. She had red eyes and charcoal, long hair and she’s actually 965 years old. Another odd thing about Rory is, she becomes sexually aroused when people die near her, and she also hates it when she was being teased.

Later in the series, she will fall in love with Youji and claimed that only he can make her happy.

  • Princess Piña Co Lada

The only daughter of the Emperor in Japan is the 19-year-old Piña Co Lada. At a young age, she’s already trained to protect her home country Empire, from Japan. After meeting Youji, she was influenced by Otaku and wishes that peace may happen for Japan.

However, she still wants to fight off Japan and even smuggled guns to reverse-engineer the weapon but was caught. Her lack of knowledge about the metal detector has led to her being caught by the authorities.

Piña Co Lada has a stern and serious personality, but through the series, she was able to change for the better. She had long dark red hair and matching eye color. Because of her mission to protect the Empire, she constantly wears light armor and a heavy shoulder guard.

  • Tuka Luna Marceau

Tuka is a cheerful elf, and one of the protagonists of Gate. She has the appearance of a 16-year-old but has special skills when it comes to archery and spirit magic. She was found by Itami and his friends, then taken to the JSDF camp. Tuka has long, golden hair and blue eyes. She was the only survivor from the dragon attack in her whole village.

  • Lelei La Lalena

Lelei is a member of a tribe called Rurudo, which has a code name of Jade Wall. She is a blue-haired girl with blue eyes. She can be emotionless due to her expressive and straight face, however, she is a calm and silent type of person. After being saved by Youji, she was able to display gratitude towards the JSDF.

  • Zorzal El Caesar

The crown prince of the Empire, and the main antagonist of Gate. His main goal is to invade modern Japan, despite his inferior skills. Zorzal refuses to adapt to technology and modern tactics to fight the JSDF. His physical attributes include light yellow hair and arrogant facial expression.


Gate is a unique anime show that showcases how fantasy genre can become realistic when mixed with modern-day practices. The characters and their personalities are one-of-a-kinds and if you love action-packed series, this will satisfy you. While you wait for the status of the release of the third season, be sure to rewatch the first two seasons so you don’t miss any details.

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