How to Watch Monogatari Series in Order

Based on a line of light novels written by Nisio Isin, the Monogatari series has risen in popularity over the last couple of years. People who are actively a part of the anime community have lauded the makers time and again. But, in what order should you watch the Monogatari series?

While this tends to differ for veterans and newbie users, the crux still remains the same. In this article, we will discuss the Monogatari watch order along with many other interesting insights on the Monogatari series.

While the Monogatari series was actively received in the Japanese anime community, its fanbase expanded in the west more significantly, when SHAFT got the rights for adapting these light novels to an anime series.

However, like many other series that have similar names and run on an extensive and more complex timeline, it might be difficult for fans to grasp it. This is primarily the reason why you need to check the watch-order and follow it.

Yay! Let’s check it out…

Release Order of Monogatari Series- Ideal For First-Timers

If you are planning to watch the Monogatari series for the first time, it is always better to follow the release order. Here’s how you should ideally watch it.

  1. Akemonogatari – This comes with the tales of Hitagi Crab, the cute little Mayoi Snail, the intelligent Suruga Monkey, the crafty Nadeko Snake, and finally The Tsubasa cat.
  2. Nisemonogatari – This one comes with interesting tales of the Karen Bee and the Tshukihi Phoenix.
  3. Nekomonogatari Kuro – This one unfolds the prequel tale of the iconic Tsubasa Family.
  4. Monogatari Series (The Second Season) – If you haven’t yet read the light novels, the name might appear confusing to you. This series comes with a major bulk of the single-story light novels like that of the Tsubasa Tiger, the Nadeko Medusa, the Hitagi End, and others. Others in the list comprise of Shinobu Time and Mayoi Jiangshi.
  5. Hanamonogatari – This one unfolds the story of the vicious Suruga Devil.
  6. Tsukimonogatari – This one unfolds the tale of the Yotsugi Doll.
  7. Owarimonogatari (The First Season) – This one talks about the Ougi Formula and the entire line of Sodachi stories. This includes the Sodachi Riddle, Lost as well as the Shinobu Mail tales.
  8. Koyomimonogatari – This one comes with twelve different short stories detailing about Koyomi.
  9. Owarimonogatari (The Second Season) – Unfolds the tale of the Hitagi Rendezvois, the dark stories of Ougi and the story of Arargi Koyomi. There’s also one more story that we aren’t mentioning to avoid spoilers.
  10. Zoku Owarimonogatari – While this was initially released as a movie, it was moved to a 6-episode screening by 2019. It unfolds the Koyomi Reverse story.

What is Kizumonogatari? Should You Watch It?

Kizumonogatari is a short prequel detailing how the Monogatari series actually evolved. Many people have different opinions on when this series should be watched. So here are a couple of options for you:

  • Before Bakemonogatari – Here, the author of the light novel stated that watching a prequel before the main series is certainly a great way to experience it, but it still not the best way to watch a series. The factor that can repel some people is that the style and the narrative of the movie isn’t the same as the original series. According to some people, it does not catch the essence of the real series.
  • Between Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari – According to the author, this is the best spot for watching Kizumonogatari. Since you will have a decent amount of information about Kizu and his world, you can always watch this after Bakemonogatari. This will also clear up things for you, helping you grasp the details better.
  • Between Koyomimonogatari and Owarimonogatari (Season 2) – This is the airing order of the series and also a great way to watch it. That said, it is important to note that it breaks two major story arcs. However, if you are binge-watching the series, it can be a great way to watch it in this pattern.
  • Between Owarimonogatari and Koyomimonogatari – This is a small compromise to the original airing order. It doesn’t separate or distinguish the story arcs and offers you a more cohesive experience. Both the author and several anime enthusiasts recommend you to watch the series in this pattern.

While the series is incredibly interesting, its biggest highlight lies in the fact that it has multiple stories to unfold in one single universe. This factor alone offers plenty of re-watch value to the series. We would suggest you watch this chronologically if you are already familiar with what happens. For first-timers, our previous list should work best. If you are an advanced fan and are looking to go by the chronology, here’s how you should watch it.


Monogatari Watch Order: Chronological Order For Advanced Fans

For some fans that are more experienced with watching anime, we put together another chronological order that you may want to consider watching for the Monogatari series.

  1. Kizumonogatari
  2. Nekomonogatari: Kuro
  3. Bakemonogatari
  4. Nisemonogatari
  5. Monogatari Series – Mayoi Jiangshi
  6. Monogatari Series – Shinobu Time
  7. Owarimonogatari (Season 1 ) – Shinobu Mail
  8. Monogatari Series – Tsubasa Tiger
  9. Owarimonogatari (Season 1) – Ougi Formula, Sodachi Riddle and Lost
  10. Nadeko Medusa and Hitagi End – Monogatari Series
  11. Tsukimonogatari
  12. Owarimonogatari (Season 2)
  13. Zoku Owari Monogatari
  14. Hanamonogatari
  15. Koyomimonogatari

We are confident that this information will help both experienced and newbie fans to watch Monogatari series. The Monogatari watch order will surely enhance your experience and help you grab the truest essence to the series.

We’ve made this order considering inputs from both fans and veterans, we are sure you will have a great experience watching it.

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