The Irregular At Magic High School Season 2 Release Date

Are you curious when The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 release date is? Stick around as we talk about the status of season two and when it’s coming out. We will also give you some background about the anime to get you all caught up.

Now, about 5 years after the end of its first season. Fans of this popular fantasy anime series will soon have something to celebrate. As producers of the show finally identified that the “The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2” will be released soon.

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Is The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 Really Coming?

Will there really be a season two for the series? The obvious answer is, of course, YES, and it has already been confirmed by the producers themselves.

In as early as 2015, Madhouse Studio has already confirmed the second season of “The Irregular at Magic High School.” However, after that, no news about the second installment followed. Originally, as rumors claim, the second season is expected to be released in 2017, which did not happen.

This has pushed many fans to believe that works on The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Calls The Stars may have delayed the second season for some time.

It is not until Sunday, Oct 6, 2019, that fans were once again given an update about the progress of the much-awaited season. On the said date, the official website of the series released a series of announcements. Announcing the release of “The Irregular At Magic High School Season 2” sometime in 2020.

According to the site, Risako Yoshida will direct the anime at 8-Bit. While Kana Ishida will take on the role as the character designer and Taku Iwasaki will compose the series’ music. The upcoming season will also cover volumes 9 to 11 of the anime’s original light novel series. This will focus on the Visitor arc of the novel. Which follows the adventures of the magician siblings as they meet Angelina Kudou Shields. The world’s most powerful magician.

Nakamura Yuichi, Hayami Saori, and Hikasa Youko will also remain to be the voice actors of Shiba Tatsuya, Shiba Miyuki, and Angelina Kudou Shields respectively.

Watch The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 Trailer

The announcement of the second season came complete with a teaser, a key visual featuring Tatsuya, Miyuki, and Angelina, and crew introductions.

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When is The Irregular At Magic High School Season 2 Release Date?

Although the producers seem to be confident that the series will air in 2020. Madhouse hasn’t announced an exact air date yet. This leaves the fans to rely primarily on a few claims and guesses from different anime blogs and news sites.

Online news outlet Econotimes, for instance, estimates that the second installment is likely to be released in the summer or fall of 2020.

“Fans will have to be more patient as they wait for other details on the “The Irregular At Magic High School” season 2’s specific release date. But since the first season is set for a rebroadcast in early 2020. The anime series sequel will likely premiere in summer or fall of next year,” it wrote.

What to Expect in Season 2?

Shortly after the year announcement of season two. “The Irregular at Magic High School” light novel series’ author, Tsutomu Sato, shared his expectations about the upcoming second anime installment.

“Production of the ‘Visitor Arc’ anime is decided. I think many people were surprised by this news. I was also surprised when I heard it for the first time. I had thought that ‘The Girl Who Calls the Stars’ film was the last one in The Irregular at Magic High School’s anime adaptation project. So I am especially happy that we will show the activities of Tatsuya, Miyuki, and their friends in the anime once again. Also, I feel lucky that we will be able to introduce Lina (Angelina Kudou Shields), who made a sudden appearance in the film, including her character’s background,” he commented.

In early September, Japanese media conglomerate Kadokawa announced that the light novel series has printed a total of 10 million copies. With the rollout of its latest 30th volume on September 10, 2019. This highlights the continued support of fans and the obvious impact the series has achieved ever since its first release. To date, thousands of fans all over the globe continue to wait patiently for the come back of the series to the small screen.

“In contrast to the previous ‘Enrollment Arc,’ ‘Nine School Competition Arc,’ and ‘Yokohama Disturbance Arc,” this ‘Visitor Arc’ includes strong occult elements, but I am confident that viewers will enjoy it more than the previous arcs. The highlight of ‘Visitor Arc’ is not big destruction like the one happened in ‘Yokohama Disturbance Arc,’ but the team play supported by friendship (a part of it is love). Please look forward to seeing the power of the young characters’ bond,” Sato added.

Could there be a more satisfying plot development other than seeing a belittled protagonist? Blowing up the mind of everyone as he unleashes his true monstrous abilities? From “One piece,” “Haikyuu,” “Mob Psycho,” “Black Clover,” toMy Hero Academia”. There is a lot of anime series that feature underestimated protagonists who hide their true unparalleled potentials.

Under this same plot arrangement, one particular anime, titled “The Irregular at Magic High School,” has managed to leave a mark in the public consciousness. With its remarkable set of characters and exciting storyline.

A Brief Recap: What is The Irregular At Magic High School Story About?

Set in a world where magic has become a systematized technology. The series follows the story of two extraordinary siblings: Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba. Upon enrolling in magic school, Miyuki has been accepted to the first course called “Blooms”. A special class reserved for high-caliber students. Tatsuya, the older brother, on the other hand, was placed in the inferior course called “Weeds”. Due to his carelessness during the exam. Discriminated and belittled by his schoolmates. No one knew that Tatsuya possesses above-average technical knowledge, physical combat capabilities, and unique magic techniques. That far exceed even his sister’s – granting him the title “the irregular at magic school.”

First published as a light novel series. Written by Tsutomu Sato and illustrated by Kana Ishida, “The Irregular at Magic High School” promises an action-packed, hilarious, and absorbing plotline. In 2013, each arc of the light novel has been adapted into different manga series. Illustrated and produced by various artists. Just a year later, Madhouse, a popular Japanese animation studio, adapted the story into a TV anime series with 26 episodes. The series was first aired on April 6, 2014, and ran until September 28, 2014.

About three years later, fans were blessed with a sequel film titled “The Irregular At Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Calls The Stars.” The film continues where the first season ended. In the movie, Tatsuya and Miyuki have finished their first year at first magic high school. And is set to enjoy their spring break on a villa on the Ogasawara Island archipelago. From there, they met a young girl named Kokoa, who has escaped an experimental lab at the Naval base.


Can’t wait to watch the continuation of Tsutomu Sato’s light novel? With the announcement of the series’ second season, fans are getting even more hyped up as to what awaits them in 2020. Be sure to not miss out on the upcoming updates about The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 release date!

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