Who is Kenpachi Zaraki in Anime Series Bleach?

One of the most popular characters of the TV series Bleach is Kenpachi Zaraki. Throughout the series, he has been shown as a strong, feisty and incredibly brave character. In this article, we will talk about Kenpachi Zaraki and his history in the show. Here, you will also get to know some unique trivia about him as well.

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Who is Kanpachi Zaraki?

Kenpachi Zaraki belongs to the Soul Tribe. He holds the position of captain in the 11th Division of the Gotei 13. As you’d already guess; he stands out as the eleventh captain for holding this lofty position. The first lieutenant of Kenpachi was Yachiru Kusaiishi, and currently, Ikkaku Madarme holds the position of lieutenant in his army.

What Does Kenpachi Zaraki Look Like?

Kenpachi is tall and extremely handsome with distinctive facial features. His appearance is wild and aggressive, and it perfectly syncs with his personality. When you come across him for the first time, you’d be blown away by his long face and defined cheekbones. His brow-ridges are fully hairless, further adding to his charm.

One of the most attractive physical features of Kenpachi is his green eyes, and long, black hair. A defining trait of his appearance is the long scar that runs across his face touching his left eye. This was inflicted on him by Retsu Unohana when he was barely a child.

While the basic Shinigami uniform is a part of his daily attire. You will also find him wearing bandages along the midsection. At times, he is also seen in a sleeveless captain’s haori that has a tattered and rugged appeal to it. This haori initially belonged to the captain prior to him, and Kenpachi Zaraki came to own it after defeating him.

Kenpachi also has a unique hairstyle. You’ll find him styling the hair in fully stiff strands while taking a bath. At this time, he also attaches tiny bells along with the tips and wears a special kind of eyepatch on his right eye.

When he waged a war with Ichigo for the first time, this eyepatch was a tad more elegant with a golden lining and a chain on the straps. You will also find him wearing black choker necklaces in certain instances. Eventually, he’ll remove the choker and render normal straps to the eyepatch.

Almost 17 months after being defeated by Aizen, Kenpachi has grown his hair a long way past his shoulders. He doesn’t wear the bells in his hair anymore. Interestingly, here, he once again changes the design of his eyepatch. Currently, he only wears a single patch that covers the right eye. This is a black eyepatch with a greyish outline.

What is Kenpachi Zaraki’s Personality Like?

Although Kenpachi is a violent fighter, his actions are always for the best! He thrives for battles and loves a great fight more than everything else. At times you’ll also see him holding back, but he only does this for lasting longer in the fight.

Although Kenpachi has a brutal tendency, he will immediately stop a fight if his enemy or opponent have hurt themselves and do not have the requisite power of fighting back. He is, however, fully unhinged in killing those opponents who are not willing to be subservient to him.

One unique aspect of his personality is that he takes his title of ‘Kenpachi’ extremely seriously and is looking to reach any extent in preserving it.

There are multiple occasions here Kenpachi has been fully respectful to the people who defeated him in a fight. He is always looking to push his own boundaries and therefore is extremely respectful towards people who help him achieve that.

After Ichigo Kurosaki defeated him in a grand battle, Kenpachi is deemed to be a latter member of the division. And despite Ichigo refusing to engage in a similar match, he considers him to be his friend. Kenpachi has expressed his desire for rematch every time he met Ichigo. He has also assisted Ichigo while fighting Bount assuming that it will make him stronger for their eventual fight.

Kenpachi is also extremely respectful towards Unohana. She is the only person he truly admires as she is the one who introduced him to the thrills of battle. He always acknowledges that he and Unohana have shared traits and is almost on the verge of breaking down when he feels that he can’t defeat her before his death. When he inadvertently killed Unohana, he screamed and begged, asking her not to die.

At times you’ll see Kenpachi contradicting his own logic in the middle of a battle. In certain cases, he expresses his desire to boost his inherent personal power. In other situations, you will find him concealing his strength to enjoy the battle as long as he desires.

It is, however, important to note that although Kenpachi lives for a battle, he also has some true, genuine emotions. Kenpachi has been close to Yachiru, his lieutenant, from the time he met her. Since their earliest days, they share a father-daughter relationship. Therefore, Yachiru is one of those few individuals that Kenpachi still cares for.

Overall, Kenpachi is a strong, brave, feisty and emotional character. While he is stern most of the times, he knows how to have fun and enjoy his life.


What Is The Origin Of His Name?

Kenpachi doesn’t have any name for the longest time he can remember. He, therefore, chose to assume the name of his district known by the name of Zaraki. This district was a lawless region, and it was perhaps the reason why he was so insistent about restoring order and peace during the later years of his life.

Kenpachi also has personal baggage regarding his name. While fighting with Ichigo, he shares his pain of not having any name of his own. He tells him how he lived the first few years of his life without any name. This also makes him assume guilt as his sword doesn’t come acknowledged with his name.

Bottom Line

Now that you know everything about Kenpachi, his name, personality, and appearance, what are you waiting for? Watch the episodes of Bleach to know better about Kenpachi Zaraki.

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