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List of Kimetsu No Yaiba Characters

Kimetsu No Yaiba is set in the Taisho Period in Japan, which spans from 1912 to 1926. During this time, townspeople have been telling stories about demons who consume humans when night falls. According to folktales, a demon slayer hunts down these creatures and killing them.

Titled Demon Slayer in English, the anime follows the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a boy whose father died, leaving him responsible for taking care of his family. In some twist of fate, Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko became entangled with demons and a mysterious organization called Demon Slaying Corps. Our protagonist joins the group to protect Nezuko, his only remaining family member.

In his journey of revenge and redemption, Tanjiro meets a whole slew of characters that can either help or impair his ability to fulfill his promise.

Why Fans Love Kimetsu No Yaiba

Before we go to the list of the characters in this anime, you might be curious why this series became big in the anime community. Here are just some of the reasons why fans love Kimetsu No Yaiba.

  • The Story

For many fans, the story of revenge and adventure lends familiarity to the anime. As the plot is familiar and recognizable, it is easy to get into the groove of watching the show. The anime is also popular for offering a unique setting and backstory for its characters, making them one-of-a-kind while giving a sense of relatability to them.

Aside from the plot and relatable character background, the storytelling of the series also offers something new for anime fans. Unlike epic animated shows such as Dragon Ball, which take a few episodes to complete one battle, Demon Slayer is considered fast-paced by many anime fans.

  • The Animation

Fans have also taken a liking to the animation of Kimetsu No Yaiba, especially as it features beautifully animated scenes. With almost realistic depictions of fire to the fluid movement of characters that are most notable during fight scenes, this show definitely deserves the attention it is getting.

  • The Characters

All stories come to life because of the characters that live it. The same principle is true for Demon Slayer as its characters certainly bring the story to life. From the kind-hearted Tanjiro and his transformed sister Nezuko to the people they met along the way, this show gives viewers characters they can relate to in one way or another.

Introducing: The Characters of Kimetsu No Yaiba

If you are a fan of the series, you definitely understand the hype surrounding the show and its characters. However, new fans might need a brief introduction of the characters to give them an idea of what the hype is all about. Tread carefully, though, as these descriptions can contain spoilers.

Main Characters

  • Tanjiro Kamado

As the protagonist, the story revolves around Tanjiro, a boy who has always been described as having kind eyes and heart. Tanjiro has been subjected to various heartaches at his young age. From the death of his father and picking up the responsibility of supporting his family to coming home to his slaughtered family save for his sister, this character has definitely lived a tragic life.

His motivations are solely driven by revenge and love. With his entire family dead except for his sister, who was transformed into a flesh-eating demon, the boy seeks to exact revenge on the creatures that did this. Along with his desire to avenge his family, he is also driven by his love for his sister. In fact, he went on a journey to find a way to bring back Nezuko’s humanity.

Tanjiro has an acute sense of smell, which makes him a great demon slayer. He is able to detect the weaknesses of the creatures, allowing him to hit them where it hurts.

  • Nezuko Kamado

Another main character is Nezuko Kamado, Tanjiro’s sister. Nezuko was a gentle and responsible daughter and sister before the attack. After the demon slaughtered their family, Nezuko was miraculously left alive but was transformed into a demon when demon blood entered her bloodstream through an open wound.

The best thing about this character is that she still has a sliver of humanity even after being transformed into a demon. Nezuko never harmed her brother and other humans even as a demon. In fact, she remained protective of them, showing that her humanity prevails despite the transformation.

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu met our protagonist as they both joined the Demon Slayer Corps. Like Tanjiro, Zenitsu has a special ability, which manifests in his sense of hearing. He is able to identify a wide variety of sounds, where they come from and who made them.

Despite this, a relatable aspect of this character is his self-doubt. From making self-deprecating jokes to straight-up acting cowardly, this young slayer often thinks that he is inferior to other members of the Corps. However, he is actually a powerful individual, especially when he uses his ability when fighting. The thing, he is not even aware of this as he fights better when unconscious or asleep.

  • Inosuke Hashibira

Throwing in another quirky character into the mix, Inosuke carries the confidence aspect of the group. He joined the group at the same time as Tanjiro and Zenitsu. Known as a very aggressive boy, he is overly confident, reckless and bull-headed. Funnily enough, he always wears a wild-boar mask.

Inosuke raised himself up in the mountain. Without guidance, he was able to develop his sense of touch, giving him an ability similar to Tanjiro and Zenitsu. He has an acute sense of touch, giving him the ability to sense anything in his vicinity, even when he cannot see them.

Secondary Characters

  • Giyu Tomioka – Giyu recruited Tanjiro when he saw his motives and potentials. Known to be austere and mysterious, he is regarded as the group’s best slayers.
  • Sakonki Urokodaki – This goblin mask-wearing man is quite the fighter as he trains prospective swordsmen of the Corps.
  • Sabito – Sabito is an orphan who was adopted and raised by Urokodaki. He effortlessly wields swords, as he was raised by the swordmaster himself.
  • Makomo – Another orphan raised by Urokodaki, Makomo gives off a peculiar vibe. She is regarded as a competent candidate for the Corps.
  • Tamayo – Tamayo is a doctor who helped Tanjiro with his goal to save Nazuko. She is also a demon who retained her humanity.
  • Yushiro – Another demon, Yushiro is loyal to Tamayo and is willing to go through lengths to help her.
  • Hotaru Haganezuka – The Corps’ swordsmith, he is a skilled craftsman with a bad temper.
  • Aside from the main and secondary characters, the show features a whole lot of casts. In fact, our protagonist meets and works with many of them, including the rest of the Hashira and other members of the Corps. Tanjiro also meets other demons whom he fights and defeats.

Kimetsu No Yaiba is one of the most celebrated animated shows in recent years. With its interesting story, superb animation and relatable characters, it is never a question of whether or not you will be hooked, but when and how. So, if you have not seen this show yet, then go ahead and discover what Demon Slayer has to offer and become one of its many fans across the globe.

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