Is Knights of Sidonia Season 3 Coming Soon?

If you just finished watching season 2, then there is a good chance you’ve found this post because you’re looking for the status of Knights of Sidonia season 3 release date. Well, stick around as you’re in the right place as we talk about season 3 and some additional details about this anime show.

From Astro Boy, Neon Genesis Evangelion, to Gundam, there comes a broad range of mecha anime series that have gained the heart of many.

Although the genre’s popularity seems to be waning as of late. It is no denying that many anime enthusiasts still find interest in stories involving robots, cyborgs, androids, and space stations. With this, it is no wonder that many were quickly captivated when Netflix released its first original anime series “Knights of Sidonia.”

Since the launch of the series, fans have been eagerly awaiting the third season of the show to be released. Let’s talk about what we know so far…

Knights of Sidonia Season 3 Release Date

Although it has been three years since the second season of Knights of Sidonia. Fans have never been more thrilled and excited when manga creator Tsutomu Nihei, along with the anime’s co-director, Hiroyuki Seshita, discussed the possibility of a third season of the series. During the Comic Con International held in San Diego in 2016.

About a year later, fans were met with yet another positive update. When news broke out saying that the anime’s director, Hiroyuki Seshita, announced the production of the third season of the series during the International Animated Film Festival and Market (MIFA).

“Hiroyuki Seshita announced the production of the sequel to the movie Blame! and a third season for the animated Knights of Sidonia,” tweeted Bastien Guetta, vice-president of Crunchyroll France and was one of the event’s attendees.

Given the number of hints brought by the people behind the series for the last years. Many fans are expecting that the third season of the franchise could drop anytime. In fact, according to many anime sites, the most probable release date of the third season could be sometime in 2020. Given that the production possibly began in 2017.

In a post published in Trinikid, for instance, writer Kritica Sinha guessed that season 3 is likely to be released between April or May of 2020.

“One thing is for sure is that whenever the series is released it will come first in Japan before it comes to Netflix. Going with when the anime season starts – it is either in around April or May,” the post wrote. “The moment the full season is aired in Japan, fans will be able to watch it on Netflix within weeks. Since the third season has yet to premiere in Japan then our next best guess is summer 2020.”

To date, even though no release date has been announced by the Polygon Pictures. Many fans and anime sites believe that the third season of the series will soon come to light earlier than expected.

Knights of Sidonia Season 3: How Many Episodes to Expect

It is no secret that the timeline of the anime version of Knights of Sidonia was made differently from its manga. However, despite this inconsistency, the remaining source material of the Knights of Sidonia stands closely to its anime adaptation. Meaning producers have enough material to make another season right away.

“In some ways, the anime deviates from the comic books, but only when it comes to the chronology of events. Ultimately, the anime still features the same content from the manga,” wrote Christian Post.

Over the last 2 seasons, the Knights of Sidonia is said to have covered about 43 of the 78 chapters of the manga. To date, many speculate that the next season of Knights of Sidonia is likely to cover 12 to 14 Chapters. With some predicting that it may even be longer than the first two seasons.

Given that the final chapter of Season 2 ended in Volume 15. There remain to be six and a half volumes that need to be translated into the anime – a number that is. According to many anime fans, relatively impossible to be covered within just 12 episodes.

Coming from this, many believe that the third season may take on a total of 24 episodes. Or if not, is likely to be followed by the fourth season of the franchise.

What Awaits in the Story … [SPOILERS AHEAD!]

Since there remain to be six and a half volumes that need to be translated into the anime. Manga readers are now equipped with enough knowledge about what will happen in the third season.

“Without giving away too much, Knights of Sidonia Season 3 will cover the story of Kanata, the young chimera’s efforts to understand humanity, and Ochiai’s plans for a second insurrection,” wrote online news and media website Inquisitr. “However, the overarching story arc focuses on the space battle finale against the Large Mass Union Ship, a tremendous amalgamation of Gauna resembling a jellyfish that is hundreds of kilometers wide. An attack against such a behemoth would have normally been impossible, but the development of the Graviton Radiation Emitter causes Captain Kobayashi to plan a full-out assault.”

To date, although there is not much news on the coming of the anime’s third season, many blog sites and fan threads hint that the current flow of the manga promises an action-packed, moving, and mind-boggling content for the much-awaited third season.

“[T]he large-scale battle for the planet Lem-VII and the confrontation between Nagate and Ochiai will take center stage. Humanity will sacrifice many lives to finally find peace, with even the main characters dying. Knights of Sidonia Season 3 should end with a bang regardless of how many manga chapters the anime covers, but the real question is whether the story will diverge from the source material,” Inquisitr added.

Knights of Sidonia Synopsis

If you’re new to the Knights of Sidonia anime series, then check out the Netflix trailer of the show’s debut and read the short synopsis below.

Set in the year 3394, the story of Knights of Sidonia happens after Earth was destroyed by shape-shifting aliens known as the Guana. In their attempt to survive, mankind created hundreds of massive ships. That will take them into the next liveable planet and escape from the terrorizing power of the extra-terrestrial destroyers.

Thousands of years later, as the series begins, the story now focuses on Sidonia. The only known remaining ship with possibly the last remnants of humanity aboard. Unknown to those who live in the Sidonia, an enigmatic boy by the name of Nagate Tanikaze lives in the underground layer of the ship ever since he was born. After his grandfather’s death, Nagate was soon found by the rest of the population. Gifted with unparalleled talent and remarkable combat skills. He was later selected to become the Guardian pilot of Sidonia who will fight for the survival of mankind against the merciless Guanas.

First published on April 25, 2009, by Tsutomu Nihei. Knights of Sidonia is a remarkable dark, post-apocalyptic mecha series that is sure to bring you into a world of gloom and terror. In 2014, it was adapted into a Netflix original anime series and was renewed for a second season in 2015. Two years later, it was confirmed that a third season of the series will be happening. However, since then, not much information has been released about the much-awaited season.

If you’re one among the many who patiently waits for the comeback of this remarkable anime, then we’ve provided as much info we know about the release of Knights of Sidonia Season 3.


Excited to know what awaits to Nagate Tanikaze and his team as they struggle for survival? Although it’s been three years since fans last saw the Knights of Sidonia Season 2. Available hints of this anime series provided by the creators undoubtedly suggest that the third season can be sooner than expected. Check back often as we will update this post once we know more about the Knights of Sidonia season 3 release date.

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