Where To Watch Koe No Katachi Full Movie?

Koe no Katachi Movie

Are you looking for places online to watch Koe No Katachi full movie (aka A Silent Voice)? Don’t worry you’ve come to the right place as we share several websites that you can stream or download the anime movie.

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This award-winning movie has been well received by the critics and anime fans. The movie deals with thought-provoking and sensitive topics, but the storytelling puts it together in a way that is engaging and entertaining. The movie is available in English dubbed and subtitles so it’s perfect for any type of viewer.

So let’s get to it and share with you a list of the top places that you can watch Koe No Katachi.

Where to Watch Koe No Katachi Full Movie (A Silent Voice)

If you want to watch the Koe No Katachi full movie aka “A Silent Voice” online with English subtitles or English dubbed… here are a couple of places for you:

1. Netflix

If you have a subscription, then good news you can stream A Silent Voice on Netflix and watch it online on any device that you have the Netflix app installed.

2. Amazon Prime

Another big platform that offers anime online is Amazon Prime. You can watch Koe No Katachi Full Movie on Amazon Prime. If you don’t have a subscription to Amazon Prime then you can buy the movie for $12.99 for HD quality.

3. Vudu

The third platform where you can watch A Silent Voice movie is on VUDU. Vudu offers Koe No Katachi in English Sub. The video quality is very good and compares well to platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

4. Google Play

The fourth in the list is Google Play. If you don’t have access to Netflix and are not familiar with the other platforms, then another good choice is Google Play. You can watch the Koe No Katachi Full Movie here as well with English subtitles.

5. YouTube

YouTube is a popular platform to watch anime because fans oftentimes upload videos and movies for free. But due to copyright issues, they are often taken down after a period of time. You can stream the Koe No Katachi Full Movie on YouTube.

6. iTunes

The last list on this list is Itunes. The A Silent Voice movie is available to rent for just $5.99 or you can buy it for $24.99. If you have an Apple device then this option is a good fit for you.

A Silent Voice Movie Trailer

Did you come across this post by accident and not sure what the movie is about? No problem we have the official A Silent Voice trailer for you to watch.

What is Koe No Katachi About

In the past few years, we have seen the emergence of various heartwarming and excellently made animated films not only from Hollywood but also from other countries. Japan, in particular, seems to be taking the spotlight with titles such as Your Name, In this Corner of the World and of course, Studio Ghibli films. For many anime fans, Koe no Katachi or “A Silent Voice” is a great addition to these critically acclaimed titles.

Read on to find out why.

Why You Should Watch Koe No Katachi

It was Originally a Manga: One important thing you should know before watching this motion picture is that it is an adaptation of the original manga of the same name written by Yoshitoki Ohima. This manga is critically acclaimed because of its socially aware themes of disability and bullying. Yoshitoki entered the one-shot manga to several magazine competitions where she won first place.

It Rated 94% on the Tomatometer: Upon the animated film’s release worldwide, it garnered a whopping 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer where it only got 2 Rotten ratings out of 33 reviews. It also got a 92% Audience Score, making it a highly rated movie on the site.

It Offers Disability Representation: The most important asset of the movie is its fearless take on disability and bullying. While still a love story, it narrates the experiences of Shouko Nishimiya, a girl who has serious hearing loss. This is a solid move as it allows children and adults with the same disability to feel represented in media, making them know that they are not alone.

The English Dub Actress for Shouko is Actually Deaf: The movie’s international release not only came with English subtitles but also voice dubs. If you think that the voice acting was done well, you will be more impressed to know that the actress of Shouko has the same disability as her. Lexi Cowden (of Glee fame) is a hearing-impaired actress who is fluent in American Sign Language. She was also named Miss Deaf Cal State Northridge and Miss Deaf California. The best thing is, she was part of the cheerleading squad in high school and was a trained dancer since she was a toddler. Perhaps the success of the film’s English dub can be attributed to the authenticity of the voice acting. After all, sharing the same condition as Shouko definitely helped Cowden relate to the character.

The Narrative is Amazing: Aside from the representation, the movie ultimately is a journey of self-discovery and change. The movie follows Shouko and male lead character Shouya Ishida, through their introduction, reparation, and reunion. The thing is, we see these two characters evolve in just a span of a movie.

It Has Amazing Accolades Under its Belt: As an anime enthusiast, you know that anime movies can definitely compete across the globe. Well, A Silent Voice definitely has the potential to win over global movie viewers. The movie has won several awards in its home country as well as in its international release. Fans of the motion picture even had high hopes for it in the Academy Awards. However, the Oscars snubbed A Silent Voice in favor of Boss Baby, causing outrage among fans.

A Silent Voice Movie Awards:


  • 2016 Japanese Movie Critics Awards for Best Animation Feature Film
  • 2nd Placer at 2017 Newtype Anime Awards for Best Anime Movie
  • 2017 Tokyo Anime Awards Festival for Anime of the Year
  • 2017 Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Award for Animation Division
  • 2017 Japanese Movie Critics Award for Best Animation
  • 2017 Camera Japan Festival for Feature Film
  • 2018 Behind the Voice Actors Awards for Best Female Vocal Performance in
    an Anime Feature/ Special in a Supporting Role
  • 2018 Behind the Voice Actors Awards for Best Male Lead Vocal Performance
    in an Anime Feature/ Special


  • 2016 Mainichi Film Award for Best Animation Film
  • 2017 Japanese Academy Award for Excellent Animation Film of the Year
  • 2017 ComicBook Golden Issue for Best Anime Film
  • 2017 Festival d’Animation Annecy for Feature Film
  • 2017 Asia Pacific Screen Awards for Best Animated Feature Film
  • 2017 Sitges Film Festival for Best Animated Film
  • 2017 Anime International Animation Film Festival for Feature Film
  • 2018 The Anime Awards for Best Movie
  • 2018 The Anime Awards for Best Animation
  • 2018 Monstra Lisbon Animated Film Festival

Wrapping Up

Anime fans around the world definitely appreciate what Koe no Katachi has done not only for the animated movie industry but also for individuals with disabilities and those looking to turn their lives around. Now that we have answered the question of where you can watch Koe No Katachi full movie you should do yourself a favor and check it out. If you have trouble finding the movie in the US then be sure to search for its other name “A Silent Voice” movie as well.