Why You Should Watch My Hero Academia Season 3

My Hero Academia, otherwise known as Boku no Hero Academia to anime enthusiasts, continues to achieve ground-breaking success since its onscreen debut last 2016.  The initial run of the anime television series became popular not just with Japanese fans in the country, but also with other Asian and North American audiences around the globe. As a matter of fact, the series became so popular that the characters were reportedly used to promote Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War.

The partnership between these two studios not only highlighted the characters of the Marvel universe but also conveyed the similarities of the heroes in the superhero movie and the characters found in this show.

MHA has gotten so big and well-loved in various countries that the show continues to air until today. Producers, directors, and writers are constantly improving the storyline to give the viewers something to look forward to. In 53 days, the fourth season is slated to be released to the public, so getting acquainted with My Hero Academia Season 3 is a must. Besides catching up on all the latest happenings, you can prepare just in time for the fourth season this coming October 12, 2019.

Before we dive right in and give you the highlights of this season’s happening, let us take a look at the show’s plot and a recap of the previous season.

My Hero Academia Plot

Boku no Hero Academia follows the journey of Izuku Midoriya and his aspirations of becoming a Hero. Taking on a modern-day approach, the story starts by showing the world existing alongside individuals called Quirks who are blessed with superpowers. Unfortunately, Izuku has not been given his special power, resulting in constant taunts and bouts of bullying from his schoolmates.

Despite lacking special powers and skills, Izuku remains steadfast in his goals of attaining hero status. As he soldiers on with his journey, Izuku decides to save the life of one of his tormentors, garnering the respect of All Might, the legendary Hero of Japan. Upon witnessing the young boy’s bravery, All Might imparts his special power called “One for All.”

Now newly equipped with skills and powers, Izuku must navigate his way through U.A. High School, a special educational facility that hones the next generation of superheroes. However, Izuku and his friends must successfully defeat the series of challenges that come their way, including All For One, All Might’s archrival.

Looking Back on My Hero Academia Season 2

The second season jumps off with U.A. High School’s very own Sports Festival, which showcases the Quirks of the students. Here, a series of activities and challenges demonstrate the students’ unique skillset. Season 2 of the anime also witnessed the students’ internship with their respective mentors, where Izuku learned more about his power and All Might.

Students also went off to take their final exams, allowing their Quirks test its limits. The last episode showed two unnamed characters who expressed their desire to join the League of Villains.

Highlights My Hero Academia Season 3

Now that you know what happened in the second season, you might want to catch up on what happens in the third installment. However, to avoid giving all the key details away and spoiling the whole show, here are highlights you can bank on.

  • The class meets The Pussycats, the professional Hero Team
  • Izuku’s class continue their training in preparation for the attack of the League of Villains
  • All Might fight with All For One
  • Students’ capabilities are constantly tested
  • Fights ensue between fellow students, causing them to recognize their strengths and loyalties
  • The League of Villains widen their network and hatch future plans

With the fourth installment coming soon, watching this series and the third season will certainly allow you to catch up with all your favorite characters. Not to mention, you can finally see the progress each one of these individuals has made over time.

Since you are still going to watch installment 3 of the show, we took it easy on you and held out on providing spoilers.

Key Takeaways from the Show’s Third Installment

  • Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes

Everyone has their own set of flaws and shortcomings, and the anime series is not one to shy away from tackling these sensitive issues. If you watch closely, you might observe Todoroki nurses a deep hatred for his father and Inasa, in the same way Endeavor lusted after the strength and power of All Might.

At the same time, while All Might is portrayed as a seemingly powerful being, his flaws of going beyond his means and torturing himself in the process showed the negative impact it had on others.

As a person navigating life and the challenges that come with it, so should you forge your own path rather than merely copying the established way of others. Take a cue from Bakugo and tackle problems with your own set of abilities.

  • Boys Do Cry

My Hero Academia Season 3 is emotionally charged. It allowed characters such as Izuku to own up to their emotions and to recognize that their feelings are valid. Strangely enough, Izuku’s emotional honesty urged his peers to come to terms with their situation, and ultimately mature as characters and as part of the group.

Why My Hero Academia is Worth Watching

For anime fans, watching a new series is nothing out of the ordinary. However, for those who are new to the scene, the show is worth a try primarily because it has a great message at its core. While you may be hooked with the underdog angle and Izuku’s struggles, you will definitely stay for the engaging storyline.

Another reason that makes the show worthy of your time and attention is that the characters showcase unique skills and powers that make their strong and powerful in their own way. In a way, the animated series is an origins story. Most of the kids blessed with superpowers are still coming to terms with what they could do, with each one being tested and pushed to their limits. As the story progresses, the characters rise above the challenges they face and come out stronger than ever before.

If that’s not enough to keep your eyes glued to your screens, we don’t know what will.


Where to Watch My Hero Academia Season 3

As avid viewers of the show, you can watch Boku no Hero Academia’s third season in numerous sites and platforms. The most common – and perhaps the most popular among the platforms – are Crunchyroll and Funimation. Here, you can stream the anime if you are from the United States.

Other platforms you can try your luck with include streaming service Hulu, which shows all 126 episodes available. This features the English dub version, giving you hassle-free viewing pleasure. Other episodes are also equipped with subtitles if you prefer that.

Amazon Prime Video also offers purchase options where you can buy the third installment for $2.99 per episode. At a low price, you can get high-quality and high definition videos available when you need it.

Watch the potential of Izuku and his friends unfold before your eyes by watching My Hero Academia Season 3 right away. In the end, you won’t want to miss out on these anime shows, not when the fourth season is coming.

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