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To date, the franchise has been produced and divided into three seasons. Which featured 9 of the 13 light novel volumes that have been released. Coming from this, it is no wonder that thousands of fans continue to wonder and wait for the coming of “Overlord Season 4” ever since the third season ended in 2018.

There have been rumors that a fourth season is on its way. Thus, fans all over the world are anxious of the release of the next installment in the dark fantasy anime series.

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Is Overlord Season 4 Really Coming?

Although there is no official announcement from Madhouse, (the producer of the series) concerning the release of Overlord’s fourth season. The fact that only 9 out of the 13 light novel volumes have already been covered by the anime proves that the production studio has sufficient material to work with. Thus, releasing a fourth season is highly possible.

Incidentally, a recent report coming from KSM Anime. A German publisher claimed that Overlord light novel creator Kugane Maruyama, along with illustrator so-bin and Overlord anime series scriptwriter Yukie Sugawara, has reportedly discussed the production of the Overlord 4 anime during the AnimagiC 2019 convention held at Germany.

“Incidentally, on Saturday at the Overlord panel, our guests of honor announced the fourth season of Overlord!” tweeted out KSM on August 4. “No more information at this time, though.”

Although this report has boosted the excitement of thousands of fans all over the globe. Other AnimagiC attendees, however, countered such claim. Saying Kugane Maruyama, so-bin, and Yukie Sugawara did not directly confirm a fourth season of the series.

“It’s claimed that when a fan asked about Overlord Season 4, Maruyama said he wouldn’t know anything about the anime production. When Sugawara took over the microphone, the scriptwriter simply said that it was “extremely likely” that Overlord Season 4 would be produced,” Monsters and Critics wrote.

“They also did not discuss whether or not animation studio Madhouse would be returning to produce Overlord Season 4,” the site added.

To date, despite the confusion on what really occurred during the AnimagiC, many still believe that fans haven’t seen the last of Overlord yet. And its season four is sure to come sooner or later.

When is the Overlord Season 4 Release Date?

Following KSM Anime’s big reveal, many fans of Overlord can’t help but ask the vital question: “When is the fourth season going to be released?”

Although there is no exact date or update from the producers yet. Many anime sites expect that season 4 is sure to arrive but may not be released anytime soon.

TV Overmind, for instance, argued that “there are various challenges that need to be overcome before it [the fourth season] can be made.” Among these hindrances include that fact that the Overlord light novels don’t completely follow chronological order while the anime version does.

According to the site, this means that “the people behind the Overlord anime can’t go about putting things into chronological order for their adaptation without having access to the source material that needs to be rearranged.”

The claim has been supported by Trinikid, another anime site. Which argued that if Madhouse decides to kickstart the anime’s fourth season now, chances are they won’t be left with much material and content to maintain a consistent installment.

“This wouldn’t be a good thing and might lead to a hiatus. Due to which a lot of good animes got canceled in previous years. Therefore, it is expected that Madhouse will wait for the light novel series to release two more volumes. Before releasing the fourth installment, and fans can expect the release in the fall of 2020 or early 2021,” Trinikid added.

What to Expect in Overlord Season 4?

“And the story goes on.”

Fans all over the world are confident that Season 4 of Overlord is sure to arrive. Since the anime has been following the manga story quite well, there already lies a set of new challenges and adventures waiting for the Overlord characters that have already been revealed to manga readers.

As hinted by the anime site Akanagi. The Season 4 of Overlord is likely, to begin with, Ainz handling issues concerning the decline of resources in his kingdom. After that, he is also set to plan and focus on advancing his Adventure Guilds into the next level.

“After finding the Sorcerer Kingdom. Ainz walked to the mayor’s hall to take over the throne of the fortress city E-Rantel,” the site wrote. “Along with Yuri and Albedo, Ainz proceeds into his new room to discuss some important problems. Also In the forthcoming season, Albedo attempts to express her feelings to his loved master.”

Moreover, different spoiler sites are revealing that Season 4 of Overlord will most probably present some previous scenes. And that other characters from the series will be meeting Ainz to update him about their progress in facing new challenges.

“Later in the light novel, Ainz finally gets an idea to turn his kingdom into a utopia, where all races kneel to him and honor him,” Akanagi site added.


How Many Episodes We Can Expect In Overlord Season 4?

Many anime sites believe that since the manga and the anime doesn’t follow the same arrangement, the most plausible way for Madhouse to continue the franchise is by producing Overlord season 4 with double-cour.

“In all of the past seasons, we have witnessed a single cour which is of 13 episodes. If Overlord season 4 is produced in a double cour we can expect probably around 25 episodes. But the disadvantage of this is that producing a two- cour will take a lot of time,” Squinoo.com wrote.

To date, since both the producers and creators haven’t confirmed the release of the series’ fourth franchise. Fans are only able to depend on the theories and claims of anime sites and co-fans in estimating the possible number of episodes for Overlord Season 4.

Overlord Top Anime in Isekai Genre

Surely, it is no denying that Isekai genre has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years. From Fushigi Yugi, Inuyasha, Sword Art Online, Re: Zero, to No Game No Life. The number of shows portraying protagonists being transported into another world continues to swell and entice viewers of all ages.

Under this genre, one particular series that has gained the attention of the public in recent times is none other than Overlord. Similar to other Isekai shows, Overlord originally begun as a light novel in 2010. Which later transformed into a manga series, and has been adopted into an anime in 2015. Following the story of Momonga, a high-level MMORPG player. After the game ends its service, finds himself trapped inside the game world. The series has managed to exhibit a fun, thrilling, and captivating storyline that had recruited thousands of fans all over the world.


Can’t wait to watch Overlord Season 4? We can’t blame you. Currently standing as one of the top Isekai anime series. Overlord continues to thrill and tease thousands of fans all over the globe despite the lack of confirmation regarding its fourth season.

Blending fantasy, adventure, comedy, and supernatural. This manga anime series is sure to surprise the anime realm and recruit thousands of additional fans once its much-awaited season four finally comes to light. When do you think the Overlord season 4 release date will be?

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