Top 7 Strongest Pokémon Characters Ever Ranked

Undoubtedly one of the most popular series (and game) around the world is Pokémon, taking only second place to the Mario Kart franchise. As a matter of fact, its popularity allowed the franchise to churn out numerous merchandise and games that captured the hearts and minds of many. In this article, we rank the strongest Pokemon characters from top to bottom.

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Strongest Pokémon Ranked from the Top

While Pikachu may be the star of the show, what with his cuteness and his electrifying power, there are other creatures that are infinitely stronger and more powerful than this little guy. Although it’s hard to pick the best among more than 800 characters, this list gives you the cream of the crop.

Take a look at this list and take a look at the ones the trainers prefer using in their battles.

1. Mewtwo

The top of the list goes to no one else but Mewtwo. Designed to be the strongest first generation of Pokémon, Mewtwo was specifically created to be the most destructive among Team Rocket’s roster. He was genetically cloned to become stronger than Mew. As a result of his laboratory engineering, Mewtwo emerged as a Pokémon with lighting speed and high attack statistics, alongside exceptional mind control abilities, thus earning the god-tier status because of his capabilities.

2. Arceus

Arceus may have to settle for second place, despite being dubbed as the god of Pokémon and the ultimate creator of these creatures. With its godlike status, Arceus has the ability to easily change and adapt the powers of other Pokémon types depending on the kind of plate its holding at the moment.

While Arceus bears no particular strength and is merely classified as a normal-type mythical Pokémon, it has a multitype ability that mirrors the strength and power of other creatures. However, when angered and pushed to its limited, Arceus goes on a killing spree and violently harms enemies. Touted as the ‘Original One,’ many traces the origins of the Pokémon universe back to this creature. In particular, Arceus is said to have created both Ransei and Sinnoh.

3. Giratina

Giratina deserves the third spot, coming right just after Arceus. As the original rival of Arceus, Giratina has a dual-type Legendary Pokémon status alongside its Dragon/Ghost status. Often considered as the spawn of Satan, its clawed form allows it to attack and crush its opponents. Moreover, it can also travel through dimensions and control his surroundings.

Known for being banished for its violence and past rampages, Giratina now lives on the reverse side of the world. Aptly so, because it is the only creature that truly mastered the art of Shadow Force, which allows the user to instantly vanish and retain powers, then reappearing to cause damage to the opponent.

4. Lugia

Bearing Legendary status and grouped into the same psychic Pokémon class as Mewtwo. Apart from mind control capabilities, it is also adept at flying. More than this, what sets this creature apart from the rest is its ability to create Pressure, thus moving the opponent to double its PP during battle.

With its gigantic size and flying powers, Lugia is able to destroy and blow down houses using only a single flap of its wings, as well as the aptitude to cause storms that will last for weeks and months at a time. It can also communicate via mental telepathy, much like Mewtwo.

However, despite being a powerful being, it is rarely seen as it prefers to stay hidden to enjoy its solitude.

5. Rayquaza

Considered a Legendary, Rayquaza can evolve into Mega status if powered The Dragon Ascent. Its powers are activated by consuming meteoroids as it flies through the sky. Often, it has the capacity to control both the density and the humidity of the air, thus controlling the weather and using it to its advantage.

With its Legendary status, Rayquaza serves at the mediator between Kyogre and Groudon. When it evolves to Mega status, it is designed to be as strong and powerful as Kyogre and Groudon’s primal forms combined.

6. Kyurem

Before the Night King from Game of Thrones existed, Kyurem set the standard for flash freezing all kinds of things with just one breath. Considered as the most powerful dragon-type Pokémon, Kyurem can easily change its type from ice to fire or electric depending on its opponent.

When it is not on its White Kyurem form, it may be found on its Black Kyurem type. The black side specializes in Teravolt abilities, meaning it can effectively deflect an opponent’s ability from affecting it. With its bulky size and colossal figure, the Kyurem Black will certainly be one to intimidate even with just a look.

7. Mega Diancie

Diancie may appear small and harmless because of its cute appearance. However, when it evolves to Mega Diancie status using Diancite. Under this frilly and princess-looking Pokémon lies an impressive mix of attacking capabilities together with high coverage attacks. With it’s signature move being Diamond Storm, this fairy-type creature surprisingly has the highest base attack among all fairy-type Pokémon. So, don’t be in such a rush to brush this one-off.

Pokemon Characters Origin

Undoubtedly one of the most popular series (and game) around the world is Pokémon, taking only second place to the Mario Kart franchise. As a matter of fact, its popularity allowed the franchise to churn out numerous merchandise and games that captured the hearts and minds of many. While Pokémon found its way in different types of media adaptation, each one of these remained true to what it really is about: collecting a variety of Pokémon types as well as finding the strongest Pokémon creature out there.

More than 20 years after its initial release on the Game Boy platform by Nintendo on February 27, 1996, the craze and love for this game is still going strong. Short for Pocket Monsters in Japan, the original game franchise evolved to mixed media adaptations, including television series, video games, mobile apps, trading cards, manga comics, live-action films, and many more.

Today, the Pokémon universe has taken all over the worlds, especially in parts of Southeast Asia and in North America. Perhaps the reason why it remains one of the most popular and beloved anime shows. Despite its two-decade existence is that its cultural implications and influence still ring true in these modern times.

Besides these, the success of the Pokémon franchise may largely be attributed to its extensive and inclusive universe which serves as avenues for both discussion and demonstration of knowledge. The names of the characters and creatures established a deeper connection with children and children at heart by lending a sense of identity and unity. Not to mention, the sense of camaraderie that is being fostered allows fans of all ages to bond over this.

The Pokémon Game

Pokémon started out as a game created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. The game was initially launched with the name Pokémon Red and Green, which was later on released outside of Japan as Pokémon Red and Blue. After reaching cult status, the franchise ventured on to provided trading cards, then evolved into a series of manga comic interpretations.

The recognition garnered by the franchise eventually led to an anime series which is based on the games itself. The main character is named Satoshi, otherwise known as Ash Ketchum, as a young Pokémon trainer. Satoshi’s rival, Shigeru, also known as Gary Oak, was also introduced later on the show.

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