When Is Spice and Wolf Season 3 Release Date

Spice and Wolf or Ookami to Koushinryou is a Japanese anime adaptation of the light novel with the same title. It was written by Isuna Hasekura and lasted for four years to finish 17 volumes. The novel became a sensation in Japan, which led to the television adaptation in 2008. However, according to the author, prior to the first volume publication, it took him ten years to find a publisher.

The first season has 13 episodes, followed by season two with 12 episodes. There is a huge difference between the two with the change of animation studio from Imagin to Brain’s Base. The Spice and Wolf Season 3 makes fans excited for the continuation of the epic fantasy romance series.

Spice and Wolf Season 3 Updates

Season two of the series aired last 2009, and a decade later, there is still no news about the third installment. For some fans, this might be bad news as it is rare for an anime to take longer gaps for up to ten years. In most cases, long gaps can be up to five years, to hook more fans of the anime show.

However, there are still a number of fans who are still not giving up yet. Because the light novel is still being published, some fans are saying that the animators are just finalizing the storyboard. Moreover, there are new materials that can be used for season three, so fans are still excited.

Up to this date, there is still no official announcement from the Brain’s Base. It can be renewed anytime soon, probably at least 2022. Meanwhile, fans of the anime can still follow the story with the new novel releases.

Spice and Wolf Plot

The story follows the adventures of a 25-year-old traveling merchant named Kraft Lawrence, which roams the land selling goods from one town to another. He sells different items and does this for seven years already. Kraft’s main goal is to save money and open his own shop. However, it will take him decades to do that. His world changed when he met a 600-year-old wolf-like girl named Holo, in the town of Pasloe.

Kraft interacts with the deity and learns that she’s been looking after the villagers in and around Pasloe for generations. Holo grew tired fulfilling the wishes of the villagers and wishes to escape the place to go back to her homeland in the north. Upon hearing this, Kraft and Holo made a deal to travel together and make money. Holo promises to help Kraft with ancient commerce so he can save more money.

As the two take the journey, they become closer. With some people learning about the abilities of Holo, threat resurfaces. Kraft protects her as they face challenges together.

  • Season one story

For season one, the story touches on the life of Kraft as a trader. As he moves from town to town, he becomes wary of the work and sometimes feels like giving up. However, because he has a goal of opening his shop, he continues the journey and earns money. Season one also tackles the distant past of Holo and how she managed to go to Pasloe. They happen to know more about each other, which led to romantic feelings.

By the end of season one, the wolf and the trader has started a new beginning after the commotion at the Romerio Company. Kraft decided to continue his journey with Holo as they move past towns.

  • Season two story

The second season started with the two traveling to Kumerson. Kraft asked Holo about the neighboring towns Yoitsu. He figured that it will take them a year to get there, so he suggested that they split up in the town of Niohira. The two reunited before they split again, they were reminded of their experiences together.

In the last episodes of the Spice and Wolf, the two admitted being in love with one another. Kraft finally lets go of his dream and decides to start a new journey with Holo.

Spice and Wolf Characters

  • Kraft Lawrence

He is a young trader and seller that goes from town to town to earn a profit. His main dream is opening his own shoe business. While traveling, he earns a good reputation for being fair with people and gain networks in different towns.

Kraft grew up in a poor village and he doesn’t have fond memories. He became an apprentice to a merchant when he was twelve and set out his own with a horse and cart. Kraft is described as handsome in the story, and he has a pleasant personality for buyers. Because he is often traveling, he didn’t have time to groom, that’s why he has a beard.

  • Holo

Holo is the harvest deity, which ensures that Pasloe villagers get a bountiful harvest. Through time, she feels neglected and used by people for their own benefit. She decided to jump on in an adventure with Kraft and come home to her homeland in Yoitsu.

She appears in the human form of a beautiful young woman, with a lovely figure and flowing hair. Holo’s true form is a brownish golden wolf, with red eyes and massive size. She’s wise and mostly confident due to her age. She knows most things about commerce and even mocks Kraft with his negotiating skills.

Overall, she has a heightened sense of smell and an enhanced hearing. She also transforms freely and provides accelerated crop growth.

  • Tote Col

In the anime, Tote Col is a 12-year-old boy who joined Kraft and Holo in the journey. His goal is to study Church law to protect his hometown Pinu. Tote Col is smart and witty, oftentimes, serving the liaison between the sheep and the wolf.

Tote Col also served as the employee of the two, after they’ve married and opened the Spice and Wolf store in Nyohhira.

  • Chloe

Although Chloe only appeared for a few episodes, her role is memorable. She had a love interest with Kraft but masked her feelings with a professional excuse that is to become his business partner. She treated Kraft as a mentor and a friend. While Chloe is also pretty with her purple eyes and mahogany hair, she is just a friend for Kraft.

Chloe has good negotiating skills and performs business dealings with ease. She acquired this from Kraft, with mentorship.

What’s In Store For Fans For Season 3

Because the light novel is still in the works, fans can expect more from the story with Spice and Wolf Season 3. The author also made offspring novels to tackle the married life of Holo and Kraft. This includes starting a family and introducing a new character, which is their daughter Myuri.

For those who are wondering what can be expected from season three, a few exciting chapters from the novel will be covered. It can start with the new beginning for the couple as they start their journey and building a family. In addition, they will also open a shop, which will serve as their livelihood. In the meantime, you can rewatch the Spice and Wolf seasons one and two online.

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