Who is the Strongest God of Destruction?

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime shows of all time. It continues to hold the hearts of many anime fans around the world.

While countless individuals fell in love with the heart and strength shown by Son Goku and his journey to obtaining the seven Dragon Balls. In this article, we talk about who we think is the strongest god of destruction in the anime series.

While these destroyers often get a bad reputation for their names, there’s no denying that these Destruction Gods want their universe to thrive and develop.

Is Beerus the Strongest God of Destruction?

Sure, Supreme Kais or the Gods of Creation are responsible for bringing life and beauty to the various universes. However, the destroyers are responsible for warding off evil and destroying planets that threaten their home. Without these deities, their universe will fall and die.

There are different Gods of Destruction in the Dragon Ball franchise, with fans often bearing favorites.


Beerus is often considered to be the strongest God of Destruction, with other gods falling closely behind him. But why is he the strongest you ask?

Dragon Ball Super already voiced their pick in its 28th chapter. Spoiler alert: the gods convened and were thrust into an exhibition match, which Beerus ultimately wins despite being caught by Mosco.

  • Superior Training Under Whis: Beerus attained his training under his mentor, Whis, who specialized in the martial arts. Whis was trained by his sister Vados, which means that the training was passed on to the Universe 7’s keeper as well.
  • Finger Swat: One of the more interesting things about this certain deity is his ability to swat opponents with the flick of a finger. This was evident when he easily swatted Goku’s Kamehameha in Super Saiyan 3, sending Goku across the planet. In the same way, it appeared that Beerus possesses the ability to destroy planets with his fingers. Once, upon letting energy get the best of him, his power dropped from his finger to the surface, resulting to completely obliterating a planet. Sources show that if this being is provoked and has reached the extent of his patience, he can destroy worlds and planets and the entire universe as well.
  • Only God that Reached Ultra Instinct: Out of all the gods, with exception to his mentor and other higher beings, he is the only one who has attained Ultra Instinct Level. Taught by the master himself, Whis has passed on this skill to his mentee, allowing Beerus to dissipate risks and threats of danger without fully recognizing it.

While many consider Beerus the strongest for these reasons, here are other gods who are also powerful.

Other Dragon Ball Strongest Gods of Destruction


Belmod is the God of Destruction from Universe 11, which has been hailed as Dragon Ball Super’s strongest universe. While literally appearing as a clown or joker of sorts,

Belmod stands out from other deities due to his sense of peace and calmness. He does not care for abusing power or abiding by the laws of evil, which makes him even more endearing to both anime manga fans and viewers alike.

In the show, Whis remarked that Belmod may have been more powerful than Beerus. Even the manga supported this claim, showing Belmod’s capacity to injure and cause havoc to the other gods using his Energy Cards and Imprisonment Balls. He also possesses telepathic powers, which he used to guide Jiren in starting the fight in the Tournament of Power.


The twin brother of Beerus and the deity from Universe 6, one might think that both have the same powers, personalities, and even strengths. Champa was trained by Vados and shows his capacity to kill and destroy by being indifferent. This was exhibited when he tried to destroy Frost.

Champa’s pudgy figure could deter others from seeing what he has to offer. However, when the time really calls for it, Champa never fails to step up and command the respect of his peers. His main techniques and powers include the Sledgehammer, Maximum Charge, Explosive Wave, and Full Power Energy Wave.


The God of Destruction of Universe 4, this seemingly small creature holds huge potential inside of him. Though he tends to exhibit laziness and stray from his duties, often assigning it to his loyal following. Quitela even prefers to play video games and eat junk food.

What makes him the closest competitor to Beerus is that he defeated the Universe 7’s God of Destruction in a wrestling match. In the past, Quitela also defeated Iwne in combat. His special form of attack is Wile, which is teleporting opponents and shocking them with an electric attack, as seen in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Wrapping Up

The Dragon Ball saga highlighted numerous characters who showed their strength and power time and time again. With so many characters throughout the years displaying powerful attributes, it’s always hard to decide who is ultimately the strongest of them all.

Out of all these, do you think Beerus deserves to be named as the strongest God of Destruction?

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