Top 7 Strongest Naruto Female Characters Ranked

Naruto is a popular Japanese anime series not only in the country but also around the world. The story follows a young ninja warrior’s story by the name of Naruto. Together with his friends, they go on missions as ninjas seeking to protect the world. During their adventures, they run across some powerful females. In this article, we share a ranking of the strongest Naruto female characters.

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Ranking the Strongest Naruto Female Characters

7. Sakura Haruno

Sakura is one of the few female leads in Naruto. Having been grouped with Naruto and Sasuke under the tutelage of Kakashi. It might be easy to overlook Sakura’s skills. However, taken as an individual, Sakura successfully improved her skills with the help of Tsunade. Particularly mastering the art of controlling her chakra and performing a jutsu without losing much power.

After years of training with Tsunade, Sakura was able to complete the Strength of a Hundred Seal by herself. As a result, this allowed her to magnify her strengths. And explore techniques that were outside of her usual attacks. Her training with Tsunade also paved the way for her to practice medical ninjutsu. Healing others through her chakra control.

6. Ino Yamanaka

Behind the blonde hair and the pretty face is a tough individual who’s ready to take on any challenge. Ino is recognized as an exceptional kunoichi, later on earning her the title as the leader of the Konoha Barrier Team.

Besides these, Ino also possesses excellent chakra control which she uses to help heal and save others despite their fatalities. As the show progresses, Ino further nurtured her gifts and was able to master the different nature transformations. Such as the earth, water, and yin and yang release.

5. Temari

Another force to contend with is Temari. Her impressive display of attack technique such as the Wind Nest makes her capable of deflecting almost anything. Having undergone extensive training as a child of the Fourth Kazekage. Temari displays her skills in kunoichi, even focusing on long-range combats.

With her ninjutsu rooted in nature. Temari uses her Wind Release not only to create torrential winds but also to destroy an entire forest. Through her ninjutsu and with the help of her chakra, she can strike even from far away. To further her tactical skills and war strategies, Temari uses her keen sense of abilities. And her intelligence to gauge where to strike her opponents.

4. Mei Terumi

Also known as the Fifth Mizukage, Mei is capable of channeling releases using the earth, water, fire, and lighting. With the help of these abilities, Mei has successfully protected her village from enemies and other dangers that threaten people’s existence.

A truly strong and powerful force to be reckoned with, Mei also possesses two kekkei genkai, the Lava Release, and the Boil Release. Both of these elementals allow her to produce a great amount of lava. Which can harm enemies and release a mist that erodes everything it touches. Her passion for serving and helping those in need. Combined with her high values and morals, make her a wonderful leader.

3. Tsunade

Lady Tsunade is the world’s strongest kunoichi. As a female ninja warrior recognized for her prowess in the field. Tsunade later on the title of the village’s Fifth Hokage. She is also known for her exceptional battle skills. Allowing her to defeat enemies left and right.

Not to mention, Tsunade can regenerate from almost all types of wound and battles. Thus earning her the title of immortal. Together with her large chakra pool, she is virtually undefeatable. What makes her stand out from the rest is her compassion for other people, especially those in need. As a medical ninja, Tsunade comes to the rescue of her peers despite initially being afraid of blood.

2. Konan

Taking the second spot, Konan is one of the strongest Naruto female characters to have ever graced the show. While she had lesser screentime compared to other characters. She surely proved her prowess, thus resulting in being on the only female Akatsuki.

Apart from being one of the smartest characters on the show, Konan is also one of the most capable beings to have graced the show. Using only paper alongside her chakra, Konan is able to stop her enemies’ attacks and use these paper skills to her advantage. From making paper clones to mirroring environmental surroundings. Konan’s paper ninjutsu seemed to know no bounds.

1. Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya definitely deserves the number one spot. Touted as the strongest character in Naruto history, this Rabbit Goddess is the first-ever being to become the wielder of the chakra after consuming the fruit from the God Tree.

Keeping the world and the people’s best interest at heart, the main reason why Kaguya wanted to attain god-tier status is protecting the people and restoring peace. Even before she consumed the fruit, she had the ability to hypnotize people. She erases their memories, and travel from one universe to another. She also had the capability to destroy people using the shockwave from her eyes.

By defying societal rules and expectations, Kaguya successfully ended all the wars on Earth. Making her the most powerful and strongest female character in the Naruto anime series. Her wielding the chakra only further magnified her abilities.

Naruto Needs More Strong Female Characters

There is no denying that the story of Naruto is enthralling and engaging, especially as the series goes on. However, a few episodes in and you’ll definitely notice the lack of Naruto female characters. Everywhere you look, Naruto highlights the prowess and skills of the male characters. Including Naruto, Sasuke, and their sensei, Kakashi. As a matter of fact, the only female lead you can see for the first fifteen or so episodes is Sakura, a fellow ninja warrior.

While the presence of Sakura is certainly a breath of fresh air. Her existence in the show does not enrich the overall storyline of the show. Come to think of it, Sakura is only concerned about making a good, strong impression on Sasuke, the boy she likes.

Female representation in shounen anime series rarely comes by. As a type of anime series that is highly known for its action-packed scene and content, the plot of these storylines typically tends to revolve around boys. Most shonen anime follows the adventures of boys who are expected to do a lot of fight scenes later on.

Why Strong Naruto Female Characters Deserve the Spotlight

More and more shonen anime continue to deviate from the norms, with series writers and show creators highlight the female contribution to the show. While Naruto does not exactly fall into this category, it does try to show a slew of women trying to break the mold and show themselves as strong, independent characters that rival the powers of male characters in the series.

The Naruto series may be a world dominated by men. However, it managed to introduce a variety of female characters that were strong and powerful in their own way.


While the name of the anime series is based on the show’s main protagonist. Naruto opens up a world filled with some of the strongest Naruto female characters that set a great example for viewers around the globe. Sure, the show has a long way to go, but writing in these female parts is already a great start.

Which of these female characters do you find most compelling?

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