All About Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date

Sometimes you come across an anime show that exceeds your expectations. Tokyo Ravens is a show like this, as its fantasy action theme turned out to be really enjoyable to watch. If you’ve been an avid fan of the show, you might be wondering what is the Tokyo Ravens Season 2 release date. Alright, let’s talk about it…

When Will Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release?

The first season of Tokyo Ravens was aired on October 9, 2013. The series continued till March 26, 2013 and it was fully based on the light novel. You can still watch the series on Hulu. As per reports, there are around 11 volumes of the actual light novel and among them, only 9 have been used in this anime.

Right now, around two volumes of the anime are left to be dramatized. Sadly, this isn’t enough material for a new season. Since the anime solely produced for promoting the light novels, season 2 will only witness the light of the day, if these books manage successful sales.

Being wholly optimistic, we expect the Tokyo Ravens Season 2 to release any time between 2020 and 2021. If the sales are high, there’s a higher possibility of getting a new season. However, since there hasn’t been any conclusive announcement regarding it, we can’t offer any exclusive updates about the new season.

We are, however, expecting an OVA at the end of 2020. It has been alleged that this OVA alone is said to be an informal conclusion of the anime series.

What Is The Plotline Of The Tokyo Ravens Series?

The plotline of this series is awesome! Long back, there was a powerful magic technique known as the Onmyoudou. Used by Japanese soldiers at the time of the Second World War, this power offered them a maximum advantage during the wars, allowing them to establish their reputation as the strongest force.

Sadly, before Japan ended up doing what it had initially intended to, this amazing power was fully ruined by an onmyouji called Yakuo Tsuchimikado, who is also responsible for causing the massive ‘Spiritual Disaster’.

Sadly, this event holistically transformed the history of Japan and the history of the individuals living there. So, after the incident took place, the Japanese masses had no other option but to develop an organization called the Onmyou Agency. This agency took the role of exorcising these incidents in a bid to prevent demons from making their way to this mortal world.

Over time, this art of Onmyoudou has been popular and widespread in our current world. What’s more, it also has real-time applications in multiple fields like technology and medicine. However, everyone isn’t capable of making the most of these powers, and one of these individuals is Harutora.

Harutora has a massive responsibility when a member of the Onmyou Agency tries to recreate the events that lead to a spiritual disaster. At this point, he must leave his ordinary life behind and fight by the side of Natsume, living up to the promise he made several years back.

Tokyo Ravens Review

While watching Tokyo Ravens, many have criticized the relatively light adaptations of the novel, but others have enjoyed it to the core! While the plot of the series might seem typical, we were quite impressed by the fact that it doesn’t hold back with the regular 12-episode format. Instead, it embraces the 24-episode format, making the entire pace close to flawless. This doesn’t just offer justice to the original source, but also plays a vital role in character development.

When it comes to characters, they are almost the same as every other cookie cutter stereotype. Luckily, the stereotyping works in their favor. It is perhaps because of the predictable personalities that you actually get a vibe as if you’re investing in them. This is also because almost every interaction between the characters requires time for unfolding, and none of them seem to be rushed.

This further makes the show a tad more engaging. When we take a closer look at the primary characters of the anime, you’d realize that a subtle method is used for combing their backstories to their current lives. This offers a better insight into how their personalities have gradually and steadily developed.

Like any other generic anime, the side characters are neither weak nor strong. We feel that the team could have especially focused on that aspect. That said, it is important to note that every character, regardless of their relevance, gets one chance for being under the spotlight. No one is left looming in the background for a long time.

Tokyo Ravens is an action anime, and it does manage to uphold its reputation with some great battle scenes. While the animation here is average, the makers have gone fully overboard while using the CGI effects. For many users, the CGI wasn’t necessary, and the anime performed much better without it.

Other than this, there isn’t anything significantly wrong about the animation or art of the show. We were impressed with the character design, background set up, and the usual vibe of this show.

So, while Tokyo Ravens is not really a masterpiece, it isn’t too bad of a watch either. In fact, if you overlook the typical aspects of the show, you’re likely to find it quite awesome! The biggest highlight of the show its diverse range of characters who have deep and fully unpredictable personalities.


Wrapping it Up

While both the story and the CGI powered action sequences will take some time to sink in, but once you’re accustomed, you’ll surely ask for more! Overall, Tokyo Ravens is nothing but a regular anime focusing on modern fantasy. And while it isn’t really one of the best in its genre, it won’t waste your time either. If you haven’t yet checked out the first season, watch it right away! And while we aren’t confident about the Tokyo Ravens Season 2 date, most of us assume that it’ll be aired by 2020 or 2021. So stay tuned!

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