Top 7 Best Naruto Fights Ranked in the Series

The million-dollar franchise Naruto appeals to readers and viewers not just for the amazing characters but also for the epic fight scenes that are intense and mind-blowing. We list the best Naruto fights ever in the anime series.

Naruto Uzumaki takes the world by storm with his powerful fighting powers, techniques and compassion for people. Even though he started as an underdog in the ninja world, Naruto overcomes hardships to finally become a Hokage—respectful fighter and leader of the village.

List of Best Naruto Fights in the Series

Since the countless Naruto fighting scenes, we’ve ranked the best ones in the series. The unbelievable matchups and battles can give viewers satisfaction when it comes to knowing that Naruto’s training paid off.

1. Naruto vs Gaara Fight Scene

Gaara was born with a one-tailed Shukaku caused by his father’s Shukaku seal on him when he was still inside the womb of his mother. He was raised in isolation and taught ninjutsu by his father and uncle Yashamaru. Because Gaara has the Shukaku, many villagers fear him.

As a child, Gaara couldn’t control his sand, which harms others around him. Because of not being accepted and receiving a rejection from the villagers, Gaara started to hate the world and live in bitterness. He started to kill anyone he came across and this gives him satisfaction and life.

Because Gaara has the Shukaku, he has the ‘ultimate weapon’ which makes him incredibly stronger and powerful. Even as a young child, he can already make use of his powers and skills to kill countless assassins that came after him. However, when he came across Naruto right in the Chunin Exams, he was defeated.

After the defeat, Gaara realizes his mistakes and withdrew his long-held view of attacking others. By the end of their duel, the two share peace and become no longer enemies.

2. Sasuke vs Itachi Fight Scene

The duel between Sasuke and his brother Itachi is one of the most intense in the franchise. It started when Sasuke confronted his brother about the three of the Uchiha clan that has the ability to use the Mangekyo Sharingan. Itachi claimed that person who assassinated him is Madara Uchiha, one of the founders of the Konoha village.

The two used a lot of technique and skills that can destroy any ninja. Sasuke secures Itachi first with a shadow clone before using the Amaterasu. Itachi then tried to rip out his brother’s eyes but failed to do it because Sasuke used the Great Fireball Technique. Itachi then added Amaterasu to the Great Fireball Technique which half-burned Sasuke.

The exchange of skills and techniques continue until Itachi collapsed and said to his brother, “I’m sorry Sasuke, there won’t be the next time,” referring to the time when Itachi promised Sasuke to train together. Sasuke smiled with Itachi’s remarks before collapsing too.

3. Naruto vs Sasuke Fight Scene

This list won’t be complete without the epic battle of Sasuke and Naruto. This is one of the battles that stand out in the Naruto Shippuden series, with both characters unleashing everything they have to defeat one another.

Sakura almost got into the fight but Sasuke uses genjutsu to create illusions and make the person unconscious for a while. This technique will not harm the person, which means Sakura is okay.

Then, Naruto uses his Rasefngan technique while Sasuke prepares for his Chidori. After a series of attacks, Sasuke sees things Naruto’s way and declares his friend the winner. The fight is intense as both are competitive and won’t let be defeated. Throughout the fight,

4. Naruto vs Pain Fight Scene

This battle is from Part II of the series when Pain attacks Konohagakure to find Naruto Uzumaki. He succeeded and Naruto prepares for the battle. A lot of ninjas try to get after Pain but he is relatively stronger and the only person that can take him down is Naruto.

At first, Naruto asked Pain why he had done everything that destroyed the villages. Pain responded that he wants the world to not have peace. Pain used tailed beasts to destroy a country but Naruto slipped into a six-tailed transformation and released Rasengan. He locked Pain in his own subconscious and used a Shinra Tensei to release dozens of shadow clones. This strikes Pain with Rasengan, which defeated Pain’s last body.

After the battle, Naruto confronted Nagato himself why he hated Konoha and what made him do all the horrible things.

5. Madara Uchiha vs The Five Kage Fight Scene

This is an epic boss battle which displays the overwhelming power of Madara in defeating the five Kages. The first part of the battle is Madara lowering his health until cutscene follows. The scene will be on the skies with Madara showcasing his superpowers. This is followed by Tsunade against Madara, which damages Madara off the ground. By this time, Madara cannot already give his 100% because of the injury.

The third part is when Madara changes the scene and cause environmental damage by performing crushing combos and wide-range attacks to Tsunade. Because of this, Madara can easily damage the opponent and even guard breaks due to the intensity of the skills.

Finally, Madara takes the sky and use his superpowers alone, utilizing his actions to open a point to attack. He destroyed the point of entry and perform wide-range sword attacks and the famous Meteor showers. However, Naruto appears and perform a series of attacks until Madara was defeated.

6. Sakura & Chiyo vs Sasori Fight Scene

Dubbed as the puppet fight because Sakura is still under Chiyo’s puppet strings, the two partners Chiyo and Sakura continue the battle with Sasori. The villain uses a strong flamethrowers technique, which makes him hide under the rocks. Chiyo does his best to attack Sasori with the Third Kazekage puppet but Sasori was able to avoid it.

To counter the attack, Sasori uses his Water Stream Shooters, which can destroy rocks and the surrounding environment. Sakura tried to pull the poisoned coiled rope and succeed, which made the puppet shattered. By this time, Sakura feels that the battle is done, only to find out the Sasori can reassemble himself.

Seeing this, Chiyo uses the White Secret Technique to summon the ten puppets and control Sasori. The happenings are intense until Sakura uses herself to be the shield of Chiyo and is stabbed by the torso.

7. Hidan vs Shikamaru Fight Scene

After Hidan’s attack on Shikamaru’s teacher Asuma, he takes revenge by luring Hidan to the Nara forest. This battle shows how strategic Shikamaru’s mind is, with Kyuubiroid rage and Uxhihaxing. Shikamaru was also able to lock down and trap the immortal Hidan with explosive tags—definitely dangerous and can destroy anyone with a single hit.


As the story progresses, a number of battles and fight scenes leave an awesome impression to viewers, just like these best Naruto fights listed. What makes all the battles intense is the portrayal of imperfections of characters that viewers believe to be the strongest. For instance, Sasuke can be a bit impulsive with his duel with his brother Itachi.

The main character, Naruto, also showed lots of new skills that can make him feel like immortal but with his battle with Pain, weaknesses also resurface. This is the beauty of Naruto, it helps viewers analyze how each character is different and discover the evolution of these characters.

Watch these amazing anime shows and be amazed by the mind-blowing scenes.

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