Top Reasons Why You Should Watch One Piece Dubbed

There are thousands upon thousands of new and interesting anime shows you can consume for hours and hours of fun. However, nothing beats watching some of the oldest or classic shows. After all, any anime enthusiast will definitely appreciate the show no matter how old it is.

For those who are looking for a great anime to watch, then you should consider watching One Piece in English dubbed. Not sure why? Read on to find out.

Top 7 Reasons You Should Watch One Piece Dubbed

What better way to get you the attention that to offer a few interesting pieces of trivia about the show? Those looking for a great anime with lots and lots of intriguing facts behind it will definitely find this a fitting show. Check out these remarkable trivia about the series.

1. It is an Adaptation of the Original Manga

Just like many anime series, the anime is adapted from an original source, usually a manga. Also originating from the mind of Oda, this started to materialize when the mangaka was only 17 years old. It started when Oda decided to become a mangaka to avoid working a “real job.” And look at how far it got him!

He came to create the series when his one-shot story called Wanted! won several awards, which landed him a job at the Weekly Shounen Jump Magazine. During this time, Oda drew pirate comics, one of which featured Luffy. From then on, the comics became a serialized publication in 1997 and later became the anime that we have come to know.

2. Oda Set Two Guinness World Record

Aside from being a talented mangaka, Oda is recognized by Guinness in 2015 for his work. He entered the Guinness Book of World Records for releasing the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author. The records show that he was able to sell a whopping 320,866,000 copies with 77 volumes for almost 20 years.

The series has also set the record for the most copies published for the same manga series.

3. It Has Been Running Since 1999

The first episode of the show was released back in October 1999. Around 20 years later, the show continues to gain support from dedicated fans and new ones, as well. In fact, it has churned out a good number of arcs and television specials throughout its run.

While you may be rightly impressed that it has been on-going for almost 20 years, keep in mind that there are other anime series that have been running for longer. One Piece is not even in the top 15! Shows such as Sazae-san (1969) and Nintama Rantarou (1993) are two of the oldest anime that still releases episodes today.

4. It Just Released its 17th Movie

The immense popularity of the manga and show has resulted in 17 movies, the latest of which, Stampede was released just this July. The first movie titled One Piece was made way back in 2000 and the anime production company Toei Animation has been releasing one since then until 2012 (except in 2010). In 2016, the makers created its 16th movie, Film Gold.

5. The Creator Was Inspired by a Lot of Things

Gifted with such an amazing world-building talent, Oda credits several inspirations for his work. Growing up watching and reading epic series such as Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, Oda was motivated to contribute to the manga and anime industries. His admiration for Toriyama reached its peak when he and Toriyama collaborated to work on Cross Epoch, a crossover of the series and Dragon Ball.

Besides Toriyama, he was also influenced by a bunch of literary masterpieces. The mangaka’s idea of Impel Down, the series’ marine prison, is reportedly inspired by Dante Alighieri’s concept of the Nine Circles of Hell from the narrative poem, Divine Comedy. His character, Donquixote Doflamingo was also inspired by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s Don Quixote de la Mancha. He also took concepts from the Greek mythology and Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

Of course, you can expect real-life pirates to be the inspiration for the manga and show. Pirate King Gol D. Rogers is based on the French pirate Olivier Levasseur. Both pirates announced a hidden treasure right before being executed, spurring a bunch of pirates to look for the loot. Aside from him, some characters were also based on several real-life pirates including Anne Bonny, one of the first female pirates.

6. Armani Exchange Collaborated with Oda

For its movie, Film Z, the show featured clothes designed by fashion label Armani Exchange. The Straw Hat Pirates appeared in the 2012 film sporting outfits created by the fashion label. To promote and celebrate this collaboration, Armani Exchange Tokyo had a show with models wearing the clothes. The label even sold real-life versions of these pieces.

7. It Can End Soon

While the show has been running for a long time, it has to end sometime. In an interview, Oda said that the series and manga will end sooner than fans think. The mangaka did not give any specific information about the end, but he noted that the series will have “just over 100 volumes” all in all.

Fans across the globe were so saddened by this news that they set up memorials for the series. However, some fans think that Oda is simply trolling his fans.


Extraordinary Plot, Even More, Extraordinary One Piece Characters

This anime brings us along on the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates, led by the enthusiastic protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. Created by Eiichiro Oda, it tells the story of Luffy and his gang as they went to search for the most valuable treasure in the world called One Piece.

While the plot offers great adventures from start to up to the latest update, perhaps one of the most awesome and inspiring things about the series is its characters and their development throughout the story. From the leader of the group Luffy to the serious Zoro and the goofy Usopp, you will surely come to love these characters.

If you are a fan of the series who fell out of touch or you simply haven’t seen a single episode of the show, then the amazing plot and characters should be enough to lure you in.

Where to watch One Piece English dubbed?

So, you finally decided to catch up or start watching the series. Here are some platforms in which you can stream One Piece episodes.

  • One Piece Official

FUNimation Entertainment’s official website allows users to stream dubbed episodes of the show. Keep in mind that this is available only for certain regions.

  • Crunchyroll

Individuals who are subscribed to Crunchyroll can also watch the show using its platform.

  • Hulu

The series is also available on Hulu as long as you have a subscription. Access to the show may vary depending on your location.

  • Netflix

Individuals in Japan can use Netflix to stream the anime.


Enjoy Watching One Piece

Your experience as an anime enthusiast can never be complete without seeing this awesome show. So, if you are looking for a great way to spend your free time, why not start watching One Piece in English dubbed? We promise you will find the world, characters, and story worth your time.

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