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Top 10 Streaming Websites to Watch Dubbed Anime

Top Anime Streaming Websites

Due to their captivating storylines, creativity, and imagination, Japanese amines have held their fort hard and strong ever since the 19th century. Having said that, accessing newer episodes of your favorite shows can be quite a daunting task. Even if you do stumble upon a TV channel that airs them, there’s the age old problem of having to solely concentrate on the subtitles. Taking all these problems into account, we’ve compiled a list of anime websites that let you watch free dubbed anime no matter where you live in the world.

Here are the top 10 websites that let you watch dubbed anime online for free:

1. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven - Watch HD Anime Online Free

Planning a long trip over the week but can’t leave out your favorite shows behind? No problem! Head over to to download all your favorite episodes. If streaming isn’t your cup of tea owing to a slow internet connection, this website will be just perfect for you. The website is neatly organized into various tabs such as genres, years and ongoing – allowing you to find your personal favorites with ease.

2. Anime Freak

Anime Freak TV - Watch Anime Free Online might bombard you with tons of ads, but there’s still valuable content here. AnimeFreak boasts of a few exclusives that you may not be able to find elsewhere. Additionally, if you’re into manga, you’ll appreciate the huge collection here. AnimeFreak aims to be a one-stop solution for all anime fans. While the website design might drive you away initially, we believe that you’ll have a ball of time if you choose to stick around.

3. Funimation

Funimation - Watch Anime Streaming Online

Funimation might be available in a few select countries, but if you live in North America, you’re in a treat. Funimation is mobile friendly and lets you create a free user account. This account can be used to organize your collection, bookmark your favorite shows and also set reminders for newer uploads. Coming to the collection, you will be able to find all the classics including a few modern animes. Plus, this service is completely licensed and legal.


GoGo Anime - Watch Anime Online

One of the most popular anime streaming sites on the web, gogoANIME has a very diverse catalog that is sure to attract all anime fans. The home page welcomes you with a list of most-watched series and if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you can browse through an exhaustive list of anime collection. There is a separate “dub” tab which features only dubbed content. And yes, everything is for free!

5. Masterani

Masterani - Stream Anime Online

If you’re looking for an anime website that excellent design and easy to use features, this is it! has a jaw-dropping design that will even put paid premium streaming channels to shame! There are only two major tabs – anime and schedule. Needless to say, you will be able to browse available shows in the anime tab and check for streaming schedules in the latter. There’s a download option too, just in case you decide to download your favorite episodes.

6. Yahoo View

Yahoo and Hulu absolutely need no introduction, their venture has an extensive collection of movies, TV shows and anime on offer. While most of their streaming services are paid, there are a few selected anime shows that they air for free in the United States. There’s also a free plan that Hulu brought into effect last year, allowing users to stream selected content including Korean dramas, for free. Creating an account is simple and you can straight away look for shows. If you do find the paid content interesting, buying them isn’t expensive as well.

7. Kiss Anime

KissAnime - Watch Anime Online

Most anime websites never really let you fiddle with the settings or choose the video quality. Kiss Anime is one of the very few anime sites that allows you the freedom to do so. This is exactly why Kissanime is so widely preferred and accessible, you can stream at anywhere between 240p to 1080p. Moreover, they feature a manga and novels section too. Love discussing animes? There’s a dedicated chat room where you can discuss anything and everything anime! There are a ton of free apps to be downloaded too.

8. AnimeLab

AnimeLab - Watch Anime Online

Although AnimeLab only operates in select regions of Australasia, the website does deserve a spot on this list. All classic animes are available to stream for free. The website also has a premium section that dubs the content. If you live in New Zealand or Australia, this is your ideal place to look for animes. Moreover, you can download Animelab’s app that is available for Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation and Apple TV. It’s truly accessible from anywhere you want. Free dubbed anime doesn’t come easier than this!

9. 9Anime


Can’t find a certain episode or a show? 9Anime will entertain all your requests, and that’s why they’re special. All of their content can be streamed in high definition for free. Only die-hard fans know how hard it can be to find anime that has great production value, and 9Anime doesn’t disappoint one bit in this department. If you find Kissanime’s interface too heavy for your internet connection, this should make for a worthy alternative to watch dubbed anime online.

10. Crunchyroll

CrunchyRoll - Watch Popular Anime

Nothing like ending a fantastic list with an absolute gem of a website. Of all the websites that we visited and reviewed, Crunchyroll had the most interactive design that is both useful and a treat to watch anime online. Crunchyroll is known to have the most frequently dubbed and updated collection of anime on the web, and it’s all for free. There’s a small collection of dramas and very entertaining pop videos as well. Moreover, the service is free and completely legal in all parts of the globe.

Pending: Anime Haven

Another website that was once very popular to watch dubbed anime online was “Anime Haven“. This websites to have had to be taken down and now it trying to rebuild its online presence. We didn’t include it in the top 10 list, but we added it as pending because we believe that it will make a comeback in time. We will check back and let you know when it’s clear to use the site.


Amine is a worldwide phenomenon that now has a closely-knit community online, thanks to the above-mentioned websites. Now that you know where to go, no longer will you need to hunt for individual websites on the dark web or stick to edits that have Japanese voice-overs. Get ready to download everything you want on all the devices that you own – be it smartphones, tablets or desktops without breaking a sweat! Hope you enjoyed our list of the top anime streaming sites to watch dubbed anime for free.

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