List of Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters

Launched in 1986, the Dragon Ball Saga continues to amaze and inspire young minds and young-at-heart individuals. It has various stories of struggles, hardships and successes, making it a truly enjoyable and awesome journey. If you are an avid fan of this anime shows and has followed the Saga up to the latest stories from creator Akira Toriyama, here’s a ranking of the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters you will surely enjoy.

List of Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters

1. Grand Zeno

With such a ‘grand’ title, you would think that Grand Zeno is an elderly martial artist with the sharpest wit. However, this character is known for being child-like. He is also not a master of any type of martial arts.

What makes Zeno the strongest character in the Dragon Ball Super multiverse is his sheer power. He has the ability to obliterate literally anything in his way in just a blink of an eye, earning him the nickname omni-king. Perhaps the combination of his power and his immature personality makes him powerful in that he is dangerous.

2. Whis

If you are waiting for a Saiyan to come next, then you can wait a bit longer because next on the list is Whis. Whis is an angel who trained the Gods of Destruction, making him more powerful than the bringers of destruction themselves. He has also exhibited unbelievable speed even during battles across the universe.

3. Goku

Now we go to our first Saiyan character, the show’s main protagonist Goku. Goku’s who character arc is all about pushing the limits. From his base and Great Ape forms to Super Saiyans 1, 2, 3, 4 and Blue. In fact, just when you think that Goku has reached his most powerful form, you can bet that he has a stronger one. He was even able to merge his Super Saiyan and Kaio-ken forms!

4. Vegeta

Next is the only other full-blooded Saiyan alive aside from Goku (as Broly is dead), Vegeta. This ultra-competitive character deserves a spot after Goku, especially as he is constantly trying to outperform Goku. Vegeta was also able to reach Super Saiyan Blue Evolution. This is a form of Super Saiyan combined with “godly ki.”

While Goku remains to the more powerful, Vegeta proved himself to be formidable by beating one of the Gods of Destruction by using a self-destructive technique called Final Explosion and survived.

5. Gohan

The son of Goku, Gohan is another formidable character in the series. He even reached Great Ape form just like his father. Even Goku acknowledges that Gohan has the potential to be more powerful as him. This is proven by Gohan being the first ever to reach Super Saiyan 2.

For many, Gohan reached his fullest potential in the Tournament of Power when he was able to achieve his Ultimate Form.

6. Trunks

Another strong contender is Trunks, the son of Vegeta. He was able to go Super Saiyan at a very young age of 8. What made him the second powerful half-blood Saiyan is the fact that he trained with a very competitive trainer: Vegeta. As a kid, he trained in the gravity chamber with his father, making him more powerful than his friend, Goten, at that age.

7. Goten

Now, here’s another half-blood Saiyan and the second son of Goku. Goten is seen as the least trained hybrid, especially as he was not able to train with his father. Because he has not had enough training in martial arts and in controlling ki, he ranks lower than his brother and Trunks.

8. The New Saiyans

While there are a few established Saiyans in the main universe, the series introduced Universe 6, one of the universes in the Dragon Ball multiverse. Team Universe 6 has a few Saiyans among them such as Kale, Caulifla, and Cabba. These new breeds have their own powers, but perhaps Kale takes the cake. She is able to reach Legendary Super Saiyan form and was even able to take on Goku in here Blue form.

9. Fusion Versions

Let’s not forget that these characters were able to fuse together through the Fusion Dance to form an all-new character that has its own strengths. Goten and Trunks fused to create Gotenks, while Goku and Vegeta used the technique to form Gogeta.

Another type of the technique called Potara Fusion allowed them to create more powerful individuals such as Kefla (Kale and Caulifla) and Vegito Blue (Goku and Vegeta), who is deemed as Goku’s strongest form

10. Notable Villains

Of course, there are villains who are considered powerful as well. There’s Frieza with his Golden form, the different forms of Buu, and Broly, one of the three Saiyans left at the beginning of the saga. In Dragon Ball Super, the Gods of Destruction are also regarded as some of the strongest villains.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of Dragon Ball characters in this multiverse and these certainly stand out as the strongest. Do you agree with this ranking? Who do you think are the strongest Dragon Ball super characters?

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