Top 16 Types of Anime Genres You Should Know

If you’re an anime enthusiast, then you probably have noticed there are a lot of variety of anime shows available to you. The fact is there are many genres in the anime industry. However, most people don’t know about all of them. We have come up with a list of popular types of anime genres for you to consider.


1. Action

Action is probably the most popular genre in the anime industry. These animation shows are action-packed and mostly depict high-intensity actions scenes. In most of the scenes, you will witness thrilling battles that are oftentimes overexaggerated. Some action animes have machines, or robots, while others are focused on weapons such as guns or swords. Like in normal action movies, there is always a good guy and bad guy in the plot of these anime shows.

2. Adventure

This is another anime genre that is popular in this industry. The adventure genre has characters traveling across the world for adventure. The characters are always moving from one place to another. They are always on the move. For this genre, the plot is based on searching for treasure, saving the world, or exploring some new places. They are fun-filled shows and may sometimes include action or romance. So they make perfect hybrid anime shows. Some of the best examples of adventure animations include Fairy Tail, Spice and Wolf, and Kino’s Journey amongst others.

3. Comedy

The comedy anime genre is meant to give you a good laugh. If you can’t laugh or make a giggle when watching comedy anime, then you have a big problem. The plot is usually packed with hilarious scenes, funny moments, and just comical scenes. When you feel down or bored, these are the kind of anime shows you should watch. Some of the best-known comedy genre anime shows include Nichijou, Gintama, etc.

4. Drama

If you love watching emotional shows, then drama anime is perfect for you. These anime shows have scenes that make you cry or experience a wave of emotion. The plot is set in a way that it connects the viewer with the character’s experience. So you will feel what the character is feeling, and that will get you emotional. If an anime show is making you cry, then know that you are watching an anime drama genre. Some of the best drama shows include Kanon, Clannad, and Little Busters.

5. Fantasy

The fantasy genre basically showcases the fantasy worlds. They also deal with dreamlike locations and events. In most plots, it starts as an adventure. But the characters end up in a magical world that is surreal and completely unreal. In this genre, there is a lot of magic involved, as well as various mystical elements. If the show includes an atmosphere that is dazzling and so unreal, then you are watching a fantasy anime show. Popular fantasy anime shows include Inuyasha, Slayer, and No Game No life amongst others.

6. Supernatural

These are anime shows that depict supernatural events that are out of the real world as we know it. In short, most of the events are just out of the blue. The plot is surrounded by mythical and mystical powers that create things acceptable in reality. This would include characters with supernatural powers and so on. In short, most of the plot is built on mystery. Example of these anime includes Noragami, Durarara, and Mushishi amongst others.

7. Romance

Romance is another genre that is popular in the anime industry. These shows usually include love and affection moments. The plot is usually made to tug the viewer’s heartstring with tender and romantic moments. If the main characters in the anime shows are in a romantic relationship, then you are most likely watching a romance anime show. The romance genre also works well with comedy and drama genres. So, you can find a hybrid of romance anime plus other genres. Some of the best romance shows include Toradora, Lovely Complex, and Golden Tim.

8. Science Fiction

Science fiction anime is also very popular in the animation industry today. Like Sci-Fi movies, these shows showcase an unreal world created by science. The plot mostly focuses on technologies where machines are very powerful due to tech advancement. But, most of this science is so advanced than what we have in the real world. Sci-Fi anime are design to provoke your imagination by taking you to a more tech-advanced world that does not exist. Some of the sci-fi anime include Evangelion, Outlaw Star, and Space Dandy.

9. Slice of Life

Slice of life genre has increased in popularity in recent years thanks to the growing audience of real-life experience. These stories depict the real life of the common people and what most of us go through every day. The plot is simply set in the realm of real life. There is not mysteries, magic, and nothing comes out of the blue. It is this reality that has gotten many anime shows lovers go for the slice of life genre. Some of the popular anime includes Wagnalia, Barakamon, and Lucky Star.

10. Horror

Horror anime is another genre that is very popular in the industry. Just like horror movies, these anime shows include very horrifying scenes. It is easy to spot a horror genre when watching anime show. If you feel scared or creeped out by an anime show, then you are watching a horror genre. The plot mostly includes ghosts, creeps, monsters, and gore. The bloody violence is also a common trait for horror anime. Some of the popular horror anime include Hell Girl, Another, Parasite and Ghost Hunt amongst others.

11. Magic

These are all about magical things that surround the events and the characters. A popular theme is girls with magic powers. The most popular magic animes are Magical Doremi, Little Witch Academia, and Magi Labyrinth of Magic.

12. Martial Arts

Martial arts are the key elements to anime movies that contain a lot of fight scenes. A lot of anime movies that feature some sort of battles includes martial arts. Whether it’s swordfights or armed battles, these shows have great action.

13. Historical

Most of these historical anime are set in Ancient Japan or in the Middle Ages. The key players here are Samurai Champloo and Rurouni Kenshin. You can find anime movies also set somewhere else than Asia, for example in France. The Rose of Versailles is a great example of this. But the history genre is highly complex. Even if they are set in the past, they sometimes include also superpowers, action or fantasy elements. They often also feature a lot of drama, so they are usually created for advanced anime fans. The ones that combine history with fantasy are often easier to follow as they have that tiny modern touch. This is good especially for fans who also enjoy supernatural movies.

14. Anime Mostly for Children

These anime movies were initially made for children. However, some of them got extremely popular for people of all ages. Pokémon is the best example. On an international level, Pokémon reached cult status. If you want to watch other animes in this genre check out Digimon or Machine Robo Rescue.

15. Game

This category is all about playing games. Whether it’s a virtual game or an old-school board game or card game, this is the main theme. The biggest franchise in this field is definitely Yu-Gi-Oh!. This one inspired other animes such as Sword Art Online or Cardfight.

16. Mystery

If you like to be captivated, then mystery anime type is for you. It focuses on a main mysterious event that needs to be solved. It often features detectives. Among the examples we have are Eden of the East, Tantei Opera Milky Homes, and Detective Conan.


If you are an anime enthusiast, these are some of the best types of anime genres available for you to watch. If your favorite was not listed, there are many other genres in the anime industry.

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