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Sites Where You Can Watch Boruto Online for Free

Watch Boruto

Are you searching for sites where you can watch Boruto online for free? Well, you’re in the right place. In this article, we share some sites that are available for you to watch this anime show. We will also discuss why you should watch Boruto just in case you’re not familiar with this anime.

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Where to Watch Boruto Online

If you are convinced to give the show a try, you can do so in a variety of ways that suit your convenience. There are numerous options that allow you to watch Boruto online free, so make sure to give these a try.

  • Crunchyroll

All 120 episodes are currently available for viewing at Crunchyroll. If you have not signed up for the service, you may start your free trial today to see how you like the streaming site. While newly published videos are only made available every Sunday for premium users, you can avail the service for free should you decide to wait just another week.

  • KissAnime

KissAnime gives you the chance to simply download all the files into your own computer (or mobile phone) with just one click. However, if you want to simply stream each episode one by one, you can also do so by picking the episode you wish to view. Since KissAnime is akin to a torrent site, you’ll have a great chance watching the latest episode on the day that it airs thanks to individuals who upload videos on site.

  • AnimeLab

AnimeLab is made exclusively for anime lovers who reside in Australia and New Zealand. While it has a limited reach as of the moment, the great thing about this platform is that it allows unlimited and free viewing access across a variety of devices. Whether you intend to watch on your computer, your laptop, your Android or Apple device – this website has everything you need and more.

About Boruto Anime Series

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was created following the critically acclaimed run of the Naruto anime series around the globe. While its predecessor left a great gap to fill, there is no doubt the succeeding franchise positively captured the hearts of fans. Featuring an older yet still spirited Boruto Uzumaki, the son of the famed Naruto, the show quickly establishes as an origin story of a shinobi – rather, a group of shinobis, otherwise known as a group of ninjas – trying to step up and take the place of the previous forces.

While many anime fans found the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations to be quite bland compared to its forerunner, there are still countless enthusiasts who were instantly endeared to the new installment. Perhaps the characters’ desire to exceed their fate and to forge their own path appealed to many, particularly those who understand what it is like living in the shadow of others.

Following the story of Boruto Uzumaki, the son of Naruto, the Seventh Hokage, the show highlights the journey and the challenges shinobis encounter, the importance of friendship and family, the notion of arrogance, the desire for success, and living up to one’s potential. With its engaging storyline and charming roster of characters, it comes as no surprise that many people continue to watch and await new episodes week after week.

Whether you are one of those die-hard fans or simply a newcomer who wants to see what the show has to offer, here is a relatively short article that might just make you love Boruto than Naruto.

Why You Should Watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

  • Fill the Void

For fans who feel like the world ended when the Naruto series stopped airing, watching the sequel may just fill in the metaphorical void it has left. As a matter of fact, many loyal viewers started out this way.

While this series won’t necessarily take your longing for the Seventh Hokage away, you know that the deep connection it bears to the prequel will be more than enough to quench your yearning for the character of Naruto through his son, Boruto. Not to mention, watching the characters’ individual stories unfold will allow you to get more Naruto content, if only for a little while longer.

  • For Continuity Purposes

If you have watched the prequel since you were a child, chances are, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the sequel as well. After all, with the show jumpstarting right after the Fourth Shinobi World War, you can see why Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the logical show to watch right after.

Since Naruto’s story ended quite abruptly, you can continue watching his journey together with his friends and the progression of his relationship with his son. In the same way, you can follow the Naruto universe all you want and have some semblance of continuity.

  • Watch Evolutionary Changes Unfold

What sets Boruto: Naruto Next Generations apart from its predecessor is that it tackles issues in a more modern light. While it certainly bears similarities with its precursor show, the series sheds light on the modernization that befalls societies.

Moreover, the show intends to connect with more modern viewers by taking on issues such as technological developments, the role of technology today, and parental concerns. Even the era it’s set in brings more vibrancy and excitement thanks to the amazing technology used by the characters themselves.

Here, you can see Konoha in a different light – with cities filled with towering skyscrapers, children having access to computers and gaming consoles, and ninja training is taken to a higher level. Sure, the number of ninjas in the world may have lessened during Boruto’s time, but the unparalleled scientific and technological advancements being offered to them provided them with great advantages. Even the enemies leveled up, as with the case of Kara and his network of spies who (spoiler alert!) set out to get into Konoha’s science lab and division.

  • Excellent Narratives

It’s true that technology takes center stage in this series. While it certainly does play a central part in the development of the whole arc, there are other narratives that help further the story. For one, universal themes such as exceeding expectations, overpowering insecurities, and parental issues, some of which drive close to home.

By taking on universal themes, the anime series successfully communicates issues that resonate across people of all ages. Though the characters are all given ample exposure to explore their growth and development within the series, the episodes all work together to fit the overarching narrative.

  • Outstanding Visuals

If anything, let the outstanding and vibrant visuals draw you into the contemporary world of Konoha. The world itself features cutting-edge technologies, as seen in the weapons yielded by the characters in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. One such example is the kote, which is developed by Katasuke of Konohagakure’s Science Ninja Weapons Team. The kote is typically worn on the forearm and this tool allows the user to seal in their technique of choice into a small scroll, which can then be launched later on to help beat opponents.

Look closely and you’ll see the intricate details embedded carefully on the kote, something which you will surely appreciate for its lifelike approach. While the characters retained their features and their unique sets of clothing, these tools and special effects have a more refined appearance compared to the prequel. This is perhaps the most obvious edge Boruto has over its prequel, so make sure not to miss these key details as you watch the series.

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