Where To Watch My Hero Academia English Dubbed Legally?

Are you looking for sites where you can watch My Hero Academia in English dubbed legally? If so, stick around as we share the answer below…

So, you’ve finally decided to give My Hero Academia a try? Whether you’ve gotten sick of hearing your friends rave about the series or decided on your own to see why this series is making waves in the anime forums, your decision to watch My Hero Academia English dubbed calls for a celebration.

One of the latest additions to the Shonen realm, this animated superhero series produced by Studio Bones comes as one of the rising stars in the new generation of Shonen manga. Packed with humor, a relatable set of characters, an amazing soundtrack, and epic fight sequences following the typical Shonen formula, dedicated anime and superhero fanatics must watch My Hero Academia.

To help you start your marathon and dive into the action-packed universe of this series, here is a rundown of everything you need to know about My Hero Academia – from its synopsis and features to possible streaming sites.

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What Is My Hero Academia All About?

Following the typical Shonen formula, My Hero Academia (or Boku no Hero Academia) revels in dreams, adventures, and camaraderie. Set in a world where 80 percent of humanity posses a range of superpower abilities, the series centers on the life and adventures of Izuku Midoriya, a kid that is far from the privileged position of the majority.

Born without a Quirk, or a superpower ability, Izuku has mostly lived an unlucky life. However, despite his unfortunate situation, he remains an avid fan of superheroes and even aspires to become one.

Surprisingly, after a chance encounter with the world’s greatest hero, All Might, Izuku suddenly finds himself amid a major life-changing situation. Unknown to many, All Might conceals a critical injury from the public eye. And, his Quirk is a unique ability that can be inherited by someone else. Captivated by Izuku’s determination and courage, All Might soon decide to take him as his successor. As such, he helps him enter a prestigious school designed for heroes in training.

Smart, moving, and action-packed, My Hero Academia offers a modern touch of what it really means to be a hero – all while remaining faithful to the classic Shonen narrative.

Why Watch It Now?

Generally, there are a range of reasons why My Hero Academia is a must-watch in today’s anime realm. Aside from the vibrant freshness and youthful enthusiasm that carry the classic Shonen giants of the past decades, a ton of underlying, remarkable features make this anime superhero series one-of-a-kind.

Among these include:

  • Loads of interesting, smartly created characters

Just like other great anime shows, My Hero Academia boasts of its authentic and powerful character lists. Beyond the protagonist, who is someone anyone would definitely root for, the anime is also packed with a rich set of characters. Each has its own striking personality and unique Quirk that will surely leave you on the edge of your seat.

From the incredibly gifted Katsuki Bakugou, who stands as the nemesis of Izuku, to the ridiculously enthusiastic and positive All Might, it is no exaggeration that the show is blessed with a pack of interesting, smartly created characters – each with their own struggles, strengths, and development.

  • A roller coaster of emotions

A good anime series will fill you with loads of varying emotions. With good narration and a well-crafted plot, you’ll likely find yourself crying over some bittersweet scenes; you’ll laugh over some stupid lines, and smile over the genuine and heartfelt turn of events.

Demonstrating its own touch of innocent charm combined with suspense and action, My Hero Academia is sure to open up new wounds and establish tons of shared happiness as you follow the show’s tender scenes and the characters’ hilarious antics.

  • Epic fight scenes

Exploring the usual themes apparent in classic Shonen anime, My Hero Academia does not disappoint with its epic fight scenes. Fortunately, the show’s thrilling full-scale battles will leave you breathless in suspense and excitement.

Blessed with commendably stylish animation and hyping soundtrack, you’ll never run out of quality fight scenes to drool over.


Where to Watch My Hero Academia English Dubbed Legally?

Given the show’s astounding popularity that has captivated not just anime enthusiasts but also those who are not normally fond of animated series, it comes as no surprise that you can now watch My Hero Academia English dubbed on a broad range of online streaming services.

Ready to start your marathon and finally click that play button? Here are the top sites and platforms to check out.

  • Funimation

When it comes to securing quality dubbed anime, no other platform tops Funimation. Full of rich movies and series collections, the streaming service promises a fun, convenient, and hassle-free marathon experience. It also offers a multi-streaming platform feature, offline viewing option, and reliable English dubbing.

To date, Funimation subscriptions start at the low price of $5.99 per month.

  • Hulu

Also taking pride in its thousands of shows and movies, you could turn to Hulu if you want to watch My Hero Academia English dubbed legally. Promising easy navigation and a remarkable TV option feature, the service runs as one of the top streaming platforms available for devoted anime fanatics.

Available for the same price as Funimation, $5.99 per month, Hulu is a worthwhile subscription. However, you will find some commercial breaks while watching your target films and series.

  • Netflix

Where else can you turn when looking for a quality English dubbed series? Netflix, of course! Currently one of the ultimate streaming choices of the public, Netflix hosts numerous movies and series covering a diverse range of genres.

At the time of writing, a basic Netflix subscription will only cost you $9 per month. This provides access to a large pool of quality films and shows you can watch anytime, anywhere.

The Bottom Line

Ready to dive straight into the world of interesting heroes in training? Genuine, hopeful, and heartfelt, My Hero Academia will awaken the classic Shonen devotee within you. Don’t miss its vivid characterization, moving fight scenes, and smart narration.

Be sure to watch My Hero Academia in English dubbed today by subscribing to any of the streaming services mentioned above.

Start your marathon today!

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