Where to Watch Samurai Champloo English Dubbed Legally?

Looking for sites where you can watch Samurai Champloo in English dubbed? Stick around as we share the answer along with some background of this anime show.

Considered the early warriors and military men of pre-modern Japan, samurais or bushis held high esteem, particularly during the Edo Period.

Skilled in combat, these authority figures served as one of the country’s first lines of defense against feuding landowners and those who sought private protection.

The historical significance and the action-packed adventures of these figures make for a thrilling watch. So, those interested in samurais should definitely watch Samurai Champloo English dubbed today.

If you want to learn more about the rich culture and history of Japan or simply appreciate historical anime, you’ll appreciate shows like Samurai Champloo. Premiering in May 2004, the show ignited a sense of excitement and curiosity for thousands of fans around the world.

Years after the show’s TV premiere Samurai Champloo remains a favorite among viewers old and young throughout the globe. Because of its continued popularity and warm reception, let’s find out where to watch Samurai Champloo English dubbed legally.

What is Samurai Champloo?

Before we go any further, let’s familiarize you with the series. After all, this anime was critically acclaimed and continues to be recognized for its forward-thinking approach to television shows.

Falling under the chanbara film and television genre, which roughly translates into a genre filled with ninjas and samurais and a fascination with sword fighting, Samurai Champloo is considered a period animated drama.

At the same time, the show also fulfills the eastern niche of historical-based drama and samurai action and swordfights, the equivalent of western cowboy-filled creations.

True to its genre, the anime has moving storylines and action-packed journeys as well as thrilling and dramatic fights – all packed into 26 episodes.


Samurai Champloo follows the story of Fuu Kasumi, a young waitress working in a teahouse. A naturally clumsy and awkward girl, Fuu finds herself in a bit of dilemma after accidentally spilling tea over one of her customers, leading her to be harangued by a group of samurais.

In attempts to save herself from the harassment, Fuu calls upon Mugen. This somewhat mysterious man defeats the group with his unusual fighting techniques.

Feeling confident about his overwhelming triumph over the band of men, Mugen challenges another reluctant customer to a fight, a ronin named Jin.

Unbeknownst to Mugen, Jin is well-versed in the art of sword fighting, taking on a rather traditional approach to the combat. The ensuing fight between the two leaves the small teahouse in disarray and results in the tragic death of the local magistrate’s son.

Slated to face execution, Mugen and Jin prepare to face their fate. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Fuu serves as their savior. She breaks the two out of captivity and hires them as her personal bodyguards.

Though uncertain about Fuu, both Mugen and Jin travel with the former waitress in search of a samurai who smells like sunflowers.

Taking place in a reimagined Edo Period, Samurai Champloo serves as a social commentary of the emerging and constantly evolving Japanese culture, as exemplified by the trio and their movement away from their norms.

Groundbreaking, hilarious, and downright thought-provoking, the anime series serves as one of the most defining shows in history.

Samurai Champloo in Popular Culture

Coming from Cowboy Bepop, Shinichiro Watanabe managed to masterfully weave an anachronistic Japanese world set in the Edo Period. Watanabe’s stylistic and hands-on pursuits manifested themselves throughout the creation of this anime.

In fact, one of the most defining characteristics of the show is its excellent use of hip-hop music. Notably, it greatly contrasts the heavy use and reference to the traditional samurai and Japanese way of life.

Perhaps this helps viewers connect to the fast-paced show and the growth and change of characters during their quest.

Several notable artists made appearances on the soundtracks. This included DJ Tstutchie and Force of Nature, a hip-hop duo renowned in Japan. R&B princess, Kazami, also made a ballad for the soundtrack.

Moreover, the show has garnered even more significance as it is the only anime series of its kind to have the late Japanese hip-hop producer Nujabes work’s imbued within.

In line with the show’s impending release, a manga of the same name also debuted in January of 2005. The manga was released around the world, including North America, Australia, New Zealand, and even in Spain and Brazil.

Because of its unprecedented success, the show also gave birth to a video game made for PlayStation 2 called Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked.

Where to Watch Samurai Champloo English Dubbed 

Enough about the background. Are you ready to watch the series? Here’s where you can watch Samurai Champloo English dubbed in your area today.

  • Amazon

Available for Amazon Prime members, Samurai Champloo can easily be accessed by those who have accounts with this e-commerce giant. However, those who only want one episode of the anime can get them for $1.99 per episode. Meanwhile, the entire season 1 retails for $38.99. Otherwise, Amazon Prime has a minimal membership fee which includes a range of other shows and even faster shipping options. Win-win.

  • Funimation

Another worthy contender on the list: Funimation. Specially designed for all-things anime, Funimation is home to thousands of subbed and dubbed anime shows.

True to its name, Funimation extends a fun and exciting time for viewers looking to maximize their membership. Starting at $5.99 per month, individuals can take advantage of this platform’s multi-streaming and offline viewing features.

  • Netflix

Perhaps one of the best and most accessible streaming sites worldwide, Netflix offers endless hours of anime viewing pleasure. For a basic subscription plan, valued at $9 per month, users can access a ton of anime selections from an extensive library of films and shows.

Not to mention, Netflix takes pride in serving high definition shows complete with subtitles and even language options and dubbed options for its wealth of content.

  • Anime News Network

One of the pioneers of anime viewing and streaming access, Anime News Network remains at the top of its game. Though not necessarily a streaming service per se, this platform grants access to a variety of options.

From purchasing the DVD to the whole series set, you have the luxury to choose what you want to get.

Collectors and avid fans of the show would do well to order their own set in order to watch Samurai Champloo English dubbed legally – all in the comforts of home.

The Bottom Line

Have you chosen which of these services and platforms you intend to watch Samurai Champloo English dubbed legally on?

With these options, you can join Fuu, Mugen, and Jin as they seek the samurai who smells like sunflowers. Will they ever see this mysterious figure? You’ll just have to watch and see.

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