When is No Game No Life Season 2 Going to Be Released?

Curious about the status of No Game No Life season 2 release date? Stick around as we share we know so far…

Isekai anime is on the rise! From Fushigi Yuugi, Re:Zero, to Overlord, Isekai anime offers a wide range of quality series. Among this list, Yū Kamiya’s No Game No Life is perhaps one of the best.

In fact, it has  helped redefine the genre over the past decade.

First published under the MF Bunko J in 2012, this Japanese light novel series exemplifies fine Isekai anime. From its relatable set of characters, and compelling storyline, to impressive animation, the series has, no doubt, left a mark on the public consciousness.

It is no wonder that many are waiting with much anticipation for the second season of this notable anime series.

If you’re among them, then here is a rundown of everything you need to know about the status of the No Game No Life season 2 release date.

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No Game No Life: What is it about?

Following a typical Isekai plotline, No Game No Life follows the adventures of two half-siblings transported into a fantasy world. Specifically, the anime centers on Sora and Shiro. These two shut-ins reign supreme on the online gaming world under the name Blank.

One day, a boy calling himself Tet, the God of Games, challenges them to a game of chess. Given the duo’s unmatched gaming skills, the game ended in their favor. In turn, they receive an offer to live in a world dictated by games.

Taking the proposal as a joke, the two agreed; only to find themselves plunged into a fantastic alternative world that far surpasses their imaginations.

In this dimension, war is forbidden and all kinds of conflicts – from the pettiest to the most serious – are decided by duels.

However, to qualify for a game, the siblings learn the world’s one fundamental rule; each party must wage something they deem to be of equal value to the other party’s wager.

Brilliant, moving, and enthralling, No Game No Life comes as one of the blockbusters in the Isekai world.

Boasting a set of well-crafted characters, smart plot line, and compelling turn of events, the series stands as a must-see for anyone who wishes to find a quality, surreal comedy packed with mind-blowing antics and fan service.

What Happened in Season 1?

While the series first appeared as a light novel in 2013, its manga adaptation debuted in March 2013. And it soon hit the small screen in July of the same year.

In the anime version, the first four episodes cover what happened in the first volume of the light novel. Meanwhile, episodes 5 to 8 encompassed the events that happened in the second volume of the novel.

The only major discrepancy between the anime adaptation and the original light novel appeared in Episode 12. In this episode the story ended by jumping ahead to an event meant to happen in a later volume.

The first season of the anime ended in a cliff-hanger. Shiro and Sora won against the Warbeasts and declared their plan to defeat Tet, the One True God.

While the final episode revealed many of the questions concerning the premise, many remain unsolved, leaving room for a sequel. With this ending, worldwide fans can’t help but feel excited and thrilled for the comeback of the Blank team.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date?

To date, fans and critics alike expect a continuation of the story. Although, the creators and producers have not issued an official confirmation of a No Game No Life Season 2.

Shiro and Sora have stated numerous times that they plan to defeat Tet and become gods of the fantasy world. So, the story will only feel complete when the duo finally achieves that goal.

Moreover, since the light novel originally came in multiple volumes, producers have plenty of material to create a second season. (The first season covered the first five volumes and a film released in 2017 utilized the sixth volume.) 

Sure, it’s true that Madhouse, the animation studio behind the anime adaptation, rarely creates second installments for anime series.

But the fact that Overlord, another Isekai produced by the studio, was provided with a second, third, and fourth installment makes the thought of a second season possible.

The only problem is the sudden shift in Episode 12 towards an event that was supposed to happen later on. Because of this, many theorize that the producers must reckon the first season’s ending and redo it again in order to generate a Season 2 for the anime.

Unlike many anime movies on a TV adaptation, No Game No Life: Zero’s plot was actually based on a single light novel volume instead of being an original story. Author Kamiya was up to only Volume 5 when the first season of the anime aired in 2014 and the publisher requested that he submit the manuscript for Volume 6 before the anime aired,” an article from Monsters and Critics explained.

That explains why the ending of the first season drew upon Volume 6 for the dramatic ending. The book was also more of a prequel than a continuation of the main story, which is why Madhouse couldn’t immediately produce a second season. The book has the god Tet explaining his own origins and how the Ten Pledges came to rule Disboard after the tragic end of the Great War between the 16 races,” it added.

However, the site claimed that the possibility for a No Game No Life Season 2 remains highly unchallenged.

“The good news is that there is plenty of source material for studio Madhouse to create No Game No Life Season 2. Since one book was turned into the movie, six volumes are available for the second season, leaving room for the possibility of a 24-episode, two-cour second season. Even if a longer second season doesn’t happen, it’d also make sense for Madhouse to jump straight into No Game No Life Season 3,” it argued.

This was supported by the anime website Akanagi, which claimed that although the adaptation had been criticized for the flow of the anime adaptation, “the light novel series of No Game No Life is still running and may get a new book in coming future which will help the creators in improving the content for the second season of the No Game No Life.”

The Bottom Line

Can’t wait to see the Blank team make their way back onto the small screen? No confirmation or update about the status of a No Game No Life season 2 release date has been given. But fans of this Isekai masterpiece remain unbaffled as they patiently wait for the continuation of the story.

Are you one of them?

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