When Will Nisekoi Season 3 Be Released?

Are you curious when Nisekoi season 3 will be released or perhaps it was canceled? Well, you’re in the right place so keep reading. But before we share with you the details of season 3 let’s give you some background to get you all caught up.

Nisekoi, also known as Fake Love, managed to capture the hearts of anime manga fans around the world with its romantic comedy antics alongside the quirky roster of characters you can’t help but falling in love with. Based on the manga comic originally written and created by Naoshi Komi, the series follows the story of Raku Ichijo, a high school student who is the son of a prominent gang leader in the country, and Chitoge Kirisaki, the daughter of the rival yakuza’s leader.

To settle the dispute between the two parties, both leaders have agreed to make peace with each other. As a sign of peace, the yakuza gangs decided to pair their children with one another. Under this compromise, the children must pretend to like each other and date one another to maintain the accord agreed on by the gangs.

Seemingly paying homage to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the Nisekoi franchise moved beyond the famed manga comics. With its popularity both in Japan and around the globe, the manga was later on adapted to an anime series that was produced by Shaft and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo. It premiered across numerous Japanese channels, including Tokyo MX, MBS, TV Aichi, and more.

Ever since the season 2 finale aired on the small screen, the fate of Nisekoi continues to intrigue fans around the globe. This also left people waiting for the third installment of the anime series, leaving them to wonder about the Nisekoi season 3 release date.

Prior to Nisekoi Season 3 Recap

Nisekoi Season 1 Recap

The first installment aired from January 11, 2014, to May 24, 2014, spanning a total of episodes. In season 1, we witness the introduction of the protagonists such as Raku Ichijo and Chitoge Kirisaki. Raku’s father belongs to the yakuza gang called Shuei-gumi, which rivals Chitoge’s father’s gang known as Beehive.

Season 1 starts off in a highly comedic manner by pairing off two children coming from different backgrounds. Both their families are invested in their so-called relationship. However, Raku faces a series of misadventures and challenges along the way. These struggles make it difficult for him to find the one who is destined to unlock the locket which contains the identity of the one he made a vow 10 years ago.

The season 1 finale left viewers wondering about the developments happening to Raku and Chitoge, as well as the harem of girls who longed after him.

Original Video Animations

In the gap between seasons 1 and 2, the creators of the show released two original video animations (OVA) for the viewers. One aired on October 3, 2014, while the second one aired on February 4, 2015.

The first OVA showcased Raku’s misfortune with girls, with the priestess believing that he was being possessed by the spirits of dead boys who were unpopular in their day. Here, the girls had numerous options to try and expel the spirits.

Meanwhile, the second OVA featured Raku and Chitoge continuing with their pretend relationship, which both yakuza gangs witness as they enter the same restaurant. In the same short animated show, all the girls revealed their true selves to Raku when they accidentally ate chocolates laced with alcohol. Despite harassing Raku and demanding him to reveal who he liked among them, the girls all decided to keep mum about the incident.

Another one aired five days before the second installment, dated April 5, 2015. The last OVA aired on January 4, 2016. Both of these OVAs explored Raku’s potential relationships with each other girls, which manifested itself through a series of dreams.

Nisekoi Season 2 Recap

The second season of Nisekoi quickly followed the first, airing on April 10, 2015, to June 26, 2015. Compared to the 20-episode series the previous year, the second installment only featured 12 episodes, leaving fans in despair about the development of the story.

For the second season, the show starts off by showing Chitoge’s efforts towards making a real development in her relationship with Raku. Chitoge’s mother Hana is also introduced in the show, playing a short but crucial role which may help solve Raku’s locket dilemma.

The girls who competed for Raku’s love and attention continued to do so in this installment. Raku is confronted with different types of situations which test his loyalty, capability, and his honesty as a person. The season ends with Chitoge practicing her confession to Raku. However, upon talking with her father and talking with Raku, the main female protagonist decides to delay her confession in the hopes of spending more time with her so-called boyfriend.

The wild and open-ended finale left viewers wishing for the Nisekoi season 3 release date to come sooner.

Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date

While anime enthusiasts initially believed that the third season will air in 2016, it seems that the studio decided to prioritize other offerings and projects, including Fate/Extra Last Encore.

While creators of Nisekoi have not yet confirmed when installment 3 is slated to come on television screens, the producers of the show already managed to churn out a wonderful continuation for Nisekoi. Due to its fame both on Southeast Asian territories and North American audiences, the company released Nisekoi: False Love, a live-action adaptation which was shown last December 2, 2019.

What’s wonderful about the live-adaptation film is that it provided its own twist that will keep manga and anime film lovers on the edge of their seats. With a huge audience in Japan alone, the movie aired across 294 cinemas.

Seeing the monumental success of the movie in Japan, fans can expect a Niseko season 3 release date sometime in 2020 or even a little later by 2021.

What You Can Expect in Season 3 of Nisekoi

Although Shaft has not released an official statement regarding the third season’s premiere date, viewers already have their fair share of predictions of what’s to come in the next season. For one, Raku might finally notice Chitoge’s deepening feelings for him. Likewise, the story may also explore the serious implications of Raku and Chitoge’s relationship with one another, as well as how it affects their families and friends.

Other fans have also resulted in speculations that the new series will air during the Crunchyroll Expo this October 2019 happens. Many have even claimed that Shaft anime studios are currently working on an unannounced project. However, fans are still wary of getting their hopes up, especially when they are only setting themselves up for disappointment.

Since the manga comics contains a total of 25 volumes with a total of 229 chapters, viewers are still hopeful to see content that might just bring Raku and the harem’s story to a close, if only for the last time.

While you are waiting for the third installment, why not catch up on seasons one and two from the Nisekoi franchise? You can watch these on popular streaming sites such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, and more.

Wrapping Up

What do you guys think? Will Raku finally end up with Chitoge? Or do you prefer for the Raku to end up with somebody else? With its storyline hitting close to home, especially to teenagers, it’s not that hard to imagine that these loved anime shows took off. While you’re staving off your Nisekoi cravings, you may want to read the manga. This way, you’ll be in the know for what happens next. In the meantime, we will have to patiently wait for the Nisekoi season 3 release date.

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