Where Can You Watch One Piece English Dubbed?

In a time when anything is possible on the Internet, true blue fans choose to watch their favorite anime shows through legal platforms. This not only lets them view Japan’s famous animated series such as One Piece without any guilt, but also enables them to support the industry.

By watching on legal sites, they can contribute to official numbers allowing the creators and the sector itself to determine just how popular their favorite shows are. Moreover, some fans also prefer watching on legal sites to financially contribute to the success of the series, while also having the convenience of accessing a lot of content through a reliable platform.

Aside from the choice to watch through legal streaming sites, non-Japanese fans also choose to watch anime with audio dubs instead of subtitles. For One Piece fans, having the option to watch One Piece English dubbed is a great thing. Wondering why? Read on.

Why Watch One Piece English Dubbed?

If you are a One Piece fan, you might want to watch the show with an English dub instead of the original language with subtitles. Not convinced? Let’s see the reasons why some prefer English dubs.

  • Multitasking

Japanese animation has captured the interest and love of people of all ages. While younger individuals might have plenty of time to solely dedicate to watching anime, older viewers may have other things they need to do and accomplish during what is supposed to be their free time. For example, adult fans may have to do household chores and other similar tasks once they get home.

Now, they can maximize the use of their time by watching their favorite anime while also finishing menial tasks. With dubs, they can take their eyes off the screen for a few seconds and tune in to the dialogs instead of completely missing out on what is happening like what would happen with subs.

  • Visual impairments

Another important reason why some viewers prefer dubbed versions is due to visual impairments. Usually, subtitles come in small font sizes, making them very difficult to read. In some cases, the individual may have a condition that prevents them from reading the subs from afar. The best solution to this is to simply watch the show with English voice acting. This way, viewers don’t risk missing any important dialog.

  • Helps focus on the action

Many people do not like to read subs, not because they are having difficulty catching the subtitles, but because they want to focus on what is happening on the screen. Let’s face it, while helpful in clarifying the actual dialog, subtitles can be distracting. More so if the font size is too big and is placed in a bad spot. By going for dubbed anime shows, they can eliminate the possibility of such disruption and annoyance.

  • Simple preference

To some fans the decision to watch the show with dubs rather than subs is because of simple preference. Some like the English voices better than the original Japanese ones. This could be because in some places such as in North America, the dubbed versions were the very first ones shown on television networks.

Moreover, during the dubbing process, there are changes in the voice acting that can make the voices and even dialogs more relatable to non-Japanese viewers. This makes the English dubbed version much more appealing and relevant to such an audience.

A Word of Warning

When watching dubbed One Piece episodes, there are some dubs you might want to avoid. One of these is the 4Kids Entertainment version. In this release, the company opted to edit the content in order to cut down unwanted content and shorten the show. In fact, they trimmed the series by a few episodes. Imagine the amount of action, story and dialogs lost in this version!

Aside from shaving a significant amount of content, the company also changed the names of some of the characters. Good thing FUNimation Entertainment produced their own dub involving Toei Animation, the company that produced the show, and the creator himself, Eiichiro Oda. While there have been changes due to censorship, this is well-received by fans.

Where You Can Watch One Piece English Dubbed

So, when choosing to watch the show with English voice acting, make sure that you choose the right legal streaming service with the best dubs. Here is a list of the best sites that let you legally watch the show with superb quality.

  • onepieceofficial.com

When planning to watch this show, the first thing you want to check out is its official website. It carries updated episodes of the series, making it easy to keep up with the many installments. Moreover, it has a whole lot of related content, making it a perfect resource for all fans.

  • FUNimation

As mentioned, the FUNimation dub is one of the best English versions. It has good reviews from anime fans and the participation of the production company and the creator of the manga and anime himself. In fact, Oda personally picked the best audio clips for the voice actors of the main characters and villains.

The best thing about this platform is that it offers free streaming services for those who cannot spare a few bucks for a subscription. Just keep in mind that you will be shown advertisements, which can be disrupting. However, if you want to watch with zero interruptions, then you might want to pay for a subscription. The rates range from $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

  • Anime Planet

Another great option with a wide catalog of content is Anime-Planet. Considered one of the best sites in the world, this small company offers legitimate copies of the show for you to stream and watch. According to the website, its services are industry-supported, making it a great way to help the anime sector. Because of this, you can watch anime shows on this site for free and with ads.

  • Amazon Prime Video

Perhaps one of the costliest but definitely legal options, Amazon Prime Video lets you purchase a copy of the show in standard definition quality. You can choose to buy each episode for at least $1.99 or to purchase the whole season for around $17.99. When you do so, your copy will come with a variety of subtitles and audio languages to choose from, giving you a chance to switch from subs to dubs and vice versa anytime.

  • Buy Official DVD Releases

Hardcore fans will be happy to know that they can purchase physical copies of the show and related films. From box sets to various packages, you can definitely score some of the episodes through various channels such as Amazon and the FUNimation online store. This way, you can build your collection while also getting to watch your favorite anime legally.

Getting to watch One Piece English dubbed can be fulfilling. With the right platform that offers legal and high-quality content, you can enhance your experience while also supporting the industry that many people appreciate and love.

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