Where to Watch Black Clover in English Dubbed

Are you looking for sites where you can watch Black Clover in English dubbed legally? If so, read below to find out some info here…

For international fans of Japanese animated series, subtitles and dubbed versions are definitely a lifesaver. They not only allow non-Japanese speaking audiences to understand the show but also give viewers an option that is closer to their context. After all, some dubs make necessary changes to make the dialogs more relatable to international watchers. If you are a fan of fantasy anime, then you might want to watch Black Clover English dubbed.

With dubbed options, fans of this anime do not need to worry about keeping their eyes glued to the screen to read subtitles. Moreover, individuals with visual impairments can follow the action even without the aid of subs. Wondering what you should know about watching this series with dubs? Check out the guide below.

 A Brief Guide on Black Clover

Before we proceed with the websites on which you can watch Black Clover English dubbed, starting fans need to know what to expect from this anime. Here is a list of the most essential things that await you:

  • A well-loved, yet unique plot

One of the most adored tropes in Japanese animation is Black Clover, with many favorite characters starting off as ordinary individuals but turning out to have a lot of things in store for them. Moreover, it also uses the ‘Un-Sorcerer’ trope, as the protagonist Asta was born without magic in a world where everyone has it. With this introduction, you know you are in for a wild ride as Asta and fellow orphan and prodigy Yuno find their way into the Clover Kingdom’s Order of the Magic Knights.

This series is based on the shounen manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. With this, you can expect an exciting and fulfilling storyline that anime fans know and love so well. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is simply a rehashing of tired tales. Just watch the show and you’ll understand.

  • It currently has 122 episodes

As of this writing, you have a lot of material to go through as there are 122 episodes you can watch. You will be glad to know that this show has a very low filler rate, with only 4% being reported as fillers. In fact, it only has 5 filler episodes, making it easy to go through manga canon and essential arcs.

  • It has a spin-off series

If you happen to love the anime and you are craving more, you should definitely check out the spin-off series, Squishy! Black Clover. This is a mini-series composed of shorts but in chibi form. So, if you ever want to see the notable characters of this show depicted in a cute and “squishy” style, then make sure to watch this spin-off.

  • FUNimation has the license for English Dubs

Like many animated shows, there are companies that acquire the license to create an English dubbed version of the anime. For this anime, FUNimation was granted the license. This company also created dubs for Bleach and One Piece.


The Thing About the Black Clover English Dub

Now, you might have heard complaints about the English voice acting created by other companies, just like what fans have to say about the 4Kids Entertainment One Piece English dub. Fortunately, FUNimation’s work on Black Clover is deemed by fans as a job well done. In fact, some even say that the English dub is better than the original! So, you are in for a treat when you Watch Black Clover English Dubbed.


Websites Where You Can Watch Black Clover English Dubbed

That said, you might be wondering where you can watch the dubbed version of this show. Well, fret not because here is a list of the legal and most reliable sites for watching this show in English.

  • FUNimation

Of course, there is no place better than the official FUNimation website if you want to watch the company’s dub for this series. Watching on this platform is easy and convenient as it carries all the dubbed episodes in one place. For those on a tight budget but who still want to see this series in high-quality and with the company’s dub, there is no need to worry because you can actually watch using this site for free!

Watching for free means that you will have to deal with advertisements, so make sure to expect a few interruptions. If this is a deal-breaker for you, then you have the option to pay for a subscription for as low as $5.99. You can also get a year-long subscription which costs $59.99.

  • Hulu

Nowadays, streaming services are one of the most essential services that any avid media consumer should have. You are probably familiar with Netflix, which has paved its way into the lives of many viewers, especially those who love binging on shows and films.

Its competitor, Hulu, is another great website and service that can give you the English dubbed version of the anime. However, keep in mind that it only carries a few episodes, so if this anime is the only thing you want on this streaming service, then you might want to pick a different option.

  • Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is another great resource for watching many animated shows in one place. It gives you the option to watch with the English dub or with subs. This service also allows you to watch without paying anything. Just like FUNimation, watching for free means of dealing with advertisements. However, this platform is industry-supported, so you know that you are watching from a legitimate source.

A great thing about this site is that it lets you organize your anime series to watch, from shows that you want to see to those that you have already seen. It also gives you statistics from users, making it easier to determine whether many viewers are interested in a particular series. This can help you decide which one to watch after Black Clover based on popularity. Or, with the variety of shows available on this site, you can explore other options.

  • Amazon

If you want to own a digital copy of the show, then buying from Amazon is a great choice. It lets you purchase per episode for only $2.99, or per season for $9.99. If you think this is much more expensive than other options, keep in mind that it allows you to own a high definition copy. This option gives you a copy complete with subtitles and dubs in different languages, making it easier to switch from dubs to subs and to your preferred language if available.

Amazon also lets you purchase physical copies of the anime in DVD or Blu-ray form. This is a great way to start or increase your collection. However, remember that this is more expensive. You might need to purchase various DVDs to complete the entire series or you can find a collected edition of all available episodes.



Being able to watch Black Clover English dubbed is a great way to spend your free time. You can even accomplish menial chores while watching as dubs allow you to multitask. With such a convenient option, you can relax your mind and perform mindless tasks without hassle.

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