Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super in English Dubbed

Want to know where to watch Dragon Ball Super English dubbed legally? Read on to learn more as we give you the best places to do so. Stay tuned…

As a child, you may have grown up with Goku, Vegeta, and even Gohan gracing your television screen. With the show’s successful run throughout the years, you likely noticed – and bought yourself – Dragon Ball Super’s merch everywhere. From the department stores to neighborhood haunts, the franchise has turned into a global phenomenon rocking the worlds of both children and children at heart.

Produced alongside the Dragon Ball Super manga, this shounen anime series‘ storyline has been considered groundbreaking, primarily because only since the finale of Dragon Ball GT in 1997 has a show created another television series that ventures into another direction.

Even years or decades after the supreme reign of the Dragon Ball franchise, you might be wondering, “are there still people who watch Dragon Ball Super English dubbed?” The answer? Absolutely.

Warm Reception of Dragon Ball Super

Airing in Japan in July 2015, the series has left North American viewers hankering for their English-dubbed anime version. After all, many viewers have voraciously and intently followed the franchise’s storyline throughout the years. And, most fans and viewers have now entered well into adulthood.

It is difficult not to love such a complex and relatable show. With characters Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and the others having their fair share of flaws, many identify with this show.

Despite some saying they were not wholly happy with the new direction and the new course of animation taking over the industry, there were still more and more individuals tuning in and asking where to watch Dragon Ball Super English dubbed legally.

As a whole, however, Toei Animation, the studio responsible for making the franchise come alive again, was still largely praised for its storyline and direction. Moreover, fans and viewers alike raved about character arcs and developments – giving each character their due on screen.

What Is Dragon Ball Super and Why Should You Watch It?

Following the story of Goku and friends after the defeat of Majin Buu, the series starts off by showing Goku’s prowess in various aspects. From courageously facing challenges head-on to exploring the depths and extents of his powers, Goku emerges as a leader more mature and capable than ever before.

The perfect mix of action, drama, comedy, Shounen, fantasy, and adventure, Dragon Ball Super is worth watching over and over again. If you have just finished watching the previous Dragon Ball shows, chances are you’re seeking to satisfy those pangs of separation and excitement within you.

If this is the case, you are in for a treat. Apart from the heart-wrenching moments peppered within the show, the music, the action-packed storylines, and the characters will certainly draw you back to their world. This is recommended especially if you have watched the previous shows. In particular, this series takes on a much more comedic approach to life and everything that happens in between.

What You Can Expect in Dragon Ball Super

Geared towards a much younger and contemporary audience, viewers can expect a few changes in this anime series. Curious to know what these are?

To clue you in, Dragon Ball Super’s storyline happens between Dragon Ball Z’s episode 288 and 289. It follows Goku’s travels and adventures after defeating Majin Buu and his journey towards learning the Super Saiyan God superpowers, alongside Vegeta, of course.

Through their tumultuous adventure, these heroes move towards different locations and universes in order to protect their people and save the Earth from destruction.

In 131 episodes, Dragon Ball Super manages to take viewers on a heart-pumping expedition that’s a lot less gore and bloodshed but still a whole lot of action.

Where to Watch Dragon Ball Super English Dubbed

  • Funimation

One of the premier streaming websites around the globe, Funimation offers unlimited ad-free viewing experiences for viewers. Not to mention, it also boasts of the same ad-free format geared towards manga users. This means you can now read the Dragon Ball Super manga before or after watching the series.

While most videos and mangas can be accessed free of charge, there are premium contents only accessible in specific regions. Some may even have copious ads, thus ruining your viewing pleasure. To give you the best experience, you can get a premium monthly membership account starting at $5.99. Meanwhile, you can save more money with the yearly subscription at $99.99 per year. This gives you access not only to five simultaneous streams and offline viewing, but also an anniversary gift to boot.

If you’re iffy about shelling out money for a monthly subscription service to watch Dragon Ball Super English dubbed, try Funimation’s free trial period to get a feel of their premium service.

  • Anime Lab

For fans and avid viewers who live in Australia or New Zealand, you’re in luck. Anime Lab brings Dragon Ball Super closer to you wherever and whenever you need it. With accessibility from almost all devices and systems – including PlayStation Store, Samsung devices, the App Store, Google Play, Telstra TV, and Xbox Store – Anime Lab allows viewers to watch the best of anime anytime.

For those who want to watch Dragon Ball Super English dubbed, Anime Lab offers a premium subscription service. This gives viewers no pesky advertisements, no delays, and only high definition shows for only $6.95 per month. This includes offline playback and full access to shows and films.

Anime Lab also offers free access to its wide array of shows. The caveat? It only comes in the original Japanese language with English subtitles. If you want to do away with this, considering the premium option might work in your favor.

  • AnimeHeaven.ru

While ad-free content remains supreme, many simply want to watch content for free and save their money. If this is your case, you have come to the right place.

AnimeHeaven.ru gives anime fans and enthusiasts a place to watch Dragon Ball Super English dubbed without paying extra fees and with extra-fast loading times. With all 131 episodes, you will definitely have a grand time watching hours of fun and excitement. Plus, available in 720p, and 1080p, this allows you to watch your favorite show in vibrant and full detail.

The Bottom Line

Now that we have laid out all these choices for you, have you found the best place to watch Dragon Ball Super English dubbed legally? We hope you’ve found one that not only suits your lifestyle, but gives you everything you need and more.

With endless tasks and challenges ahead of them, Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the team exemplify what it truly means to go beyond your calling and do what is required not only to save loved ones, but to save the Earth and the possibilities it holds. Watch Dragon Ball Super English dubbed today and you won’t regret it – you’ll be hooked for life.

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