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If you were given the power to bestow death upon anyone, how would you choose to use it? Will you maximize that devastating power to bring safety into the world? Or use it for your personal security?

If you’re into psychological thrillers, chances are you’ve already heard of the popular dark anime series, Death Note. First aired in 2006, the Japanese anime series has since recruited thousands of fans all over the world with its gripping storyline and interesting set of characters.

To date, more than a decade since its initial release, Death Note continues to rise in popularity. It even has a Netflix live-action adaptation among its credentials. With this, it comes as no surprise that many are looking forward to watching this Japanese anime masterpiece. If you’re among them, there’s a good chance that you’re wondering where you can watch Death Note English dubbed legally. To help you with that, here is a countdown of the best streaming platforms you should check out today.

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What Is Death Note All About?

First serialized in the popular manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2003, Death Note centers on the story of Light Yagami, a teen prodigy with a seemingly bright future ahead. One day, everything changes when he stumbles across a unique notebook that fell straight from the sky. To his surprise, the item carries a devastating ability that grants him power over death. To kill someone, he only has to write his target’s name in the notebook and imagine their face in his mind.

Fascinated by the unbelievable power that has fallen into his hands, he decides to eliminate all criminals and establish a new world where crime doesn’t exist, and everything works under his command.

However, with the continuous series of murders, the police conclude that there is a serial killer targeting criminals. In an effort to identify who the culprit is and determine the events surrounding the chain of killings, they seek the help of a young and peculiar detective known only by the name of L.

Smart, moving, and thought-provoking, Death Note comes as one of the anime giants in the realm of psychological thrillers. Loaded with twists, intriguing characters, and terrific storylines, the anime series remains a top favorite, promising a hilarious and haunting narrative of morality and delusions.


Why Watch Death Note English Dubbed?

Aside from its unique storyline, Death Note also takes pride in a variety of features and elements that make it a compelling series to watch. In particular, here are the top features that make this anime series a must-watch this season.

Here they are:

  • It comes with an intriguing set of characters

Aside from the enthralling storyline, one thing that makes Death Note a good series to watch is its intriguing and complex set of characters. Light Yagami, for instance, is a well-built character who is sure to pique your interest. To illustrate, Yagami has evolved from a bored teen prodigy into a sociopath blinded by his own ambitious ideals. This huge character evolution makes the audience root for the supposedly bad guy and hold their breath as they try to follow how the overwhelmingly huge ruckus orchestrated by a prodigy-gone-mad character will turn out in the end.

  • The cat-and-mouse pattern will keep you at the edge of your seat

Another feature that makes this Japanese anime series a must-watch is its careful and thoughtful demonstration of how two geniuses – a teen sociopath and a young eccentric detective – contest using thoughtful and surprising tricks up their sleeves. Yagami showcases his genius as he orchestrates seemingly impeccable crimes against criminals. On the other hand, L’s peculiar genius extracts tremendous bits of information from the tiniest pieces of hints scattered on the most unimagined places.

With this gripping battle of wits between two geniuses, Death Note promises a terrific and fun anime experience. Surely, it will keep you addicted and invested.

  • Its themes delve on the questions of dreams and morality

If you’re fond of series that suggest philosophical challenges, then bet on Death Note. The series not only blurs the line between good and evil; it also highlights the contradictions between ideals and reality, gods and humans, villains and heroes, and morality and justice.


Where You Can Watch Death Note English Dubbed

Now, to start your marathon, you should know which streaming platforms to turn for quality and remarkable watching experience.

To help you with that, we have rounded up the best legal streaming services to watch Death Note English dubbed today.

Here they are:

  • Funimation

For the first on our list, nothing tops Funimation when it comes to providing a reliable and quality streaming platform to watch well-dubbed anime shows. Boasting of a long and impressive collection that includes movies and series, this online streaming platform promises fun and convenient binge-watching experience with its multi-streaming platform feature, fast dubbing, and offline viewing option.


Its popularity can be traced back to the year 1994, when it became the distributor of the ever-popular Dragon Ball Z series in Cartoon Network’s Toonami block, thereby introducing the world of Saiyans into the American consciousness.

To date, Funimation remains a top option in the anime streaming world with subscriptions starting at $5.99 per month.

  • Netflix

Widely recognized as a modern streaming giant, Netflix also comes as another option to start your Death Note anime marathon. Popular for its comprehensive collection of films and series from various genres, including Anime, Teen, Comedies, Documentaries, Horror, and more, this all-round streaming service takes pride in its superb picture quality, subbed and dubbed features, and original content high-interest movies and series.

To date, a basic Netflix subscription will only cost you $9 per month.

  • Crunchyroll

Of course, no anime streaming services list would be complete without Crunchyroll. Loaded with tons of anime series and movies to choose from, along with a multi-platform support feature and ad-free option, this streaming service comes as another worthy platform you could check out today to start your anime marathon.

As of writing this list, you can get a Premium subscription of Crunchyroll for only $6.95 per month.


The Bottom Line

Have you decided which among these legal streaming platforms will you choose to finally start your Death Note marathon?

Step into the thrilling world of Light and see for yourself how this teen prodigy’s mission to expurgate evil from the world will turn out. Will he be able to make the world a crime-free land and achieve the position of a god? Or, will L finally shake him up from his dreamland?

Watch Death Note English dubbed now.

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