Who is Blast in One Punch Man?

Are you wondering who the anime character Blast is in One Punch Man? Blast from the anime One Punch Man is one of the top superheroes of the series. He is currently a Rank-1 hero in the S class. While One Punch Man comes with plenty of superheroes, he is deemed to be incredibly powerful and to some extent the best, by the Hero Association.

Since his original identity is still not known, he is subject to plenty of speculations. We saw the final appearance of Blast in the 106th chapter of the webcomic created by ONE.

Till that time, we were only aware of his existence from the insights and conversations of others. Now that we’ve seen Blast, we know that he really exists. What’s more, we are also aware that he holds an acquaintance with Tatsumaki or Tornado.

While we couldn’t see his face clearly, we have got to know that he has short hair and wears a hero costume along with a cloak. His cloak is almost similar to Saitama, but unlike him, he doesn’t have any hair. If you love watching One Punch Man, you’d probably want to know everything about Blast.

In this article, you will find a detailed insight on Blast, his characteristics and the various theories surrounding him.

Who is Tatsumaki and How Is She Related To Blast?

Tatsumaki is a character who has always been experimented with for her inherent psychic abilities. Almost eighteen years back, she was isolated in a strange and eerie institution. On a certain day, she lied about not being able to use her strong psychic powers and was immediately locked up in a dark cell.

Immediately after this, a chimera lost control and started attacking the people of the institution. Since Tatsumaki had lied, she couldn’t use her power and barely stared at the monster. At this instance, Blast entered the scene and tried to save her. He defeated the monster and advised her about not expecting anyone’s help when a crunch arrives.

These words from Blast motivated her to be a superhero. She currently holds the position of Rank 2 hero in S class.

Blast’s Background

One Man Punch Blast has a short history. It is believed that almost two years back, he fought the Elder Centipede. The fight was so intense that centipede was almost on the verge of death. Sadly, the monster ended up escaping from an underground route before Blast could successfully finish him off.

Blast Abilities and Powers

Since Blast has one of the highest ranks in Hero Association, we can presume that he is the most powerful hero of S-Class. Fubuki had mentioned about the powers of Blast while discussing about him with Saitama. Here, he even compared Blast’s powers to that of a King.

Sitch had mentioned that Blast would only make an advent when humanity was in grave danger. It is important to note that such is the power of Blast that he could bring Elder Centipede at the verge of death.

In case you don’t yet know, Elder Centipede is a lethal monster who could combat powerful forces like Bang, Bomb, and Genos at the same time. Such was the power of Blast that he could successfully defeat a monster like Elder Centipede.

In the databook, Fubuki has speculated that Blast is stronger than the King. After all, he has the power and ability to shoot lasers from eyes. He can also control psychic powers and command several trillions of robots.


Blast One Punch Man Theory

There are plenty of theories surrounding Blast One Punch Man. Some of them are listed below:

Theory 1: According to the first theory, Blast is Saitama’s father. This is assumed as he had a flashback scene where he appeared just like a young man.

However, it is important to note that, as of now, Saitama is 25 years old and this flashback we come across is from 18 years back when he was only seven years old. Due to this reason, there is no legitimate way in which Blast can be Saitama.

In certain scenes, Blast has claimed that he performs his heroic activities in fun and jest. Quite strangely, Saitama is also seen uttering this dialogue. Owing to this resemblance, there are speculations about the relationship between Saitama and Blast. However, with his age in consideration, the theory seems to be extremely plausible.

For instance, let’s assume that Blast is indeed Saitama’s dad and he had him when he was 25. In that case, Blast would be at least 32 during the flashback. So, if he is alive now, he’ll be nothing less than 50 and Saitama as we all know would be 25.

It can also happen that Saitama has a superhero dad who can defeat anyone with his single punches. The very fact that Saitama too could have his father’s powers sounds exciting. This also brings the possibility of a dad-son joint battle in the long run.

Theory 2: As per the second theory, One Punch Man Blast is deemed to be Saitama with a loss of memory. Some viewers assume that Saitama is perhaps experiencing amnesia for the things that happened in his life. So, he isn’t really 25 and just says it without thinking or considering anything else. There is, therefore, a high possibility that he doesn’t have any clue of his real age. He successfully achieved his superhuman strength with his inherent training as his body is still aware of the battle experiences before he lost his memory.

This theory is undoubtedly interesting, and it sounds plausible to us. All of us know how sloppy Saitama is. So, there’s a high chance that he made irresponsible statements regarding his age.

Let us assume that Blast was around 20 years, about 18 years back. In that case, Saitama who in reality is Blast would be 38 years of age. Since his face is extremely simplified in drawings, he can also be as old to be in the late 30s. We personally feel that it would be great to watch Saitama getting reminded of his real identity and memory when he is still assuming the role of Blast.

Bottom Line

Either way, Blast One Punch Man is an amazing character and we hope we could quench your curiosity with our insights of him.

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