Best Explanation of “Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin”

Whether you have long been watching the Naruto series or you are simply an anime fan. Chances are you’re still reeling from the heart-stopping events this show brought into your life. One of these life-changing moments is (spoiler alert!) the death of everyone’s favorite, Rin, in Naruto. But, “Why did Kakashi kill Rin?”

If you have been left behind in the dark, we discuss the reason why she died and what you can expect watching the show after her death. To know more about the show and how it explored the character of Rin, make sure to keep on reading until the very end.

Who is Kakashi?

Kakashi Hatake, also known as Kakashi, is a ninja who hails from the Hatake clan of Konohagakure. He is considered as one of the most talented and sought after shinobis in town. Because of his exceptional skills and leadership capabilities, many individuals regard Kakashi as part of the esteemed elite. Part of his duties includes teaching students, fighting enemies, and honing future shinobis.

At an early age, the importance of following rules and prioritizing missions and the shinobi way of life was deeply ingrained in Kakashi. This is partly the reason why he had difficulties working with Obito during missions.

While Obito, also a classmate and mentee of Minato Namikaze, and Kakashi did not see eye to eye. Both rescued their friend Rin when she was kidnapped on a mission during the Third Shinobi World War. During this mission, Obito sacrificed his life to help save Kakashi and Rin. Obito gave his parting gift to Kakashi, the Sharingan he wielded from his clan. In turn, Kakashi promised to protect Rin and keep her safe at all times.

Who is Rin?

Rin Nohara is the former classmate of Kakashi. Rin hails from the Konohagakure clan as well. She is classified as a chūnin. Meaning she has successfully passed her examinations which showed her exceptional fighting and leadership skills in the academy. Later on, Rin joined the ranks of Obito and Kakashi. Who later on undertook missions to protect their respective clans and villages.

After the kidnapping incident during the Third Shinobi World War, Rin was once again kidnapped. This time, Madara Uchiba, disguised as Kirigakure. Sealed the Three-Tails monster within Rin, with the intent of unleashing the creature in Konoha once Rin and Kakashi returned to the village.

Death of Rin

Rin’s kidnapping incident left her branded as a jinchūriki, also known as a person that have tailed beasts inside of them. These individuals are equipped with extraordinary abilities that allow them to unleash the beasts within. Particularly when they do not know how to control or harness the powers they possess.

Following her branding as a jinchūriki, numerous ninjas and entities were sent after Rin and Kakashi. Despite wanting to save her village and her people, Rin was unable to kill herself as she possessed a powerful status. Because of this, she begged Kakashi to kill her and protect the people. However, Kakashi remained conflicted because of the vow he made to Obito just before the latter died.

Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin?

For viewers who carefully watched the show, you might be thinking that Kakashi had no hand in killing Rin. The answer is both yes and no. Yes, because it was Kakashi’s Chidori which sealed Rin’s fate. No, because technically, Rin only intercepted the Chidori originally meant to hit the Kiri-nin by jumping in front of the attack. This caused Rin’s fatal death.

In the end, the viewers have come to understand that while Kakashi did not want nor did he intend to kill Rin. There is a need to protect the citizens. The only way to achieve this feat was being killed by another person who possessed equal or more power. The unwavering loyalty and the selflessness that Rin showed means that she, too, understood. What it means to be a shinobi serving the people and following their calling.

What Happened After Rin’s Death

Kakashi witnessed a death – and event – so tragic, so devastating, and so traumatizing that his Sharingan evolved into a Mangekyō Sharingan. A Mangekyō Sharingan only reveals and transforms itself into this form when the bearer witnesses the death of someone close to him or her.

Unbeknownst to Kakashi and Rin, Obito was present as they were battling the Kiri forces. As Rin intercepted the Chidori. She uttered Kakashi’s name, revealing that he was the love of her life, much to Obito’s chagrin. When Kakashi passed out after the battle and the grueling events he witnessed. Obito took the reigns and unleased his prowess by slaughtering the Kiri forces.

While Rin experienced a gruesome death, she was later on seen in the afterlife, waiting for Obito to join her.


What is Naruto About?

Naruto remains to be a popular cultural reference despite the show ending almost over a decade ago. As a matter of fact, individuals around the world take inspiration not just from the show’s characters. But also from the countless lessons, it imparts episode after episode. These may just be the reasons why this show has attained cult status. And cemented itself into the anime manga and television anime series hall of fame.

Naruto tells the story of a young ninja in training name Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto desires to become a Hokage when he grows up, thus taking on leader status upon reaching this stage. Prior to becoming a Hokage, the protagonist encounters a number of challenges along the way. Once Naruto successfully undergoing a series of difficulties, the character emerges as a rightful leader of the village.

The World of Naruto

It is undeniable that Naruto is the show’s most popular and beloved character. After all, the anime series and the whole franchise is named after him. Its popularity and its huge demand in Japan. As well as other parts of Asia and North America, made viewers see the charisma and energy coming off Naruto himself.

However, the series also successfully introduced a string of characters that made a strong impact on the lives of viewers around the globe. For one, Rin and Kakashi managed to capture the hearts of people from all parts of the world. Especially with the unbreakable bond and understanding, they both had on each other. While the show is not named after these characters. The showrunners ensure to give each and every one of these individuals justice by showing their origins and writing their own storyline. More than this, these characters have exceptional character development. Effectively drawing you into the world of Naruto more than you expected.

Sure, Kakashi and Rin may just be side characters who serve to further develop the anime show’s storyline. Despite the seemingly irrelevant role they play. These characters are bound to make you love them not just for the values they stand for. But also for their strong personalities and downright hilarious antics.

What Next?

The story of Kakashi and Rin depicted a sense of obligation and loyalty to their respective villages. More than this, their stories showed a deeper understanding of what it means to love, and ultimately, sacrifice for the greater good. If you are still unable to move on from Rin’s death or you want to revisit these haunting events. Make sure to watch Naruto series once more. Hopefully, you understand now why did Kakashi kill Rin. It’s hard to accept it but at least you now understand his reasons.

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