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Let’s Talk About Why People Like Anime So Much

Many individuals remain obsessed with anime. To some people who are not privy to the industry, anime often appears as Japanese cartoons catered for children (and children at heart). While there are certain shows and movies whose target audience is children, many otakus tend to like anime so much for a number of reasons.

Contrary to misconceptions, the animation is designed for people of all ages. These have different genres as well in order to appeal and cater to a much wider audience even outside of Japan. Although anime and manga have long been key players in making up Japanese culture. Its widespread reach has continued to influence those who live in North America.

Over the years, animated shows and films have cemented itself as a true contender against Western shows and films. As a matter of fact, in 2017, the Japanese anime industry bagged an all-time high of more than 2.15 trillion yen. Part of its success can be owed to the growing expansion and demand outside of Japan, especially in the West and in China.

The popularity and continued success the industry experiences today can be owed to a lot of factors. Some people say they enjoy watching the storylines improve from one episode to another. Meanwhile, others share that they have grown attached to how their favorite characters continue towards their respective journeys in the series.

Taking the World by Storm

Studies say the industry’s success can also be traced to its West-centric creations. As the population of Japan continues to decline, so does the number of viewers and profits the companies make within the country. Partnerships with different Western companies allowed Japanese creators and artists not only to produce shows and movies that are more palatable to a broader audience but one that required fewer expenses.

Other scholars who have studied the craze surrounding the Japanese world of animation says the collaborative efforts and creativity from various sectors all factored in the rise of anime. From the input of the artists down to the feedback and reception from fans, each niche contributed greatly to shaping the world of anime today.

Enthralling Storylines

There’s no surprise that most people stay for the vibrant sense of energy that animated shows and films impart. It appears that one of the main reasons why people like anime so much is that it offers them a wide range of perspectives on life, culture, and everything else in between.

The storylines are engaging and thought-provoking primarily because these provide social commentary on past, present, and future landscape, even touching on political notes that resonate with viewers around the globe. Adult themes such as wars, destruction, and death leave viewers with a devastating yet realistic view of life. Other topics and storylines also revolve around the concepts of morality, acceptance, and friendship.

Despite being presented in a colorful and animated cartoon style, most of these shows and film present themes that would have been otherwise challenging to present and discuss in real life. Through these avenues, viewers have a more solid grasp of what these topics and themes are like. By extensions, viewers are able to identify these issues in real-life situations, and by extension, identify and examine how they feel about these ideas.

Take for example of one of the most harrowing animated films to exist on the planet, Grave of the Fireflies. Created by none other than Studio Ghibli, the movie follows two siblings who desperately tried to navigate their way and fend for themselves during the Second World War. This creation took viewers along on an emotional journey that kept them to their feet until the very end. Spoiler alert! Look up and you’ll see that the lights in front of your very eyes are not fireflies at all.

Engaging and enthralling storylines abound if you know where to look. From keeping you entertained with hilarious antics to drawing you in with heartbreaking scenes, anime invites you to look deep within yourself and connect with the story.

Magnificent Artwork

The animated characters in themselves are definitely works of art. Come to think of it, most, if not all of the characters are created with such finesse and detail that you’re hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t live up to expectations in terms of visual impact.

Although it may be quite unfair to compare one industry to another, there’s no denying that hours of hard work go into creating a single scene, much more a single sequence or even a whole movie. Just thinking about the whole creative process and design is exhausting, to say the least. Despite the painstaking and laborious undertakings of artists who work in the industry, each character, movement, and background continue to be one work of art after another.

In the end, the vibrant and colorful visuals tend to draw viewers into what is being shown on the screen, especially at times when these provide a realistic worldview. Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service perfectly capture landscapes and countries they were originally inspired from. If you look closely, you’ll find that the bathhouse in Spirited Away is largely inspired by a tea house found in Jiufen, Taiwan. Even the array of food featured in the classic Hayao Miyazaki creation was seemingly inspired by the abundant offerings found in the charming mining community.

Whatever the story might be, it’s undeniable that the distinctive styles and approaches by artists and directors alike help add visual interest to their world of anime.

Perfect Soundtracks

Apart from the moving storylines and the detail-oriented illustrations, another reason why people like anime so much is that it provides perfect soundtracks to each and every one of its episodes or films. While some people tend to disregard and brush off the musical scoring of a series, most people believe soundtracks help create and bring the world to life.

The right choice and placement of music can lend a deeper and more emotional aspect of the storyline. After all, the music serves as an underlying component that furthers the scene and makes it more resonant with the viewers.

Animated series and films undergo a lot of thought process, including finding a great and suitable soundtrack to match the message of the show. Often, the music found in these series and movies elevates and shape new meanings for viewers. Some of the music-laden series and movies that found their way to the hearts of viewers and fans today include Cowboy Bepop directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, Fullmetal Alchemist with its orchestral songs, and Kimi No Na Wa with its heartbreaking soundtrack.

Magical Realm

Watching animated shows transports viewers into a magical realm that allows them to temporarily escape their current mindset and landscape. More than this, animated series and films allow viewers to expand their imaginations and encourage them to cross boundaries. Anime otakus are thrust into a world where they can easily break barriers; they know that the best part of watching anime is being drawn to the endless possibilities being presented to them on-screen. At the same time, these animated renditions provide access for individuals to test and construct how they perceive their notions of what’s real and what’s magical.


The list could go on and on, but we think that this article managed to explain the main reasons why people like anime so much. With witty humor, excellent visuals, and unique storylines, there’s no wonder this industry remains supreme.

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